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Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

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Virtual Tour

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  1. TRU Restaurant Virtual Tour By Kealan O’Boyle

  2.  Produce cooler We receive a produce delivery everyday, one of my jobs was to make sure everything was clean and organized while maintaining proper product rotation Herb Shelf  We always kept an inventory of twelve or more herbs.

  3. Imported French Cheese Box We had a shipment of French cheeses every week and it would be held in this seasoned cedar box

  4. Chef’s Table Any prep that needed to be done with cold food had to be done on this table in the cooler, from piping out Foie Gras mousse, too picking 3 cases of arugula.

  5. Protein Cooler Hanging up is a variety of charcuterie, including bone-in prosciutto, and a whole side of bacon.

  6. Caviar Cage and Truffle Cage • Our inventory of caviar, black or white truffles, or any other expensive items are kept in these cages. Prep Cooler  Every station had their own shelf, Every label had to be cut at a 90 degree angle and facing out.

  7. Prep tables Prep sink, Ice cream machine, Hobart Mixer, Slicer, Vita Mix, Robot coupe.

  8. Fish and Saucier Station

  9. The window / Expo station

  10. Garde Manger Station

  11. Pastry Chef Claire Crenshaw finishing up her last order of apple beignets for the night

  12. Meat and Saute station

  13. Amuse Bouche- Beef Consume Gelee, with cauliflour puree garnished with a turnip snow man, and black truffle shavings House made White Sturgeon Caviar with avocado puree and hazelnut crackers

  14. Heirloom beet salad atop a green apple gelee with horse radish crème fraiche and ossetera caviar Foie Gras Mousse with caramel popcorn and popcorn tulie

  15. Host Stand Revolving front door, into an elegant foier

  16. Front of the house art work from world famous artists: Adam Fuss, Peter Halley, Yves Klein, Maya Lin, Vik Muniz, Gerhard Righter, and Andy Warhol.

  17. Front of the house

  18. I hope you enjoyed the tour!