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The York Award

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The York Award. Jane Grenville PVC for Students and Heather Richardson York Award & PDP Manager. Overview. Introduction to The York Award Evaluating Careers Development Learning The York Award assessment process The future …. Institutionally distinctive and comprehensive

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the york award

The York Award

Jane Grenville

PVC for Students and

Heather Richardson

York Award & PDP Manager

  • Introduction to The York Award
  • Evaluating Careers Development Learning
      • The York Award assessment process
  • The future …
Institutionally distinctive and comprehensive

Attractive to students and employers

Skills developed through:


Supplementary training

Extra-curricular activities

Work experience



Assessed by portfolio

1998: the vision

c. 700 students participating in supplementary training courses

c. 10% of graduating cohort completing award

Employer involvement in training and assessment

Flexible framework

Experiential learning

Course programme


Assessment by written application and interview

2010: the reality


First Contact


Skills audit /Action Plan


Summer Review

Activity log &

points review

Work experience



York Award


Clubs & Societies


Reflecting on

work experience

Action planning

Summer Review

Activity log &

points review

Self reflection

One to one


Applying for

The York Award

Application process

the course programme
The course programme
  • The recruitment process
  • Preparing for the workplace
  • Cracking the case study
  • Interview skills
  • Specialist areas
  • The law of ideas
  • Creative industries
  • York enterprise scheme
  • Court in the act
  • Fast forward to the fast stream
  • Pizza, paper & profit
  • British sign language
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Team development
  • Perfecting presentations
  • Meeting the mark
  • Counselling
  • Assertiveness in the workplace
  • Time challenge
  • The art of leadership
  • Getting to yes

Over 30 different courses, designed and delivered in partnership with employers

evaluating cdl the assessment process
Evaluating CDL – The assessment process


  • Students apply in their final year
  • Application form
      • Points claim
      • 3 long questions
      • 8 shorter questions (150 words)
  • Panel interview
      • Academic, Employer & York Award representative
      • 10 minutes, 4 questions + supplementary
  • Feedback & resubmission

Evaluating CDL – The assessment process


  • an analytical and reflective approach to learning
  • the development of a broad range of skills
  • a sound appreciation of the employment market and what you have to offer
  • responsible and proactive approach to citizenship
  • the ability to be self-analytical and express what you have gained from your experiences
  • the ability to present your experiences concisely, clearly and appropriately
evaluating cdl the assessment process1
Evaluating CDL – The assessment process

Designing the questions

One is assessing student reflection on skills learnt or inherent, not the skills themselves. This requires a value judgement – what is important is the distance travelled by the individual and how they articulate their skills development in an appropriate manner for the workplace (hence the importance of an employer on the interview panel).

Questions are modified each year and checked for appropriateness. They are approved by the Careers Service Management Group.

evaluating cdl the assessment process2
Evaluating CDL – The assessment process

Maintaining quality

  • The forms
      • Training
      • Marking statements
      • Examples
  • The interviews
      • The panel chairs
      • Training & observation
      • External assessors – the employers
evaluating cdl the assessment process3
Evaluating CDL – The assessment process

Things to consider

  • Summative & formative at the same time
  • An award of excellence & a programme of personal development
      • Maintaining standards vs. distance travelled
  • Interviews are not realistic
      • Maintaining equity
      • Scalability
      • Unseen questions or a bank of questions?
the future the course programme
The future: The course programme

Things to consider

  • Evaluation
      • At the end of each course
      • At the end of each term
      • Annually?
  • Audience
      • What do students want?
      • What do employers want?
  • Changes on modes of engagement
  • Charging for courses/deposits
the future things to consider
The future: Things to consider
  • Effectiveness
      • How do we measure?
  • Scalability
      • Valuing the assessment
      • 10% vs. the masses
  • Level
      • Credit bearing?
      • An enhanced York Award
  • Accrediting existing activity?
      • Better marketing