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عناصر العمارة الأسلامية Islamic Architecture Elements PowerPoint Presentation
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عناصر العمارة الأسلامية Islamic Architecture Elements

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عناصر العمارة الأسلامية Islamic Architecture Elements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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عناصر العمارة الأسلامية Islamic Architecture Elements. الفرقة الإعدادية قسم العمارة كلية الفنون الجميلة بالقاهرة أكتوبر 2006 Version 0.1. القباب المأذن الصحن الميضة الإيوان المحراب النافورة. الحوش الفناء السلاملك الحراملك الملقف القاعة الدرقاعة الشخشيخة. الأعمدة العقود

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عناصر العمارة الأسلامية Islamic Architecture Elements

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. عناصر العمارة الأسلاميةIslamic Architecture Elements الفرقة الإعداديةقسم العمارةكلية الفنون الجميلة بالقاهرة أكتوبر 2006Version 0.1

    2. القباب المأذن الصحن الميضة الإيوان المحراب النافورة الحوش الفناء السلاملك الحراملك الملقف القاعة الدرقاعة الشخشيخة الأعمدة العقود المقرنصات العرائس المشربيات المداميك الكابولي التختبوش

    3. المأذنMinaret

    4. القبابDomes

    5. الصحن Religious Courtyard

    6. الميضة Ablution Kiosk Fountain in the Courtyard of the Mohammed Ali Mosque, Cairo

    7. الميضة Ablution Egypt, Cairo, Fountain in the Court of the Mosque of Sultan Hassan, 1880

    8. الإيوانIwan

    9. Niche المحراب

    10. النافورة Fountain القباب المأذن الصحن الميضة الإيوان المحراب

    11. نافورة Fountain Fountain in Gay Anderson Museum - Cairo Cairo: Citadel :detail of a water fountain in the Mosque of Mohammed Ali

    12. الأعمدةColumns

    13. العقودArches

    14. العقودArches Cordoba Mosque

    15. Fleur de Lis العرائس

    16. المقرنصاتSquinches

    17. المداميك

    18. المقرنصاتSquinches

    19. الكابوليCantilever (الكردي)

    20. الحوش و الفناءCourtyards & Finas

    21. بيت السحيمي Al Suhaymi House

    22. السلاملك و الحراملك و المدخل

    23. القاعة و الدرقاعة و الشخشيخة

    24. المقعد التختبوش

    25. المشربية Interlaced wooden screen

    26. بيت السحيمي Al Suhaymi House

    27. الملقفWind Catcher

    28. الملقف Wind Catcher

    29. الملقفWind Catcher

    30. المراجعBibliography

    31. فهرسGlossary • atrium Open courtyard surrounded by a roofed arcaded or colonnaded walk. • axiality A layout disposed symmetrically about an axis. • bustan Arabic word for fruit gardens. • climate refers to the weather situation over a long period of time, usually 30 years or more. • colonnade A row of columns supporting an entablature or roof. • evaporative cooling The exchange of sensible heat in air for the latent heat of water droplets of wetted surfaces. • evapotranspiration The process by which water moves through a plant, driven by the evaporation from surfaces, especially leaves, exposed to air. Plants adapted to dry climates have lower rates of water consumption due to evaporation than plants from moist climates. • haud: Arabic word for a pool or tank often in the centre of the courtyard of a mosque. • iwan In traditional Islamic architecture, carving into the mass of a building’s facade. Usually associated with main entrances or prominent building elevations. • mashrabiyya: Interlaced wooden screen work. • malqaf Arabic woed for wind catcher. • passive That which may receive action but does not itself act. In architecture, for example, • sabilles (Arabic) In Islamic architecture, a water feature or fountain incorporated in a building facade (associated with buildings designed for educational uses). • sahabi. The definition of Sahabi is someone who companioned the Prophet Mohamed PBUS and believed in him as well as died as Muslim. • saqiya Arabic word for a water mill. • shaduf Arabic word for a device to move water upwards. • takhtaboosh a space annexed to the court for receiving male visitors during the summer. • wind catcher Building element that draws air into the building. Typically built as a rooftop

    32. Islamic Architecture Elements 02.pdf Islamic Architecture Elements 16.10.06.pdf Subscription: