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Intensive French A New Way of Teaching Core French Deborah Thomas School District 8 2013 Goals Provincial

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intensive french

Intensive French

A New Way of Teaching Core French

Deborah Thomas

School District 8

2013 goals
2013 Goals


  • Within the next 10 years, 70% of all high school graduates, English and French, will beable to function effectively when speaking their second official language.
how do we define being able to function effectively in the second official language
How do we define “being able to functioneffectively” in the second official language?
  • Able to satisfy routine demands and limited requirements in various social academic settings.
  • Can provide detailed autobiographical information and give explanations with some degree of accuracy, but language is awkward.
  • Can express facts, give instructions, describe, report, and provide narration about current, past and future activities.
  • Can give directions from one place to another, can give accurate instructions in a field of personal expertise.
what is intensive french
What is Intensive French?

Alternativeto the Core French program

In its fifth year of a pilot program in New


Modeled on the Intensive English program in


Nota French Immersion option

It’s a literacy-based approach to the learning of

French Second Language

what is intensive french5
What is Intensive French?
  • The Intensive French is a 5-month program – September to the end of January or February to June.
  • 70% of each day is in French for the first half of the year or the second part of the year.
  • The other half year the students go back to a regular schedule
what is intensive french6
What is Intensive French?
  • Mathematics, Music and Physical Education are taught in English for the entire year
  • English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Health are compacted
how is intensive french different from regular core french
Regular Core French

One 30-minute class per day

90 hours of French instruction.

Emphasis on speaking and listening

How is Intensive French different from regular Core French?

Intensive French

  • 3.5 hours of the school day in French
  • 315 hours of French instruction
  • All 4 skills developed: speaking, listening, reading and writing
how is intensive french different from regular core french8
How is Intensive French different from regular Core French?
  • Literacy based with equal focus on speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.
  • A change in teaching strategies (lots of teacher modeling)
  • Project-based approach.
how is intensive french different from regular core french9
How is Intensive French different from regular Core French?
  • To assure that the English reading skills continue to be enhanced, students are asked to read a minimum of 15 minutes per evening / 5 days a week.
how is intensive french different from immersion
How is Intensive French different from immersion?
  • The science, the social studies and the health concepts are integrated in the Intensive French curriculum.
  • The Intensive French program is theme based with a number of themes developed around the subject matter presented in the social studies, science and health programs.
what happens the second half of the year
What happens the second half of the year?
  • Return to a regular time table with Enhanced Core French being taught .
how many of your children can have a spontaneous conversation in french
How many of your children can have a spontaneous conversation in French?
  • They’ve received 4 years (360 hours) of Core French.
  • At an oral interview, 98% are unable to communicate after 4 years of instruction.
comparison pre post tests 11 classes 2005 2006
Comparison pre-post tests, 11 classes, 2005-2006

Level 14 represents the beginning of spontaneous oral communication.

will the loss of time for english hurt the students
Will the loss of time for English hurt the students?

Iceberg Theory:

Languages seem to be different on the surface, but underneath they are the same.


lower performing students
Lower Performing students
  • Students considered weak in Language Arts improved their abilities.
  • Four possible factors for the results:

Time factor, second chance hypothesis, psychological factors,

Interactive teaching strategies.


why is this good for our children
Why is this good for our children?
  • Using a well-rounded language arts approach with focus on guided and free reading and writing,
Results :
  • 90% of students were able “to show spontaneity in language production and to initiate and sustain more dialogue.”,
  • Written production similar to a native French-speaking student at the beginning of grade 2.
effects on development
Effects on development
  • Increased responsibility and participation,
  • Increased self-esteem, confidence, and initiative,
  • Increased organizational skills,
  • Increased autonomy: use of reference works.
effects on low achievers
Effects on low achievers
  • Increased self-esteem and English skills,
  • It gives them a “second chance” at learning!
  • They are all beginners in learning French.
  • The use of interactive teaching strategies help the lower performing students.
vision for second language education in new brunswick
Vision for Second Language Education in New Brunswick
  • 70 % of High School Graduates will be able to function in their second language.
  • Whether are students choose to go directly into the work force or to a post secondary option , the ability to understand and communicate with others is a wonderful gift in our ever changing world.
intensive french26

Intensive French

A New Way of Teaching Core French