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The Power of Direct Mail

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The Power of Direct Mail - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Fresh Thinking: The Power of Direct Mail
some stats
Some Stats…
  • More than 92% of direct mail is opened and 48% of UK adults took action after receiving direct mail last year:*
    • 14.2m bought something
    • 10.5m used a voucher or coupon
    • 2.8m tried a new product or service
    • 3m made an enquiry by phone.
  • DM continues to deliver ROI

As customers face email fatigue and the novelty wears off banner advertising, direct mail is

again outperforming digital. Direct mail delivers an average £3.22 return on investment

compared with online’s £3.12 for every £1 spent*.

  • DM Reaches the ‘digitally disenfranchised’: according to TGI 58% of those over 65 and 46.6% of those in socio-economic group E have not used the internet in the past year.
the power of dm
The power of DM
  • Elicits a stronger response – the ritual of reaching inside an envelope, pulling out its contents and reading it is a unique sensory moment
  • Physical mail can engage multiple senses: scents, textures, visual quirks, sounds, edible samples and so on….
dm reaches people that email can t
DM reaches people that email can’t..
  • There are still 16million people aged 15 and over who don’t have basic IT skills and are not online.
  • They are predominately over 55 years old and are C2DE:
      • 19% of 55 – 64 year olds
      • 34% of 65 - 74 year olds
      • 21% of C2DEs
  • All of these groups have not used the internet in the past year.
  • And, 66% of the top income earners read weekday newspapers and magazines in hard copy, rising to 75% at weekends.

Source: Go-On UK, November 2012/TGI Q3 2013

EMS Deep Dive, from Ipsos, Sept 2013

direct mail and email can work together
Direct Mail and Email can work together

Email %

Direct Mail %

Gives me better impression of the company

More professional means of communication

Easy to take in the information

Likely to really grab my attention

I’m likely to spend a lot of time reading it

It makes me feel more valued

I am more likely to do something as a result

Appropriate if I’m not already a customer

Better for sending reminders

I enjoy receiving and reading it

More appropriate if a customer already

Easy to file so I can go back to it later

Better for confirmation/follow-up messages

Easier to respond to

Better at communicating brief messages

Better for the environment

Source: July 2011 MMC

how can dm grab attention
How can DM grab attention?



Creative Directors are a tough “target audience”.  Kontor records and Ogilvy Germany came up with a lovely idea to promote Boris Dlugosch’s new single to the advertising industry.

fusion of digital and physical
Fusion of digital and physical

Boundaries between physical DM and digital are becoming blurred. People expect, and demand, the ease and interactivity of the digital, along with the more sensory and tangible aspects of the physical

Deep & ‘hidden’ content gets people more intrigued, can generate more engagement & response

Fresh Routes. Fresh Powder. Augmented Reality DM for Monarch -1st UK airline to use Blippar augmented reality in an interactive DM pack with ski tips, resort facts & more.

QR codes create a hassle free, seamless journey from offline to online

AA and Vision Express have both incorporated digital CTA’s in their BAU communication as they find it an easy and effective way to get people to do something.