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  1. HOUSEKEEPING The heart of the hotel

  2. WELCOME • Welcome to the 1st Annual HP Hotels Housekeeping Department Training Session. • Our goal is to run successful hotels offering impeccable service and accommodations through educating, motivating and promoting team members.

  3. Agenda • Training new hires • Brand Standards • Presentation • Inspection Process • Safety & Security • Human Resources • Administrative duties • Budgets • P/L Statements • Schedules

  4. Building knowledge through training • What do you do with a new hire? • Complete property orientation and brand specific training videos. • Spend one on one time with each new hire. • Teach by example. • Follow through with ongoing coaching and counseling.

  5. What are the current in room standards for your hotels? Brand Standards

  6. Know your Brand Standards • Closet set up – hangers, valet laundry slip & bag • Towel set ups • Coffee Station • Amenity Tray • Ice Bucket station • Lights, remotes, clocks, and action! • Laundry cart set ups • Frequent Traveler program requirements

  7. It’s all in the Presentation! • Everything needs to be straight and organized. • Furniture and pillows should be fluffed. • Lamp shades should be straight. • All the little extras such as turn down service and fancy towel folding go a long way.

  8. WALK THROUGH!Lets go Put someone on the hot seat!!

  9. Policies and Procedures • Lost & Found: • Each hotel should have a policy in place to keep lost and found for 90 days in a secure and organized location. • Room attendants should bring lost and found to the manager in charge for cataloging. Some hotel chains have a system in place on there PMS system that allows them to keep an electronic record of the lost and found. • Deep Cleaning Logs • Deep cleaning should be done on a quarterly basis. • Binders and a check list should be in place at each property. • What Plan does your property have in place for deep cleaning and black light inspections? • Does it correspond with the Preventative maintenance program?

  10. More Policies What should a proper cart setup look like? Well Here it is!

  11. Common Safety & Security Issues • Blood Borne Pathogens Training • Hazardous Chemicals – MSDS Sheets • Personal In Room safety – cart placement • How to properly clean a tub, make beds, and bending. • In case of emergency, team member location • Master keys

  12. Safety & Security Issues ct. • For our guests safety, never let someone into a room. Guests must check-in at the front desk • Why is this important? • What other Safety issues are you facing?

  13. Human Relations and Team Work • The Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated…with RESPECT! • Our most important resource is our team members!

  14. Administrative Responsibilities • Payroll Worksheet – Minutes Per Room • HP hotels require MPR to be at or less than 28 minutes per room and 30 per suite • Keeping accurate records of schedules, deep cleaning binders, black light inspection binders, inspection, houseman, and laundry checklists. • Month end Linen inventories, DNR list and Turnover list for the month. • Anything else your General Manager requires.

  15. Budgets • Budgets are put together to establish a revenue and cost threshold for which the hotel operates by. • Budget costs are setup in several different ways: POR, %, Fixed costs, and Variable costs. • Budgets are based off of past years spending habits, business trends, and future forecasting. • A budget is the best way for the hotel to forecast a profit margin for the hotel.

  16. Budget Example

  17. P/L Statements • What does P/L stand for? • Profit and Loss Statement. • During the month end process our accounting department with the help of the hotel managers reconciles all bank accounts, invoices, inventories, and creates our P/L Statement. • This statement allows you to see what you have made in revenues for each area of the hotel and what you have spent for each line item in the hotel. All of this is compared to your budget and last years numbers. • What does a P/L Statement look like….

  18. P/L Statement Example

  19. Schedules • Schedules Should be done by Wednesday of each week. • Schedules should be approved by the General Manager before being posted. • Schedules should be based on minutes per room.

  20. Schedules

  21. Housekeeping isn’t just about rooms! Public Areas and Laundry are your responsibility too!

  22. A First Impression goes a long way!