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Well being

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Well being

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  1. Well being By Bethan Frost PESS Consultant & Advisory Teacher for PE in Cardiff

  2. What is Wellbeing/ what does it look likle? a state of health, happiness and/or Subject's physical and mental

  3. ‘Well-being is at the heart of the School Effectiveness Framework (SEF) and is a crucial core element of the work of education settings.’ Thinking Positively Emotional health and wellbeing in schools and early years WAG 2010

  4. What ESTYN Says ….. • How do we evaluate wellbeing? (CIF 1.2) • How good are pupils’ attitudes to keeping healthy and safe (CIF 1.2.1) • How much do pupils participate in and enjoy their learning? (CIF 1.2.2 • What is the extent of pupils’ community involvement and decision-making? • How good are pupils’ social and life skills? (CIF1.2.4) • Questions we should consider about pupils’ social and life skills. Self evaluation guidance – ESTYN 2010

  5. What this looks like in an ESTYN report Outcomes Wellbeing: Good 1.2.1 attitudes to keeping healthy and safe Most pupils have a secure understanding of how to become healthy. They have positive attitudes to healthy eating. They exercise regularly and most engage readily in a wide range of activities that promote their physical fitness. Pupils feel safe. 1.2.2 participation and enjoyment in learning Pupils are motivated to do well and willingly engage in activities within and outside the classroom. Attendance rates over the last three years compare well with similar schools. Almost all pupils behave well in classrooms and around the school.

  6. 1.2.3 community involvement and decision making Many pupils play an extensive role in a wide range of activities in the local community, including having a say about them through the work of the junior community council. Through the school council and other groups, pupils contribute effectively to many aspects of school life, particularly in relation to healthy eating and the school environment. 1.2.4 social and life skills Pupils relate well to each other and have well-developed social skills. They readily take on responsibilities and older pupils are well prepared for life and work outside school.

  7. What evidence do we have to show the impact we have in PE on wellbeing? • Whose responsibility is it to do this?

  8. Action Planning • Any questions