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  1. p. 718- p.721 World History Group 1

  2. Czar Nicholas II After the revolution of 1905 the Czar Nicholas II failed to solve Russia’s basic problems. In march 1917 the first of two revolutions toppled the Romanov dynasty and paved the way for important movements. The czar used secret police to imply his will. Marxists tried to start revolutions with the factory and railroad workers.

  3. War in 1914 increased national pride in Russians. But with this war Russia's resources were strained. By 1915 soldiers had no weapons ammo or medical supplies, casualties reached 2 million. Russian flag

  4. Because of this Nicholas went to the front to take charge. But he was no more competent than many of his general so he left domestic affairs to the czarina Alexandra, who was not trusted by Russian citizens because she was German born Czarina Alexandra

  5. From the stress of control the czarina began to rely on Gregory Rasputin a “holy man”, he was not actually a monk but was rather corrupt. In 1916 Rasputin moved in to the palace with his followers. He dismissed and appointed officials. Those who flattered him won top jobs. The czarina believed Rasputin was sent by god. Gregory Rasputin

  6. Members of the Duma, nobles, and relatives of the czar saw danger with Rasputin and hatched a plan to destroy him. In December of 1916 the nephew of the czar (Prince Felix Yussoupov) poisoned Rasputin. But he didn’t die then the nephew shot Rasputin but as they were examining the body he jumped up and attacked the nephew. Rasputin was shot again and then his body was dropped into the Neva River. When examined again they found out the poison nor the shot had killed him he had drowned to death. Prince Felix Yussoupov

  7. New of Rasputin's death caused rejoice in the capital. But in 1917 the Romanov dynasty came to a end because of unsolved problems and strains of war. Family of the Czar Nicholas II

  8. March 1917 the monarch collapsed because of battles and food and fuel shortages. In St. Petersburg workers went of strikes. While on strike troops fired on the demonstrators. The czar abdicated because of advice from military and political leaders.

  9. The Duma set up a temporary government. Middle class liberals prepared a constitution of a new Russian republic. They also continued the war.

  10. But continuing the war became a bad decision Russia was fed up with the war. Troops began going home and peasants wanted land. City workers began to demand food.

  11. Vladimir IlyichUlyanov (Lenin) adopted Marxist ideas to Russian conditions he set up the Bolsheviks a radical socialist group. Lenin used reforms to repress the masses using capitalist tricks. Lenin was not in Russia though he had been exiled and Germany brought him back to Russia to help weaken it. Vladimir IlyichUlyanov