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Hydrogen. Hydrogen energy is a renewable resource and is environmental friendly. Hydrogen uses fuel cells to produce electricity to power electric cars. It is a great source of energy but it has its pros and cons. . Hydrogen Benefits.

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    1. Hydrogen Hydrogen energy is a renewable resource and is environmental friendly. Hydrogen uses fuel cells to produce electricity to power electric cars. It is a great source of energy but it has its pros and cons.

    2. Hydrogen Benefits . It does not contribute to global warming and is a 100% renewable energy. Hydrogen also can be produced around the world and it will help reduce on our dependant on oil. Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe and there huge amounts of it on the Earth.

    3. Hydrogen DrawBacks Although hydrogen has its benefits, it also has some disadvantages to it as well. Hydrogen is a highly flammable gas that is very unstable that will cause huge explosions when its not under control. It is also difficult to generate, store and handle that will need to require heavy tanks. Hydrogen is very expensive and the technology is not fully developed to produce it as electricity.

    4. What Does hydrogen release to the enviornment? Unlike burning fossil fuels, hydrogen helps us reduce the pollution in the air. Hydrogen only releases water vapor and heat into the atmosphere and does not harm the Earth. This produces electricity in which we can use to power vehicles and for many other uses.

    5. Hydrogen Uses There are a number of ways that we can use hydrogen to make our lives easier. One way is that we can use it as clean fuel for our cars. It will help reduce air pollution and global warming. It also produces thermonuclear energy which is the process that creates energy of the sun. Scientists are currently trying to harness this power so we can use it to generate electrical energy.

    6. Wind energy Wind energy is the process in which wind turbines convert wind into mechanical or electric energy. A wind turbine is the opposite of a fan because instead of using electricity to make wind it uses WIND to make electricity. The turbines are connected by an electric generator are turn the moving air to power it.

    7. disadvantages of wind power Wind power, like any other renewable resource, has its disadvantages. The most damage that wind turbines take are from thunderstorms because they have a tall, thin shape and this causes the turbines to no longer work properly. Another problem is that some birds fly between them because wind turbines are placed in their migratory patterns. The people who live close to the turbines may find it annoying due to its loud noise and it also causes interference if near by a television reception. Wind turbines also need at least wind that is over ten mph in order to work properly.

    8. Advantages of Wind power Although wind power has disadvantages, the advantages outweigh it by a large amount. Wind power helps people save money by giving you electricity that you don’t have to pay for by paying only once so you can use it over and over. They can provide resources and jobs for people who maintain wind turbines. Wind power is technology that we can use for a long time and benefits us in many ways.

    9. What does wind energy release into the environment? One the greatest advantages that wind power has is that it does NOT release any harmful pollutants in the air or water. It will help provide with a cleaner and safer environment that we all can live in. It can also be something that we don’t have to worry about in future generations and there will be no harmful waste to it. If we would use a single utility-scale wind turbine, we would decrease at least 5,000 tons of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Wind energy will help us decrease greenhouse gases and make a better, healthier Earth.

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