How to fix access cannot open database error
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MS Access also known as MS Office Access is the database management system developed by Microsoft.

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How to fix access cannot open database error



MS Access also known as MS Office Access is the database management system developed by Microsoft. It combines graphical-user-interface (GUI) and few other software development programs. It is used in as a Database Management System by most of the MNC’s and big organizations. But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t throw error message.

“Cannot open database” It may not be a database that your application recognizes, or the file may be corrupt.

This is the most common error that is found by the Access users.

Common reason for corruption of database
Common reason for corruption of database:

Before we move on to the solution it is also important to know about the causes that can lead to the corruption of MS Access database so that we can be careful in the future and take required preventive measures. Thus few most prominent have been mentioned beneath.

  • Virus attack:Most commonplace cause at the back of corruption of file. A virus could even broadcast from external media and impure website reproduce into the background and makes modifies in file traits, formats or removes file from PC.

  • Improper Shutdown: It is very uncommon that system is utilized to operate an enormous file management system, functioning without backup of power. But if power backup fails; all gadgets engages Access Database server will be directed towards indecent shutdown. During this breakdown there was work being performed within database, and Access database may turn inaccessible.

  • Program Force-Exit: At times we maneuver various applications on PC and it results into system freeze or hang for few seconds or a minute. All the way through this assembly if you forcefully exit MS Office Access, then this might also be a reason for your database to become corrupted and you must make use of repair database file.

If the data loss is unintentional, Access database is characteristically damaged after operation of data recovery. With errors as indecent data management or disk breakdown, it could get corrupted and as a result a trusted solution to repair MS Access Database is obligatory.

5 simple tips to prevent ms access database corruption
5 Simple Tips to Prevent MS Access Database Corruption:

Are you facing MS Access database corruption? Are you trying to resolve Access Database corruption? If “yes” then pursue 5 effective tips beneath to evade corruption of MS Access Database:

Tips are provided below in details:


Split your database – The most imperative thing you can do to avoid Access corruption is to divide your database into two sections that is “front-end” and “back-end”. The front-end will be storing forms, reports, and data access page while the back-end will be restoring tables enclosing your data. You can situate a copy of front-end database of every system on restricted hard drive and connect back table they are amassed on server of the file. By doing so fewer data will be pulled from network and there’ll be less possibility of corruption. Beside this your database will perform faster and you can even create alterations to front-end while making use of the existing data.


Never leave the database open – It is recommended for the reason that majority of backup applications automatically begins to create backup even if they’re open and therefore most of users depart database opened. But this is not proper technique, it will only augment the probability of damage and corruption and consequently it is appealed that you must shut you program even at the time of doing lunch.


Exit the database correctly – It is always recommended that you must shut database or any application appropriately. If you convincingly close database by making use of the Ctrl-Alt-Delete/End Task then it can produce bugs which may corrupt your Access database. It is always recommended that first finish your task and then end the application by utilizing the File>Exit Menu option.


Must keep updated drivers of your device – Outdated driver of your machine can generate corruption, hence you should try to maintain them updated as much as probable. According to MS, approximately 80% of users of Windows face this issue. So, when so numerous users describe difficulty & bugs with drivers, the company updates them as soon as possible. So, it is also your duty to ensure whether update has been unconfined or not and must maintain the device driver always updated.


Compact and repair regularly – This is the inbuilt utility that comes with Access application. You must perform this feature in regular interval of time to enhance performance and to avoid corruption of Access database. You can set this function to perform automatically to compact and repair your entire database daily or weekly.

Common factors responsible for the corruption of access database
Common Factors Responsible for the Corruption of Access Database:

There are so many factors which can damage MDB files of Access Database. Some of the common factors are mentioned below that can corrupt MDB files:

  • Faulty Networking Device – MDB files can get damage due to faulty networking device when you try to access database files remotely. The fault can be in interface cards, routers, network cables and hubs. To fix this issue, you must replace the faulty network device.

  • Abnormal or Accidental Shutdown – If your MS Access application get closed abnormally or unexpectedly then it may leave the Access database damaged. Therefore, it is always suggested that you must properly exit the open database. The Jet Engine immediately marks the file corrupt and blocks its access to others. Power failure, hard disk failure or network data conflicts may lead to database exit improperly.

  • Jet Database Engine problem – If several non-compatible Jet Database Engines runs on one network then it may result in an error and can leave the database files damaged. Once it gets corrupted then it becomes very tough to recover Access database from this corruption.

  • Virus Infection – This is one of the prime factors that can corrupt and damage all data stored in your system including your Access files. Once infected, you will not be able to open your MDB database files.

So, these are some common factors that can damage or corrupt the MS Access database file, However, minor corruption can be fixed with built-in compact and repair utility but for severe corruptionone can use MS Access Repair and Recovery software.

Manual solution to repair ms access database
Manual Solution to repair MS Access Database:

  • This solution has worked for almost everyone so you too must give a try at least.You can run Compact and Repair Database command. You can use the command when database is open, and you can run command even when database is closed. You can too generate desktop shortcut that operates Compact and Repair Database command on meticulous database file.

  • In Access 2007

  • Click the Office button at the top-left corner;

  • Click the Manage button at the left;

  • Then you will view Compare and Repair Database commands at the right.

  • In Access 2010/2013

  • Click the Database Tools tab;

  • Go to the Tools group;

  • Then you will view the Compare and Repair Database button.

Fully automatic solution to fix ms access database error
Fully automatic solution to fix MS Access Database error:

Access Database Repairis software that is particularly designed torepair corrupt or damaged MS Access database files. It comes with powerful algorithm that scans even severely corrupted access database files. It also has highly interactive GUI that helps user to easily operate and repair Access database without making changes in the original structure of the file. It easily restores damage or corrupt tables, queries, indexes a2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000 on almost all version of Windows operating system such as Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2003. Free trial version is available that you can install to check the features and reliability of the software.

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