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Dietetics Application Information Meeting

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Dietetics Application Information Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dietetics Application Information Meeting. Spring 2014. A QUICK OVERVIEW & CHECKLIST…. Evaluation Criteria. Things to Know…. All application materials and instructions are online ( http:// “CPD/DPD Appl Process” Link).

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Dietetics Application Information Meeting

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things to know
Things to Know…
  • All application materials and instructions are online ( “CPD/DPD Appl Process” Link).
  • If you have any questions or problems, please email Ikwoat or
  • All application materials and $50 application fee are DUE BY Monday, March 3in the NDFS Main Office.
  • Interviews & Math Quiz will be March 25-27. Program Appointments will be emailed by April 4.
  • Transcripts should be sent directly to the Dietetics Selection Committee (8700 Old Main Hill; Logan, UT 84322). Reference Forms should be emailed to
selection committee

Tammy Steinitz Janet Anderson Rebecca Charlton

Marlene Israelsen Stacy Bevan

be sure
Be Sure…
  • You’ve completed (or are enrolled in) required pre-requisite coursework.
  • Your Cumulative GPA is > 3.0 and there are no D+, D, or F grades on your transcript.
  • You can commit to 2 full years of coursework (Junior and Senior Classes).
  • Your immunizations are updated by Fall (if you’re applying for the CPD Program). Hep A/B is needed by March.
cpd vs dpd program
CPD vs DPD Program
  • You will be asked for your program preference (or non-preference) on the online application.
  • Coordinated (CPD) Program

- 12 Students Admitted

- Additional Student Fees & Immunizations

  • Didactic (DPD) Program

- Internship Application (Later)

cpd schedule
CPD Schedule

DPD Schedule

  • You can go on an LDS Mission BEFORE you enter the program or AFTER you graduate from USU (but not during your Junior and Senior Years).
  • Your application can be submitted before you leave (then it’s easier to find and/or edit when you return).
  • Program positions aren’t held or reserved. If you apply and then decide to go on a mission, you must reapply when you return.
  • The pool of applicants will change
  • The $50 Application Fee will need to be paid twice in this situation.
things to start on
Things To Start On…
  • Name and A Number on Sign-Up Sheet
  • Order Official Transcript(s)
  • Identify 2 Professional Reference People
  • Start Adding Up Experience Hours
  • Schedule Appointment for Hepatitis A/B Shots
  • Begin Collecting Info for Online Application
online application
Online Application
  • 1. Online:
  • 2. “CPD/DPD Application Process” Link
  • Application Instructions
  • Application Form
  • Reference Form
  • Dietetics-Related Hours
  • No. Dietetics Faculty members on the Selection Committee cannot complete a Reference Form for you. This includes Stacy Bevan, Marlene Israelsen, Tammy Steinitz, Janet Anderson, and Rebecca Charlton.
  • Other NDFS Faculty members (i.e. Dick Whittier, etc) CAN submit Recommendation Forms... But a letter from an NDFS Faculty member is not required (and won’t necessarily give you an advantage).
  • Google It… OR
  • Go to the Career Services Center (basement of the University Inn). Maren Stromberg can help you.
  • The Career Services Center also has this link:
what you ll be evaluated on
What You’ll Be Evaluated On…
  • Awards, Experience, Leadership Within Last 5 Years
  • Positions of Leadership (Type & # of Years)
  • Dietetics-Related Memberships (# of Years)
  • Academic or Leadership Scholarships
  • Meaningful Life Experiences or Skills that Provide Breadth & Depth
  • Provide Context / Explanation if Necessary
  • “Neutralize but Don’t Hide”
  • Example: LDS Mission

“Volunteer Religious Service”

Where, When, Skills Developed

  • Religious Callings/Assignments

Can’t double-count as Leadership and Dietetic-Related Experience Hours.

quick question what if there are pre requisite courses that i haven t taken yet or need to retake
QUICK QUESTIONWhat if there are pre-requisite courses that I haven’t taken yet (or need to retake)?
  • Indicate in your application how they will be completed prior to Fall Semester (i.e. Summer Semester ?)
  • Discuss this more with your academic advisor, Debbie Waite ( or 797-2282), if necessary.
  • Refer to the “Frequently Asked Questions” link online (or from Debbie) first.
  • Remember to use ACTION VERBS and focus on SKILLS when describing your experiences…
    • Think Like a Supervisor…
    • Think Broad Picture…
    • Think Professional
things you turn in nfs office
Things You Turn In (NFS Office)
  • Completed Online Application (Printed)
  • Personal Letter of Application (Typed)
  • No fancy folders or binders, please.
  • $50 Application Fee
  • Set Up Interview Time
  • Recommendation Forms & Official Transcripts will be added to your file as they’re mailed in.
  • USU Dietetics Program
  • This fee is used for processing your application and is non-refundable.
what to expect
What to Expect…
  • 2 to 3 Interviewers (Dietetics Faculty Members)
  • NDFS Conference Room
  • 15 – 20 Minutes Long
  • Standardized Questions
  • An opportunity to be introduced, ask questions, & clarify expectations
some tips
Some Tips
  • Be on time but not too early
  • Dress professionally but don’t overdo it
  • Just relax and be yourself 
  • NDFS Conference Room (Go to the Main Office first)
  • If you are out of the country (i.e. on an LDS Mission, doing Study Abroad, or helping with Humanitarian Aid), a Phone Interview can be arranged.
  • 12 Questions
  • Mostly Conversion Math (1020 or 2020 Level).
  • A Calculator is Allowed
  • Average Time = About 30 Minutes (but there’s no time limit)
  • You have the option of reapplying in the future (after the weaknesses in your application have been addressed)
  • You can select another major
  • Either way, you should talk with your advisor (Debbie) 
cpd schedule1

DPD Schedule

CPD Schedule

MTG #1

MTG #1

MTG #2

MTG #2