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  1. P-P-P-PRACTICUM By: Andrea Curtis

  2. Teaching is about students. That was obvious from the start. What I didn’t count on was how much patience I would need. Without practicum I would have had this realization much later.

  3. In order for me to be a great teacher I will have to create samples of what my students need to do so that I know their struggles, can help them and be their reference. I hadn’t thought of this before, so it was really helpful.

  4. Learning about WebQuests and creating web pages blew my mind! I had never thought about using them in my classroom before.

  5. BackwardsDesign Awesome Enough said!

  6. It’s how we learn! Linguistic Musical Knowing the ways we learn helps to personalize lessons so that everyone can learn. After all, isn’t that the goal? I always knew that I learned differently. What I didn’t know was that there were so many ways! Logic Naturalist Visual Interpersonal Kinesthetic Intrapersonal M I

  7. Check It Checking for understanding is something I have always done without thinking about it. But it’s critical for knowing if you are doing your job. Imagine! You can get an evaluation on how you teach just by asking a student if they understand! How do you know? You can’t unless you ask!

  8. Resilience Writing a chapter on Resilience and Emotional Quotient helped me to dig deeper into the subjects. Having a deeper understanding of my own emotions and how to remain strong is an incredible asset. Without practicum, I wouldn’t know this.

  9. What does It all Mean?

  10. It’s a foundation! Without a good foundation a building crumbles. Student Teaching Practicum is the foundation for my education in education. Core Classes Without practicum I doubt I would have the skills I would need to be a successful teacher without a mental breakdown. Practicum

  11. I have my foundation now! I am not afraid! I can do this! Thank you Practicum!

  12. Citations Pictures created using The rest of this is by ME!