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Introducing: Click The Pig

Introducing: Click The Pig. A Community Problem Gambling Prevention Initiative. Julie Dostal, PhD Executive Director LEAF Council on Alcoholism and Addictions Oneonta, NY “Betcha Didn’t Know” May 27, 2010.

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Introducing: Click The Pig

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  1. Introducing:Click The Pig A Community Problem Gambling Prevention Initiative

  2. Julie Dostal, PhDExecutive DirectorLEAF Council on Alcoholism and AddictionsOneonta, NY“Betcha Didn’t Know”May 27, 2010

  3. Our experiencecreating and implementing acomprehensiveProblem Gambling Preventionstrategy

  4. LEAF’s Problem Gambling Mission Statement 1. Prevent any underage gambling as well as problem gambling among all age groups in our community. 2. Educate the public and professional community about the risks of problem gambling and gambling addiction.

  5. PG Mission Statement (cont) 3. Develop innovative, evidence based approaches to meet the needs of the community and counter cultural approval, intended or unintended, of underage gambling or of problem gambling. 4. Encourage proper diagnosis, treatment, and continuum of care for individuals and families with addictions, and associated problems.

  6. Why Chose Financial Literacy as a Problem Gambling Prevention Strategy? Our Culture Provides Mixed Messages for Youth • On the one hand, we value wealth and prosperity • On the other hand we: • make credit a form of instant money • fund our schools with lottery tickets, • bail out people who have made unwise financial choices.

  7. Mixed cultural messages leave young people with very little guidanceon the tasks of managing impulsive spending and planning for a financially healthy future. These realities lead to the strategy:

  8. Provide clear guidance to young people, their families and the community related to: • Healthy attitudes toward no gambling for underage youth and low-risk gambling for adults. • Saving money, even in small amounts, as a pro-social value for life success. • Limiting debt as a way to maintain financial well-being.

  9. Risk Factors Potentially Impacted • Community Laws and Norms Favorable toward the Problem Behavior • Parental Attitudes toward the Problem Behavior • Peer Attitudes toward the Problem Behavior

  10. Building a Comprehensive Community Initiative Three KEY WORDS: • Relationship! • “Initiative” (not program) • Comprehensive

  11. Building a Comprehensive Community Initiative • School-based curriculum, themed months and parental Involvement • Community Partnerships • Evaluation Strategy • On-going presence at community events • Comprehensive Media Strategy

  12. School-based Curriculum, Themed Months and Parental Involvement • Puppet Show • Click’s curriculum (2 sessions) • Illustrated book with work sheets • Work sheets to do with parents • Presentations to PTO • Click themed months for grades 3-6 • Fun activities throughout month • Curriculum infusion materials for teachers to use

  13. Community Partnerships andBuilding New Relationships • Business Partners • Chamber of Commerce • Service Organizations (Rotary, Lions, Elk, Kiwanis, etc) • Strategies • Paid Partnerships (sponsorships) • Youth Savings Program • Media Relationships

  14. Evaluation Strategy • Pre/Post Test in classes • Focus Group data (SUNY Oneonta) • Youth, • Parents • Seniors • Current gamblers • Measure saturation of messages (community contacts) • Recruiting Pilot Communities

  15. On-going presence at community events • Bread and butter of prevention agencies • Stay connected to other non-profits • Keep initiative in the public’s mind • Click’s clubhouse • VERY eye-catching display • Fun tshatshkes

  16. Comprehensive Media Strategy • Engage with Media Consultant • Web Site www.clickthepig.com • Facebook site • Newspaper ads • Radio ads and interviews • Multiple print media resources • Bus Signs • Co-marketing with community partners • Pod Casts

  17. Bus Sign

  18. The Big Bad Wolf on The web site

  19. News Paper ads: Quarter page color on your left. Eighth page b&w on your right.

  20. Click says “THANK YOU” Any Questions?

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