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Michael Jaxon

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  1. Michael Jackson ByLouis and Werahiko

  2. Michael Jackson was the greatest pop singer ever. Michael Joseph Jackson was born on the 29th of August 1958 in a town called Gary in Indiana in the United states of America. Michael grew up in a family of nine. He started his career at the age of five when he and his brothers started a band called the Jackson Five.

  3. Michael Jackson had a hard time living with a family of nine, he was the seventh child born of his family. His family were Jehovah's Witnesses. He and his brothers started playing in a nightclub where a record producer from Motown Records signed them to a contract and they started touring.

  4. Michael Jackson has had a very distinguished career . He was very determined and he put hard work into all his songs and dance moves. Michael Jackson was enthusiastic and he is very talented. He still is remembered for his work dancing and singing. Michael Jackson is well known for the legendary Moonwalk and for making the Thriller album which became the best selling album ever.

  5. Michael Jackson has had many accomplishments including being the Artist of the Decade and creating the famous Moonwalk.

  6. Michael Jackson had lots of legendary accomplishment like when he teamed up with Quincy Jones and Michael produced his first solo album. This year Michael is 50. Michael loves animals. In 1999 he bought 8 elephants some Alpacas, three horses, two ponies and hundreds of birds for his daughter's third birthday. He had nowhere to put them all so he bought a lot of land he made a legendary place called Neverland. Neverland has got a lot of rides and animals.

  7. Michael Jackson will be remembered for his legendary Moonwalk and his dedicated work to all his dance routines. Michael Jackson has changed the style of dancing all around the world. He is a huge trend setter and he is a real role model and I hope he makes more songs in the future.

  8. THE END