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    DISCOVERING GEOMETRY AT PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS PREPARED BY SHIHAB (Dengkil Secondary School) TRANSLATION BY STUDENTS AT MTAZ (Anisah and others) Petronas Twin Towers at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is designed and built based on a combination of various attractive geometrical concepts. It combines Islamic architecture such as polygons, spheres, shapes carving design with other local traditional architecture. This architecture design reflects the uniqueness of Malaysian architecture. This slide will present:- The Structure of Petronas Twin Towers Structure Structure is the most important element to ensure the strength and the stability of a building. Without a strong structure, the buildings is not safe to be occupied. These pictures show the cross section of the tower. The cross section shows TWO squares interlocking to each other to form an eight-point star shape, which is the most common shape design in Islamic design. These pictures is taken from: Pelli, C. and Crosbie, M.J. Petronas Towers: The architechture of high construction. Wiley Academy. Geometry is used as the main concept of the design of Petronas Twin Towers. This design means:- Unity (Perpaduan) Harmony (Harmoni) Stability (Stabil) Rationality (Rasional) The roof uses a lot of triangular shape structure to give a better support to the building. One of the roof structure of a shopping complex near to Petronas Twin Towers The skybridge built between the two towers uses the combination of rectangles and triangles structure to add more strength and stability to the bridge The top view from the skybridge of Petronas Twin Towers. It shows a landscape of the roof design of the nearby buildings. It portrays an interesting symmetrical design.

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    Thanks to Shihab and friends who prepare this slide on Discovering Geometry in Petronas Twin Towers. More in depth discovery of geometry can be done in buildings and architecture design.