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Virtual Tour of Sandhurst School PowerPoint Presentation
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Virtual Tour of Sandhurst School

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Virtual Tour of Sandhurst School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Virtual Tour of Sandhurst School. Virtual Tour of Sandhurst School. by Kiera Cherrington. Press F5 on your keyboard and then click on the arrow to begin the school tour. Welcome to Sandhurst School. How to navigate our virtual tour.

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Virtual Tour of Sandhurst School

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    1. Virtual Tour of Sandhurst School Virtual Tour of Sandhurst School by Kiera Cherrington Press F5 on your keyboard and then click on the arrow to begin the school tour

    2. Welcome to Sandhurst School

    3. How to navigate our virtual tour Click on this symbol and it will take you back to the map of the school Clicking on arrows similar to these will take you to areas of the school in the direction shown Click on this symbol, or anywhere else on the slide to move forward Clicking on this symbol will take you to the previous slide Clicking on this symbol will end the virtual tour

    4. Heads of House Mrs Smith Head Teacher Mr Bishop Mrs Farrance Gemini Romer We have four houses at Sandhurst School Miss Scott Mrs Jones Bailey Young

    5. Subjects In KS3 (Years 7, 8 and 9), we have lessons in the following ; Click on those underlined to link to these departments • Drama • Music • German • Spanish • French • Citizenship • Geography • Art Technology ICT Maths English Science History R.E P.E

    6. Uniform • Boys Uniform • school blazer • tailored trousers • shirt • school jumper (optional) • school tie (striped KS3) • black socks • black shoes • black or navy coat (optional) • school polo shirt (summer only) Girls Uniform • school blazer • shirt with tie or blouse • black shoes • white socks • school polo shirt (summer Only) • pleated navy school skirt • tailored navy trousers • black or natural tights (optional) • school jumper (optional) • black or navy coat (optional)

    7. Map of the School Please click on the part of the school you wish to visit or click next Science and Geography Science English Head Teachers Office! Using the map will take you directly to some departments Maths ICT Click here to exit the Virtual Tour

    8. Front of School

    9. SLC The SLC is our Student Learning Centre for people with disabilities or broken or sprained legs who can’t get around school easily

    10. Science and Geography Block In Science lessons you do very interesting experiments and projects. You learn to use a Bunsen Burner safely. In year 7 you do projects on: • AFamous Scientist • Dinosaurs • The Solar System You will also be set various homeworks on the Sandhurst Digital Campus. There is also a science club. In Geography lessons you learn about weather, climate and trade. In year 7 you have six milestone assessments. This is what a typical science lab looks like.

    11. Reception This is our reception. Click on the right arrow for the canteen, or click the left for the main corridor.

    12. Canteen The canteen is where we get our meals from if we don’t bring lunch with us. They have a range of snacks and meals, from hot lunches to cold desserts, cold lunches to hot desserts. There are also a range of snacks

    13. Canteen Tables

    14. Food Technology Rooms

    15. Doors to Food Technology

    16. English Department/Main Corridor The English has a team of seven full time English teachers. We are a well-resourced department with an excellent range of novels, plays, poetry.. This is the main corridor. Click on the arrows to turn as indicated.

    17. Up to Maths and RE, Library ahead

    18. Maths and RE

    19. To the Hall

    20. School Assembly Hall

    21. Up to Maths and ICT

    22. ICT and Maths

    23. ICT Department The ICT department is developing rapidly. With ICT being a vital subject for pupils in today’s technological world, we work hard to provide pupils with the skills and knowledge to allow them to understand and use ICT in work and home life.

    24. To Sixth Form

    25. ICT Open Area

    26. ICT Technicians

    27. Maths Department Students in Maths are set by ability throughout their time at Sandhurst, this is regularly reviewed and monitored by staff throughout the year. Pupils progress is closely monitored by topic tests as well as milestone and teacher assessment.

    28. RE and down to English

    29. Down to English and Library

    30. English Corridor

    31. To CourtYard

    32. Towards Library

    33. To English Classrooms

    34. English Classrooms

    35. RE Department

    36. Science Block and Courtyard

    37. Courtyard

    38. PE Block Ahead

    39. PE Department

    40. Art on left

    41. ArtDepartment

    42. Design Technology Department

    43. Bike Shed

    44. Courtyard

    45. Courtyard 3

    46. Field and Astroturf

    47. Behind Geography

    48. Modern Foreign Languages and History

    49. Behind Science and Geography