genres of painting n.
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Genres of painting

Genres of painting

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Genres of painting

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  1. Genres of painting Tymoshenko A. Підготувала: вчитель англійської мови Тимошенко Анна Юріївна

  2. “art” is the study or creation of beautiful things. Tymoshenko A.

  3. mind-map What works of art can you name? poems films WORKS OF ART ballets architecture pieces of music Tymoshenko A.

  4. Paintings are traditionally divided into five categories or 'genres'. The establishment of these genres and their relative status in relation to one other, stems from the philosophy of arts promoted by the great European Academies of Fine Art, like the theAccademiadi San Luca in Rome, Accademiadell'Arte del Disegno in Florence, the Royal Academy in London, and the French Académie des Beaux-Arts. The five types of fine art painting, listed in order of their official ranking or importance, are as follows: History Painting (works with message or moralistic content) Portraits (individual, group or self-portraits) Genre-painting (everyday scenes) Landscapes Still Life Tymoshenko A.

  5. Tymoshenko A.

  6. Listening Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851) landscape– пейзаж sketch-book– альбом для этюдов, зарисовок water–colour – акварель oil – масляная краска preserve- хранить praise– хвалить property– собственность Tymoshenko A.

  7. Speaking Language for expressing personal opinions The way I see it... As far as I can see... This looks like... This seems / appears to be... It might/could be... It makes me feel... I have no idea what is painted. As I see it / In my opinion... Tymoshenko A.

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  10. Sort out the words according to the columns below constructivism, brilliant, to depict, baroque, a still life, distinguished, to reflect, impressionism, prominent, to portray, a seascape, an artist, icon painting, a master, landscape, a painter, avant-garde, outstanding, portraitist, to describe, a landscaper, social realism, famous, to capture, primitive painting, portrait painting Tymoshenko A.

  11. Summarizing Paintingis… Tymoshenko A.

  12. Homework "Memory Picture" Imagine that you are a painter. What picture would you like to paint? Describe it. Tymoshenko A.