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Pearson Limelight Training (Assessments) For BAISD PowerPoint Presentation
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Pearson Limelight Training (Assessments) For BAISD

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Pearson Limelight Training (Assessments) For BAISD - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pearson Limelight Training (Assessments) For BAISD
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  1. Pearson Limelight Training (Assessments) For BAISD

  2. Agenda • Introductions • Survey • Brief intro limelight • Training site “baytraining” • Will vary by district • Questions?

  3. Pre/Post Survey • Thank you for attending the Pearson Limelight Training. • This year Pearson Limelight is being funded by the Regional Data Initiatives (RDI) project.  As part of the project, we are required to gather information to help measure the effectiveness of the project.  • Please click on the following link and participate in the survey.   Note:   Things you may need to know: ISD/RESA: Bay-Arenac ISD Data Warehouse: Pinnacle Assessment System: Pearson Limelight Thank you for your participation

  4. What is Limelight? • Limelight is an intuitive online environment for creating, delivering and assessing practice tests. • Limelight Test Builder delivers formative, standards-based practice tests for state-mandated tests in reading, mathematics, science, social studies and writing for grades 3 through high school.

  5. Limelight is a…Balanced Assessment System “Balanced assessment systems will need to be designed to serve diverse purposes by meeting the information needs of all decision makers.” Rick Stiggins “BALANCED ASSESSMENT SYSTEMS: REDEFINIG EXCELLENCE IN ASSESSMENT” May 30, 2006 There is a growing body of evidence that the use of well-constructed, externally developed assessments by teachers can lead to larger gains in student performance than other education reform strategies. Pearson Issue Paper

  6. Manage Standards Manage Item Banks Produce Reports Build Tests Analyze Tests Assign Tests View Student Performance Administer Tests State Standards are Pre-Loaded Tools for Custom Frameworks Pacing Guides, Curriculum Mapping, Resources • Colorful, printable on-screen reports • Custom reports output to PDF • Data views of district, school, class and student, Percentile, standards mastered/not mastered, item response analysis, raw score distribution, individual student mastery, AYP/NCLB filtering AIP, RTI, Aimline • Quality Item Banks: • Interim • Classroom • Basic • Capability for local item banks • Wizard-driven test authoring • Ability to author/import test items • Builds for paper/pencil, online delivery, or Learner Response Devices • Access to pre-constructed fixed-forms • Links to Intervention: • Promethean Planet • NetTrekker • Test Review/Study Skills for students • Link to SIS keeps testing groups current • Students grouped by grade, subject, school, class or demographic • Student scores are immediate • Reports for central office, principals, teachers, students, parents • Provides “complete” performance picture • Paper/Pencil • Online • Learner Response Devices

  7. BAISD subscriptions include: ITEM BANKS Classroom Bank 20,000 Items L.A., Math, Sci., SS Aligned to State Standards Grades 3-12 8,500 Items L.A., Math, Sci., SS Aligned to State Standards Grades 2-12 Limelight BASIC


  9. REPORTS 4

  10. Objectives In this session, you will: Create Item Banks Create Test Questions Aligned to Standards Compile Tests

  11. LET’S LOG IN Training site • • Info from card- Baytraining

  12. Banks: A Place to Keep Things

  13. Setting up a Personal Bank Click Banks > Create a Bank Enter Bank title Enter a description Choose Bank visibility Click Create bank

  14. Now It’s Your Turn Complete hands-on activity #1 Create a personal Bank

  15. Test Question Types

  16. Creating a Multiple Choice Question Click Questions > Create a new Question Select Multiple choice Choose number of possible answers and correct answer Type Question & Answers Fill out Question details and Taxonomy

  17. If time: Constructed Response Questions Click Questions > Create a new Question Select Constructed Response Type Question and Sample Response Fill out Question details & point value or rubric Fill out Question Taxonomy

  18. Aligning Questions to Standards Search for Question Click Create Alignment Update Question Alignment Select specific Standard

  19. Now It’s Your Turn Complete hands-on activities #2-4 Create a Multiple Choice Question If time: Create a Constructed Response Question Align a Question to a Standard

  20. Test Creation Options Search by alignment or bank Choose only questions with reading passages Use aligned and/or unaligned questions Create just an answer key (AKO)

  21. Test Creation Basics Search for Questions Choose Questions Align Questions Organize Questions Add Test Information & Details

  22. Now It’s Your Turn Complete hands-on activity #7 Create a Test

  23. Answer Key Answer keys can be used with machine-readable tests Specify the number of each type of question Select correct answers and assign points Align questions to standards

  24. Test Sharing and Publishing • ***If you want combined results for more than one teacher the test must be assigned by a school admin or a district admin.***

  25. Report Types

  26. Now It’s Your Turn Complete hands-on activity #8 View Report and Remediation Content

  27. In your Subscription • Log in- see card • Make a bank - “Favorites” • Create an aligned test • Publish as Admin role • Assign to students • Ready to go online

  28. Summary In this session you: Created banks, test questions, passages, and rubrics Aligned test questions to standards Pulled the parts together into a test

  29. Next training • Preslugging & Scanning • Develop common assessments • Publishing tests • Train others


  31. We look forward to our continued partnership!THANK YOU!