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Maintaining Terminal Integrity and Context-Aware Reconfiguration Johan Muskens (TU/e) Otso Virtanen (HIIT/BRU) Michel Chaudron (TU/e) Ronan Mac Laverty (NRC) Oslo 14.06.2004. Change terminal components according to e.g. location or other context information and maintain terminal integrity.

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Maintaining Terminal Integrity and Context-Aware ReconfigurationJohan Muskens (TU/e) Otso Virtanen (HIIT/BRU)Michel Chaudron (TU/e) Ronan Mac Laverty (NRC)Oslo 14.06.2004


Change terminal components according to e.g. location or other context information and maintain terminal integrity

  • Robocop and Space4U
  • Context-Aware Reconfiguration
  • System Integrity Management
  • Scenario

ITEA is a Eureka strategic

cluster programme


Space4U (2003-2005):

  • CSEM
  • Nokia
  • Philips Electronics Nederland B.V.,
  • Technical University Eindhoven
  • Technical University of Madrid
  • Visual Tools

Robocop (2001-2002):

  • CSEM
  • ESI
  • Nokia
  • Philips Electronics Nederland B.V.,
  • SAIA – Burgess Electronics
  • Technical University Eindhoven
  • Technical University of Madrid
  • Visual Tools
robocop s aim
Robocop’s Aim

that enables

robust and reliable operation

upgrading and extension

component trading

Define an open, component-based framework for the middleware layer in high-volume consumer devices

robocop component model

Executable component

Robocop Component

Executable Component

Resource Model

Service Interface

Simulation Model

Provides Interface


Functional Model

Source Code

Service 1

Service 2

Executable Component

Requires Interface

Robocop Component Model
  • Robocop component
    • A set of models
    • Models can be executable
    • Models are composable
assisting frameworks



Assisting Frameworks
  • Robocop Runtime Environment (RRE) keeps a registry of components available in terminal
  • Robocop Download Process (RCDP) makes it possible to download new components to terminal
  • Resource Management Framework, time requirements and quality of service management
  • Fault Management Framework WIP
  • Power Management Framework WIP
  • Terminal Management Framework WIP

Context-aware reconfiguration and System Integrity Management done in this subtask

  • Use existing Robocop mechanisms, mainly RobocopDownload Process and RRE Client API for downloading and switching of components
  • Develop a framework to keep the terminal in consistent shape and integrate this with context-aware reconfiguration framework

Change terminal components according to e.g. location or other context information and maintain terminal integrity

our solution
Our Solution…
  • Context-aware Framework
    • Context monitoring (e.g. probing the neighborhood for nearby devices)
    • A placeholder for context data (for depositing relevant information)
  • A blackboard flavoured solution for terminal suits our needs:
  • Consists of following components:
    • The blackboard,
    • Control and
    • Arbitrary number of knowledge sources.

What should we

deposit here?

models deposited in terminal
Models Deposited in Terminal
  • Terminal Management based on a model describing the current configuration of the terminal (self-model)

Model of terminal and context in which it is used:

C = T x U x  x E

c = <t,u,,e>

c  C,

where Terminal (t), User (u), Time (), and Environment (e).


Terminal Model consists of:

    • Application layer model (bindings between the service instances etc.)
    • Middleware model (runtime information etc.)
    • Platform model (operating system etc.)
integrity management





  • Monitoring
  • Diagnosis
  • Repairing
    • Script generation
    • Script execution
  • Provide rules
  • Provide solutions
  • Externalize Self-Model i.e. take a snap-shot of the current state
  • Basic Configuration Facilities
Integrity Management

Maintaining software integrity using 3 roles !

two checks developed
Two Checks Developed
  • Blacklist of Services
    • In this case a component with a defect has been deployed to a set of terminals
    • Solution is to compare the snapshot of terminal models to know faulty components (or services) deposited in database
  • Missing services
    • Dynamically changing terminal. Problem: how to guarantee that all the services needed by some application X are available?
    • Solution is to compare the needed services by application X and the available services in the terminal. This information is recorded in the self model of terminal
  • User equipped with a Robocop terminal arrives to an airport. The context framework notices the new context
  • A timetable application needed in this context is downloaded via RCDP. This also updates one of the existing components in terminal
  • User executes the timetable application
  • Later on that day the user notifies some strange behavior in the terminal and therefore starts the check terminal status –procedure
  • Snapshot of the terminal models is sent to terminal manager server
  • Terminal manager server notifies that one of the components in terminal is blacklisted (i.e. the one downloaded in phase 2) by a developer
  • Repair script is generated and an updated version of the faulty component is downloaded and registered to the user’s terminal