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Genres Of Literature

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Genres Of Literature
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Genres Of Literature

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  1. Genres Of Literature Please take notes in the third section of your notebook. If you have already created your genre chart, add to it. If not, create a “Genre” page where you will keep track of the different genres we talk about.

  2. Genres of Literature Genre is a French word that means “type” or “kind”

  3. Fiction a made up story can tell about things that could happen is read for fun characters may be like real people or imaginary Non-Fiction has facts that can be checked and proven the author is an expert on this information it IS TRUE! All categories of books or stories can be called eitherfiction or non-fiction.

  4. Genres of Fiction Non-Fiction • Tall Tale • Fantasy • Fable • Poetry • Myths, Legends • Science Fiction • Realistic Fiction • Historical Fiction • Autobiography • Biography • Textbooks • Newspapers • Informational Books

  5. Realistic Fiction Realistic fiction is made up of stories that could really happen, but aren’t necessarily true.

  6. Examples of Realistic Fiction Because of Winn Dixie Crash Owl Moon Shiloh Summer of the Swans Hatchet Diary of a Wimpy Kid

  7. Historical Fiction Historical fiction is made up of stories that take place in a certain time and place in the past. Real people and settings may be included in a fiction story.

  8. Examples of Historical Fiction A Boy at War Sign of the Beaver Titanic The Cay Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

  9. Tall tales • Fiction • Humorously exaggerated • Heroes • Bigger, stronger, faster, smarter (than they would be in real life) • Stories of “backwoods frontiersmen”

  10. Examples of Tall Tales

  11. Fables • Short stories • Use animals as characters • Animals talk and act as humans • Moral at the end (Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched)

  12. Ant and the Grasshopper Tortoise and the Hare Milkmaid and her Pail Lion and the Mouse

  13. Folktales • A story or legend that has been handed downby word of mouth • one generation to the next in a particular area or country. • This story is told again and again, until almost all of the people in a country know the story. • Can involve supernatural events • Can have human or animal characters

  14. How the Turkey Got Its Beard

  15. Legends • Handed down from the past • About a specific person with heroic accomplishments • Some historical facts

  16. Poetry Poetry Poetry A written form of literature that provides means for expressing feelings, thoughts, and moods. All poetry has its own rhythm, but not all poetry rhymes. Poetry Poetry Poetry

  17. Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me too Went for a ride in a flying shoe."Hooray!” "What fun!” "It's time we flew!” Said Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me too. Ickle was captain, and Pickle was crew And Tickle served coffee and mulligan stew As higher And higher And higher they flew, Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me too. Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me too, Over the sun and beyond the blue."Hold on!” "Stay in!” "I hope we do!” Cried Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me too. Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle too Never returned to the world they knew, And nobody Knows what's Happened to Dear Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me too.

  18. What type of genre is it?You are going to be given 10 different short passages. Given what you have learned today, you must determine what genre the literature would fall under.Good Luck!

  19. 1. Narcissus was a Greek boy who loved to look at his reflection in the water. As punishment for thinking only of himself, the gods turned him into a flower that grows by rivers and streams. Today, we still call that flower “narcissus.”

  20. 2. The ten year old Fisher twins have just moved to a large city. They try many different ways to make friends.

  21. 3. Johnny Appleseed is the name given to an American pioneer named John Chapman. Johnny was suppose to have traveled hundreds of miles along the frontier, giving apple seeds to everyone. Some people said he wore a tin pot as a hat, a coffee sack as a shirt, and no shoes.

  22. 4. Jake went off to boarding school, and discovered that his new professors were beasts from a far off galaxy. He is trying to survive, because he doesn’t want to be the teacher’s next snack.

  23. 5. SOME BOYS, playing near a pond, saw a number of Frogs in the water and began to pelt them with stones. They killed several of them, when one of the Frogs, lifting his head out of the water, cried out: "Pray stop, my boys: what is sport to you, is death to us." -"One man's pleasure may be another's pain."-

  24. 6. This book was written by Hillary Duff about her life and growing up in the spotlight. She talks about being a Disney star, and what joy it has brought to her life.

  25. 7. Homework, Oh Homework! I hate you, you stink. I wish I could wash you down the kitchen sink . . .

  26. 8. Mrs. Runyan: Class, turn in your textbooks to page Bradley: (Bradley stands up) But Mrs. Runyan, you said we wouldn’t have any Math homework tonight.

  27. 9. A long time ago in a far away land, lived a stranger in the woods. No one cared at all for, only because they had never got to know him. . . The stranger and the princess lived happily ever after.

  28. 10. As I was walking to Knoxville yesterday, which only took me 7 large leaps, I ran right into the sun. It burned my forehead and I had to go to the doctor to get it bandaged up. It took 4,560,358 band aids to cover my boo boo! I went home after a long day, and I ate 49 catfish for supper. I had caught them the night before, bare-handed. They each weighed more than 900 pounds.