2004 msum all university meeting
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2004 MSUM All-University Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2004 MSUM All-University Meeting. Roland E. Barden, President. Comments on Summer. Wrap-up of FY04 High School Students Tour en-mass Expertly maintained campus Front-line workers carry the day No Bonding Bill New Leadership at MSUM. Patrick Hundley Exec. VP, Alumni Foundation.

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Presentation Transcript
2004 msum all university meeting

2004 MSUMAll-University Meeting

Roland E. Barden, President

Office of the President

Comments on summer
Comments on Summer

  • Wrap-up of FY04

  • High School Students Tour en-mass

    • Expertly maintained campus

    • Front-line workers carry the day

  • No Bonding Bill

  • New Leadership at MSUM

Office of the President

Patrick Hundley

Exec. VP, Alumni Foundation

Alfonso Scandrett,

Athletics Director

Kathleen Enz Finken

Interim Dean

College of Arts & Humanities

Ferman Woodberry

Security Director

Jayne Washburn,


To be Determined

Human Resources Director

Office of the President

Bette Midgarden,

Vice President for

Academic Affairs

David Crockett,

Vice President for

Administrative Affairs

Maxine Pianka,

OAS Principal

(The One Who

Really Runs the Office)

Office of the President

Discussion topics
Discussion Topics

  • Recruiting and Retention

  • Identity and Image

Office of the President

Recruiting and retention
Recruiting and Retention

Office of the President

New msum students
New MSUM Students

*2004 numbers are estimates. Final numbers available on the 30th class day.

Office of the President

Retention graduation
Retention & Graduation

Office of the President

Office of the President

Office of the President

Undeclared majors
Undeclared Majors average).

  • Number of Undeclared Majors

    • 2004: 805

    • 2003: 711

    • 2002: 732

    • 2001: 737

    • 2000: 735

  • Extended Age of Adolescence

    “The thing about me is…

    It’s all about me.”

Office of the President

Characteristics of our fy 2004 graduates
Characteristics of our average).FY-2004 Graduates

  • 1,175 Baccalaureate Degrees

  • Age: 22,23,24 – 65%

    Over 30 – 10%

    Oldest – 67 Years

  • Original Admissions Status

    • 48% New Entering Freshmen

    • 46% Transfers

    • 2% Transfer with Degree

    • 4% Special Students

Office of the President

  • Number of Terms Attended average).

    • New Freshman

      • Ranged from 2 terms to 26 terms.

      • 80% attended between 8 and 12 terms (4-6 years).

    • New Transfers

      • Ranged from 2 terms to 29 terms.

      • 85% attended between 4 and 10 terms (2-5 years).

Office of the President

  • Where they earned their credits average).

    • Of 557 New Entering Freshman

      • 59% earned all degree credits at MSUM

      • 41% had degree credits from other sources

      • 30% started as PSEO students at MSUM (3%) or elsewhere (27%)

    • Of the 535 New Transfers

      • 58% attended only 1 transfer institution

      • 31% attended 2 transfer institutions

      • 11% attended 3-9 transfer institutions

Office of the President

The story on yield
The Story on Yield average).


100 miles = 65%

200 miles = 50%

300 miles = 26%

Office of the President

Identity and image
Identity and Image average).

  • Mission, Values and (Vision)

  • Accountability Model of Strategic Planning

  • Annual Workplan

  • Where the Money Goes

  • Identity Input from Stakeholders

  • Emerging Identifiers

Office of the President

Mission values and vision
Mission, Values and (Vision) average).

  • Minnesota State University Moorhead will be the Tri-State (Minn., N.D., S.D.) Region’s preferred pathway to higher educational achievements and a valued partner in the region’s economic development and community building. The uniqueness of MSUM and the power of its distinguished faculty will enable the university to remain the preferred choice for undergraduate students seeking programs in teacher preparation, business, communication, human services, creative arts, and sciences.

Office of the President

Strategic planning
Strategic Planning average).

Office of the President

From the Board of Trustee’s average).

Strategic Plan…

Office of the President

To MSUM’s average).

Strategic Plan and Work Plan…

Office of the President

To Quarterly Reporting on average).

Each Action Item.

Office of the President

Fy2005 annual workplan

MnSCU average).




K-16 Partnerships

Minnesota Online


Continuously improve programs and services to meet learning needs of students

Provide efficient and effective transfer processes (Nursing collaboration with MSCTC-Moorhead)

Ensure Access

Liberal Arts Curriculum

Nursing Curriculum

FY2005 Annual Workplan

Office of the President

Identity what do our stakeholders say
Identity: average).What do our stakeholders say?

  • Students

  • Alumni Foundation Board

  • Regional Advisory Board

  • Legislature

  • Board of Trustees

  • Office of the Chancellor

  • Graduates

  • Faculty and Staff

Office of the President

Identifier how the money is used
Identifier: average). How the Money is Used

Total Budget: $55,043,906

General University Expenses: $7,858,689

Budget Available for Allocation: $47,185,217

* President’s Office, University Advancement, University Development, and Athletics

Office of the President

Identifiers what do msum students study
Identifiers: What do MSUM students study? average).

Office of the President

Emerging identifiers 1239 degree majors in 2004
Emerging Identifiers: average).1239Degree Majors in 2004

  • 5 majors account for 33% (408) of all degree majors granted:

    • 10% (118) Elementary Education

    • 8% (96) Mass Communication

    • 6% (76) Business Administration

    • 5% (64) Criminal Justice

    • 4% (54) Social Work

Office of the President

Emerging identifiers 1239 degrees majors for 2004
Emerging Identifiers: average).1239 Degrees majors for 2004

  • 17 other majors graduated 20 or more students (listed in descending rank)

Office of the President

Emerging identifiers faculty staff and students
Emerging Identifiers: average).Faculty, Staff, and Students

  • Faculty expertise, accessibility, and connection to students

  • Mentored undergraduate research, creative works, practicums

  • Centrality of liberal arts foundations in our learning experience

  • Community/regional outreach: events, sciences, arts

  • Focus on the undergraduate learning experience

  • Our Fargo-Moorhead partners in teaching and learning

  • Strength of teacher preparation and business-related degree programs

Office of the President

Just what and who are we
Just what and who are we? average).

  • Are we a “liberal arts university?”

    • The subject of writing

  • Are we a “friendly” place?

    • National Survey of Student Engagement

Office of the President

Salutes to faculty staff
Salutes to Faculty & Staff average).

  • Summer Tour Courses & Exchanges

  • MnSCU’s CTL Awards

  • Project & Program Grants (a few examples):

    • Art

    • Biotech/Biology

    • Nursing

    • Teacher Preparation

  • Staff Recognition

  • Film Studies Curriculum

  • APAC and UPBC

Office of the President

Facilities progress
Facilities Progress average).

  • Science Teaching Lab Building

  • MSUM Annex Building

  • Classrooms: Lommen, Frick/MacLean, Nemzek

  • Center for Higher Education

  • Vision for the Campus Wellness Center

Office of the President

Agenda for 2004 2005
Agenda for 2004-2005 average).

  • Review MSUM’s Liberal Studies Requirements

  • Address Student Health and Wellness

    • President’s Task Force on Student Misuse of Alcohol

    • Methamphetamines

    • Central Campus Planning: The Wellness Center

  • Continue Anti-Racism Initiatives and Response to Underrepresented Populations

  • Better Define Technology as a Tool to Achieve our Mission

  • Adjust to the state’s changing role

    • From “state as supporter”

    • To “state as regulator”

Office of the President

Upcoming events for 2004 2005
Upcoming Events average). for 2004-2005

  • Faculty In-Service Day

    • October 15, 2004

    • “Liberal Studies at MSUM”

  • Staff In-Service Day

    • Nov. 3, 2004

    • “Be the Best You Can Be”

  • Alcohol Initiative

Office of the President