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First Post (North) PowerPoint Presentation
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First Post (North)

First Post (North)

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First Post (North)

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  1. First Post (North) The Partners: Futureworks, MANCAT, Skillset

  2. Who are Futureworks? Futureworks Media School is a centre of excellence for the creative industries, providing specialist education and training courses in creative and digital media. Delivering academic and professional courses from undergraduate level upwards, as well as specialist training for individuals and organisations.

  3. Who are MANCAT? Manchester College of Arts & Technology One of the largest Colleges of Further Education in the the UK. Lead deliverer of the Manchester NTI with remit to work in partnership with industry to meet their needs.

  4. Who are Skillset? “Skillset is the sector skills council for the Audio Visual Industry which supports skills and training for people and businesses to ensure we maintain our world class position.”

  5. What is First Post? What is it all about? • "First Post" was a pilot scheme to help London post production companies to train their junior-level staff. • It has been designed by industry to train and equip up to 25 new employees with all the knowledge they need to know to become able and valued member of staff. • The course is validated by Bolton University and will carry a credit rating and therefore be eligible for mainstream funding • The course is currently underway in the South West, Wales and the North West.

  6. What is First Post? Why was it ran in the NW • Cluster of post-production companies • Agreement of skills gap consistent across all companies • Industry willingness to contribute in-kind and financially to cost of course • Flexible HE/FE and private training providers

  7. First Post background cont.. Who is eligible to attend? • The course has been devised for an employee of approximately no more than 6 months experience - someone that  has potential and a keen interest to progress in the post production industry. • Entry level was level 3 (A level) and at least one years experience in the industry

  8. First Post background cont.. What is taught on the Programme? • In order for Individuals to be able to make a contribution to the company they are given a thorough grounding in • technical operations • customer skills • commercial skills

  9. Skills Issue’s Previous experience with educational and training providers Several attempts to set up links with ITV Inconsistency in skills of new entrants Emphasis on technical, business and customer skills Can be of benefit to people working in related roles Setting up First Post Unique collaboration between industry, professional trainers and HE.

  10. Skills Issues How this experience worked out: good and bad, lessons ?

  11. Provider issues • Company needs and concerns • Delivery • Quality • Success

  12. Delivery How is it taught? • Tutors have experience of working in the industry, and they are commercially aware. • Taught from a business perspective, not a creative or arty approach. • Practical lessons enabling staff to work more efficiently and perform better for their employers.

  13. Delivery • Learning modules also include experiential visits to other post production companies engaged on the scheme. • Some learning will happen at the student’s own company. • Mixture of seminars, workshops, masterclasses, site visits, online learning, homework and work-based learning is used.

  14. Delivery How often do staff attend training? • Timetable is flexible enough to fit around a companies needs. • Arranged far enough in advance for rotas to be planned. • In total the course represents a time commitment by the student of 156 hours over 6 months. • Class room based learning session is one day a week for a period of about 18 weeks.

  15. Collaborative Dimension Futureworks and their involvement

  16. Collaborative Dimension Employers UK Screen International Visual Communications Association Chief Engineers of Facilities Forum British Kinematograph Sound & Television Society Association of Professional Recording Services

  17. Collaborative Dimension Who's behind it? • The training committee of UK Screen and Skillset spent many hours devising a syllabus that fills the gaps in the training of new employees for the industry. • Syllabus designed with the help of senior staff from over 30 post production houses.