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Intensive Reading

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Intensive Reading
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Intensive Reading

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  1. Intensive Reading Ms. Armesto

  2. Course Description • Intensive Reading is designed to enrich student’s vocabulary and enhance reading strategies. • FAIR-FS (Formal Assessment) • The course includes utilizing online programs such as Memrise (SAT Vocabulary) and Reading Plus. In addition, weekly vocabulary words are introduced to enrich vocabulary. Students will also be reading an in-class novel.

  3. Course Description • The course curriculum is driven by quarterly novels from various literary genres. • All novels can be found online at www.pagebypagebooks.comor will be provided to the student. • In-Class novelis The Pigman by Paul Zindeland The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells.

  4. Course Guidelines • This course incorporates the recommendations for effective reading instruction presented by The National Reading Panel: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and oral language. • This course will also follow the guidelines set by the Miami Dade County 2014-2015, K-12 Comprehensive Reading Based Reading Planand the Florida State Standards.

  5. Supplies • Students are encouraged to create a folder titled Reading on their laptops but are required to maintain a traditional folder labeled Reading. • A composition book for journal writing. • A flash drive is required to save projects completed on the computer. • Pencils/pens and paper are required for when we use them in-class. • All students must have a book to read during silent sustained reading. This is the same book they read at home for 30 minutes on a daily basis.

  6. Home Learning • Students are required to read a novel for a minimum of 30 minutes on a daily basis. • Students must study weekly vocabulary words in order to be prepared for their weekly assessment. • Reading Plus is an ongoing graded assignment. Students are given Monday-Sunday to complete the requirement.

  7. Grading • A minimum of two grades per week are required. • No late assignments are accepted unless a student is absent. • Please log on the Parent Portal tomanage your child’s grades. • Class work is worth one letter grade. Weekly vocabulary exams are worth two letter grades. Vocabulary unit tests are worth three letter grades. Reading Plus is worth two letter grades.

  8. Contact Information • Katherine Armesto • Cellphone Number: • Text only (305) 487-2777 • Email: • Website: Log on to the TERRA website and click on About. Then scroll down to the Staff Directory and find my last name, Armesto.

  9. Thank You • Thank you for attending Open House. • I greatly appreciate your endless support at home. • Quote of the Night: We are not enabling children….we are shaping adults.

  10. PERIOD6