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  1. About Established since 2008, Royal Victory Global is a collaborative enterprise governed by institutional investors from around South East Asia. As a visionary organization, RVG is committed to providing premium wealth management advisory and excellent customer services, tailored to meet every specific needs. With an extensive portfolio in global treasury management, RVG has acquired substantial expertise in optimizing capital growth as well as contributing to the advancement of the economy. Today, RVG continues to remain competitive by expanding its resources to generate exponential profits for our investors.

  2. Vision & Values RVG seeks to be our shareholders' most premier choice of trusted treasury. Therefore, it is imperative that RVG continues to strive to surpass our competitors by sustaining growth and delivering superior performance rewards to our shareholders. Management Committee To help facilitate strategic investments, RVG has appointed a dedicated team of management members who are held accountable for the crucial decision-makings of the organization. This comprises of professional investment consultants, market analysts, financial practitioners, and portfolio managers. Each delegated with vital roles and responsibilities.

  3. Investments Founded by visionaries and idealists, RVG prides itself as an alternative to traditional investments. As opposed to trading with stocks and shares, the organization's principle concentration of funds are fixated but diversely invested on various legitimate sports investments that is invulnerable to global economic conditions. Through critical statistic studies and quantitative analysis, RVG leverage its investments through a fund which is traded by RVG’s team of professionals.

  4. Priomha Capital Founded in 2009 by a group of financial practitioners and sports investment experts, Priomha Capital recognizes the opportunity of achieving profitable gains through a structured investment system. As quoted by Priomha Capital, investment decisions are only executed “through undertaking extensive statistical and trending analysis coupled with rigorous background research and market intelligence. Additionally, through the use of computer programmers, software developers and IT specialists, Priomha have developed sport-specific algorithms that are used to identify value in all markets.” Question: What if, winning a stake can be more accurately realized than expecting a lucking windfall?

  5. Strategic Sports Investment Generally, sports information has been proven to be more accessible as compared to information associated with corporate organizations. Press and reporters cover every story about the team, the players and the game on TV, radios, papers and the Internet. Unlike public companies where transparency may often be compromised, the media shares an abundance of credible information as entertainment news. With that piece of information, smart investors can then make their best stake. As quoted by Mark Cuban, “When you think about betting on sports, there really is far better information about your local sports team than there is about any local business in your market.”

  6. Source: http://www.usagold.com/ Gold The stock market witnessed proximately 47% increase in the value of gold between Jan 2008 (USD$ 846.75) to Jul 2013 (USD$ 1, 242.75). However, it suffered a tremendous dip in the first half of 2013.

  7. Source: http://www.kitco.com/scripts/hist_charts/monthly_graphs.plx Silver The stock market witnessed proximately 30% increase in the value of silver between Jan 2008 (USD$ 14.9) to Jul 2013 (USD$ 19.40). However, it suffered a tremendous dip in the first half of 2013.

  8. Source: http://quicktake.morningstar.com/index/IndexCharts.aspx?Country=USA&Symbol=$INDU Dow Jones Industrial Average The stock market witnessed a gradual growth estimated at about 14% in the value of its stocks between Jan 2008 ($INDU 13, 056.72) to Jul 2013 ($INDU 14, 909.60).

  9. RVG The organization witnessed an estimated 300% increase in total revenue between 2008 to 2013, amounting to a net worth of USD$6.5 millions. Today, RVG continues to strive as a prospective organization.

  10. Mark Cuban • is an American business magnate and investor who owns Dallas Mavericks. And according to Forbes Magazine 2013, the franchise has an estimated worth of up to USD$685 million. • One of the few pioneers who inculcated the concept of sports investment.

  11. Billy Walters • is widely acclaimed as one of the world’s most successful sports gambler who has built a net worth reportedly, in hundreds of millions. • Believes that successfully wagering on sports are based on few fundamentals such as placing disciplined bets in accordance to a system of stringent evaluations and analysis.

  12. Brendan Poots • is founder and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Priomha Capital, a sports investment firm whose 2011 revenue was estimated at USD144 billion. • Revolutionized “gambling” into a feasible investment alternative through implementing financial risk management strategies while achieving ambiguous investment goals.

  13. Thomas Wong • is a sports investment advocate and full-pledged portfolio manager with RVG. Head hunted by leading financial organizations, Wong is one of the industry most sought after talent, primarily for his expertise in treasury management. • Made his wealth through a series of cautious and successful sports investments.

  14. Wealth Management Currently, most savings accounts available does not come close to the rate of inflation. With prices rising faster than your savings are growing, the value of your money is shrinking rapidly. Should you tabulate the amount of money saved overtime, you will find yourself having a declining line. Thus, smart investors find alternative sources to generate more growth. However, the majority does not has access to many investment knowledge or lack appropriate channels. Therefore, RVG serves as a trusted alternative to risky investments.

  15. Risk Management • RVG recognizes the importance of implementing risk assessment as an assurance to our shareholders. • Takes extreme measures to minimize the exposure of unforeseeable investment risks. • Guarantees that all investment decisions executed are purely based on financial knowledge and professional analytic skills. • Abides by a strict code of disciplined trading, where all investment decisions made will not be compromised.

  16. Transparency • RVG recognizes the importance of trust fostered between the organization and its shareholders. Therefore, we promise to offer an utmost degree of transparency. • Discloses only the most honest information and nothing fraudulent. • Accounts for every transaction details including its investment profits and losses. • Assures that all investments are ethically traded.

  17. Corporate Bookmakers Corporate bookmakers offer a platform for legalized sports wagering. William Hill is one of the largest online bookmarker in United Kingdom and listed on the London Stock Exchange. Pinnacle Sports is an online gaming site with customers from around 100 different countries. Bet 365 Group Limited is based in United Kingdom and also one of the world’s leading online gaming site with 7 million customers. SBOBET is an international gaming site founded in 2004.

  18. One example of strategy we use in sports trading • Strategic investment system: The chances of getting a head/tail when a coin is tossed, is a 50 – 50 probability. But, together with the use of the law of average, results can be different. Below is an example: E.g. Initial Capital of USD$ 5, 000 => 1000 units * Trading will stop when the number of wins and loses tallyor the profit earn from in-between have reach a significant amount to stop the trading series } Tabulated Losses = USD$ 185 Gains – Losses = Profits USD$ 7 Gains = USD$ 192

  19. Overview • Royal Sports Trading Fund is a discretionary investment alternative which offers a flexible withdrawal of funds at any point of time. Shareholders are offered personal RVG accounts to monitor their trading progress. RVG will not compensate any losses. • Royal Shield Plan is a one year investment bond with RVG which offers a secured and guaranteed 24% interest per annum, after fulfilling a required lock period which limits withdrawal of funds.

  20. 1. Royal Sports Trading Fund • Investment Value: USD$ 5, 000 to USD$ 1, 000, 000 • No lock-in period for invested funds. • Guaranteed capital and/or profit withdrawal at anytime. • Start/Stop trading function available and may be adjusted at anytime. • Loss function available and may be adjusted at anytime. • Risk preference function available and may be adjusted at anytime. Applicable charges: 30% performance charges will be applicable on monthly profit withdrawal before credited to respective bank accounts. 5% administrative charges will be imposed on initial capital and 2% interest charge subsequently on wired amount.

  21. 2. Royal Shield Plan • Investment Value: USD$ 5, 000 to USD$ 1, 000, 000 • 24% interest per annum. • 2% monthly payout base on initial capital > USD$30, 000. • 6% quarterly payout base on initial capital < UDS$30, 000. • Guaranteed capital withdrawal upon fulfilling 1 year lock period. • Renewable yearly.

  22. THANK YOU For any enquiries, please visit us at: http://www.rvglobal.org