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What the Magic of Direct Mail Can Do For Your Auto Repair Sh PowerPoint Presentation
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What the Magic of Direct Mail Can Do For Your Auto Repair Sh

What the Magic of Direct Mail Can Do For Your Auto Repair Sh

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What the Magic of Direct Mail Can Do For Your Auto Repair Sh

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  1. What are important factors to my Auto Repair Shop advertising? • Geography • Distance from store • Dominate my market area • Dense Areas –vs- Rural Areas • Income Level • Middle to high income households • Non-Coupon Shoppers

  2. What is the right mix of advertising for my shop? • Direct Mail • Allows you to mail all your higher caliber customers within a 2-3 mile radius of your store and screen out the lower caliber customer • Shared Mail • Allows you to mail customers located outside of 3 miles from your store at a lower cost per piece • Return is smaller, but reduced cost allows you to advertise to a larger audience • Works great in highly dense areas to help you determine where you customer base is located. • Use both direct mail and shared mail when opening a new store to effective build your customer base by effective targeting your entire market area and get customers coming through the door immediately. What is the right mix of advertising for my shop?

  3. Rules of Local Advertising • Five Rules to Follow • 1. How much should I spend to advertise my business? • 2. How many times a year should I mail a post card? • 3. How long will it take my advertising to grow my business? • 4. How can I measure my advertising programs success? • 5. What changes do I make after I meet my objective? Rules of Local Advertising

  4. What do I put on my ad to drive business into my store: Tag Line Benefits Call to Action What to put on my ad?

  5. What affects my response? • What can help me get the best response on my advertising program? • Front Counter Staff • Phone Skills • Did you know that 83% of effective communication occurs in the tone of voice? • Are you a “Yes” company? • Did you know that 70% of all purchase decisions are made right on the premises? • How you can create “black” dots. • Do you have good “speed of service”? • What should I expect when my ad goes out • Short-term and long term effects of auto repair shop direct mail • Market Potential – Are you leaving money on the table? What affects my response?

  6. What can Direct Mail do for you? • Sales Growth • Car Count Growth • Ticket Average • Stability in shop • Recruiting top talent • Long-term sustained profitable business What can Repair Shop Direct Mail do for you?

  7. Why do business with Mudlick Mail ? • Here are some great reasons to do business with Mudlick Mail: • Proven, successful turnkey automotive repair direct mail program that handles the details:  From design to delivery that is easy to implement in any market. Proven and tested ads are used to eliminate the guesswork for our clients and assure strong results. • No contracts – we earn clients business month-to-month. • Call tracking numbers to track your performance and train your staff on answering the phones • Market exclusivity to our clients in the markets they actively mail. Why do business with Mudlick Mail?

  8. Learning center and monthly webinars at no cost to all of our clients to help maximize their direct mail advertising results. • Drop ship client’s ad copy to their local post office to avoid any post office delivery issues, decrease our customer’s postage costs and build integrity into program by having postal receipts & delivery confirmation reports for each mailing. • On-line proofing and payment options that make doing business with us easy. • Jumbo full color postcard on 100 lb. paper, full gloss and full bleed. Why do business with Mudlick Mail? (cont.)

  9. The Postcard

  10. Summary • Action Plan • Review your current auto repair shop marketing program and make sure you are getting the best return on your investment • Set goals on where you want to be in 3 month, 6 months or 12 months with car count and sales revenue • Time is Money....make positive changes today that can dramatically change your life tomorrow. Summary