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WECC ACTIVITIES. TEPPC, SPSG, SPG Updates LeeAnn Torkelson February 16, 2011. TEPPC. TEPPC Activities. Regional Transmission Expansion Planning (RTEP) Ten Year Plan Whitepaper Documenting steps to get to the September 2011 ten year plan required by the DOE grant

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wecc activities



LeeAnn Torkelson

February 16, 2011

teppc activities
TEPPC Activities
  • Regional Transmission Expansion Planning (RTEP) Ten Year Plan Whitepaper
    • Documenting steps to get to the September 2011 ten year plan required by the DOE grant
    • Draft #3 of whitepaper can be located at:


    • Next meeting February 23-25, Salt Lake City
      • SPSG Feb 23-24
      • Joint session, about 2 hoursFeb 24
      • TEPPC Feb 24-25
teppc spsg activities5
TEPPC - SPSG Activities
  • Scenario Planning Steering Group (SPSG)
    • Organized to bring non-utility perspective to planning
      • Commission representation
      • Consumer advocate
      • New technology
      • Renewable integration
      • Environmental
      • Tribal
    • Incorporating environmental and other non-traditional data into planning
teppc spsg activities6
TEPPC SPSG Activities
  • RFP’s
    • SPSG Technical Support RFP (AWARDED)
      • Environmental Data Analysis (ICF)
      • Energy Planning Analysis (ICF)
      • Energy Policy Analysis (E3)
    • Scenario Planner RFP (AWARDED)
      • IHS CERA
    • Long Term Planning Tools Task Force (pending recommendation)
teppc spsg activities7
TEPPC SPSG Activities
  • SPSG Environmental Data Task Force (EDTF)
    • SPSG, through EDTF, is developing recommendations for a methodology to incorporate environmental data into transmission planning process.
    • Interview with ICF International on 2/21 to share how we incorporate environmental data in SWAT.
    • I need your help – How do we (SWAT) incorporate environmental data into transmission planning?
    • Who else has been contacted?
  • What is “environmental data”?
    • Land, wildlife, cultural, historical, water resources
  • How/when do we bring environmental data into the planning process?
    • Developers? Utilities? Governments?? Others??
teppc spsg activities8
TEPPC SPSG Activities
  • A Sampling of the Interview Questions:
    • “What is it about the planning process that could be improved to facilitate the development of transmission (in general or from an environmental perspective)?”
    • “What assumptions are made in the transmission planning process related to environmental issues?”
    • “Please describe the nature and extent of environmental considerations in IRP processes.”
    • “What types of environmental info does your planning process consider?”
    • “How do we define “environmental data”? Land ownership? Air emissions? Policy?”
    • “How can we use the environmental data to assist transmission development (as opposed to being an obstacle)?”
teppc spsg the scenarios
  • The DRAFT Scenarios Proposed to be investigated 20 year):
    • Scenario 1 – Brave new world or green ascendant
    • Scenario 2 – Shifting Sands or Riding the Waves
    • Scenario 3 – Lost Years or the Abyss
    • Scenario 4 – Energy Stockade, Fortress USA, Energy Island USA
teppc spsg the scenarios10
  • Scenario 1 – Brave New World or Green Ascendant
    • Expects climate change regulation through:
        • Taxes
        • Carbon redux goals
        • State vs federal mandates
    • Closure of 90% of coal plants, enacted carbon tax, cheap gas and renewable deployment increase
    • High adoption of alt-fuel vehicles, energy efficiency
    • Technology improvements to lower carbon footprint, smart homes, grid, distributed generation vs large centralized plants
    • Transmission lines needed to harness remote resources for load and meet RPS standards
teppc spsg the scenarios11
  • Scenario 2 – Shifting Sands or Riding the Waves
    • Anticipates no clear policy or direction
      • Periods of activity, followed by laissez faire, vacillating government policies, lack of clarity at federal, state, local levels
      • Federal Cap and Trade is proposed to be passed, international agreement to reduce carbon emissions
    • Coal plants are moderately affected, some closure, but less environmental (EPA) focus
    • Renewables and Natural Gas are fuels of choice, California policy of all in-state renewables stalls development of mountain-state renewables
    • Transmission development difficult in early years, easier in later years to access renewables, smart grid, dynamic pricing opportunities
teppc spsg the scenarios12
  • Scenario 3 – Lost Years or the Abyss
    • National/international financial crises stall any significant climate change, energy, or transmission policy. Water crises emerge.
      • Subsidies to fossil fuels and renewables are eliminated
      • Low oil/gas prices, low demand in early years, some price volatility.
    • Climate change legislation abandoned to address the basic needs of food/water
    • Limited EPA regulations on coal, minimal coal retirements. Federal regulations on water impact generation development, eliminates OTC
    • Limited transmission development in early years, modest additions to meet California loads with out of state solar/wind
teppc spsg the scenarios13
  • Scenario 4 – Energy Stockade, Fortress USA, Energy Island USA
    • International geopolitical instability and huge trade imbalance results in a self-sufficient US energy policy
      • Reduced oil imports (Canada exempt)
      • Alternatives to gasoline engines encouraged by a bridging tax on all gas engines
      • Federal government agnostic on power plant fuels as long as they are domestic fuels – natural gas and renewables are favored
    • Energy independence mandates result in energy efficiency, conservation, technology, and building standards.
    • DG encouraged to reduce vulnerability of transmission system.
    • Self-sufficiency and US isolationismdue to international instability result in economic stagnation and very little transmission development.
    • The limited amount of transmission developed is in response to security (cyber attack/terrorism) concerns and to meet CA loads and RPS standards.
teppc spsg the scenarios14
  • The scenario descriptions are available at:


  • How do these scenarios translate into transmission, studies, and a report for 2013?
    • More to come!
scg activities16
SCG Activities
  • SCG = Subregional Coordination Group
  • Eight planning entities

(CTPG still to be added, making 9)

  • Developed Foundational

& Potential Projects list

  • Foundational Projects used in determining the base transmission in the 2020 production cost modeling studies
  • Potential Projects may be used to relieve congestion
scg activities17
SCG Activities
  • January 2011 meeting
    • Technical Study of the 2020 Reference case
      • Round-trip of powerflow-promod-powerflow case
      • SCG’s to determine season/hour of interest to study (SEE NEXT SLIDE)
      • SCG’s to help develop N-1 (select N-2) outages to be studied
      • Consultant will be hired to perform the study work by 2/28
    • “Reasons for Building New Transmission” whitepaper
      • Trying to highlight/educate that there are more reasons to build transmission than just production cost modeling
      • May bediscussed at the February 23-25 SPSG/TEPPC meetings
    • Improving SPG’s coordination and interaction
      • Beginning to formalize SPG coordination to ensure that projects don’t get missed
    • Developing “Planning Projects in the West” informational paper regarding transmission planning in the West
      • Educate on process, groups involved, deliverables
scg activities18
SCG Activities
  • The Round-Trip N-1 analysis – Hours tentatively selected for SWAT footprint
    • Reminder: 2020 transmission topography, Foundational Projects in service, running n-1 and perhaps selected n-2 contingencies
    • What other hours of the 2020 case are of interest?
scg activities19
SCG Activities
  • Plot of March 15, 2020 showing load and load net renewables in the 24-hour period. Hour 12 shows the largest “delta” between plots.

LeeAnn Torkelson

Salt River Project

Contact information: