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  1. COMMUNITY WELL BEING Hawai`i Institute for Public Affairs August 31, 2010 Jim Dannemiller SMS

  2. OBJECTIVES What is the Well Being Project? What has it told us so far? What is it good for? How can you use it? Aim at non-profit organizations’ information needs

  3. Well Being – for What? Representatives Associations Community Well-Being Journalists Evaluators How is my community? Personal Well-Being Service Providers Administrators Community Services How are the folks doing? What is needed over here? Issues Do people need this program there? Lawmakers Advocates

  4. METHODS SURVEYS: ongoing measure of public well being HARD DATA: ongoing updates of indicators ACCESS: Ongoing publishing of index data; Open access to project infrastructure

  5. SURVEYS • Three Part Questionnaires: core, changing, user • Telephone: dual frame, landline & cell, entire State, disproportionate sample, n=6,000 per year • Continuous Fielding: monthly and annual reporting • Rigorous methods: ala BRFSS, HHS • Funded by Users: as needed • Publicly available data: summaries and full dataset

  6. INDICATORS Quality of Life in Hawaii: Center on the Family Expanded indicator set: continuous Service availability:providers in area Service Capacity: long-range

  7. ACCESS Web Access: to CORE and basic indices Historical Data: some published Access to dataset: for your analysis Access to survey infrastructure Access to hard data infrastructure Sponsorships available

  8. FINDINGS January 2010 Benchmark Survey Scores Geographies Examples

  9. Well Being Measures Community Well Being feel safe walking at night know and trust my neighbors homes and yards well maintained respect each others’ privacy location is best on island respect cultural differences respect each other’s religious belief Central Index Satisfaction with QOL Last 5 yrs, things are better Stress level these days Are you happy? Personal Well Being health finances education family life job, career environment social life relationship with God spiritual life Community Services Assessment child care programs prog. to end drug use health care facilities family counseling roads and transportation elder care facilities schools parks and recreation crime control services stores and shops affordable housing recycling services jobs and job training local products avail. services for homeless people youth activity after school

  10. Benchmark Scores

  11. Geographies

  12. X1: PUC-WestPersonal Low; Community Low, Services, High • Elements of Personal Well-Being • V. low: health, finances, job/career, community life, social life • Community Ratings • Homes/yard unkempt, people don’t care about each other, don’t trust neighbors • Services: • Mostly OK, no need for child care or health services • Demographics • SWD, renters, very large hh, many more seniors, less education, more church attendance, little more politically liberal • Issues: none

  13. X2: Upcountry MauiPersonal High; Community High. Services, Low • Elements of Personal Well-Being • Low on $; high on community, relationship to God, spirituality • Community Ratings • Homes/yard well kept; great location • Services: • Need child care, schools, activities for youth, job training, senior services, drug programs, family counselors, elder care, etc. Plenty of Parks, though • Demographics • Homeowners, large hh, more children, more church, more voters, liberal • Issues: Don’t favor growth, strong on environmental protection, more agriculture, food self-sufficiency, local buying

  14. X3: Windward OahuPersonal High Community Med., Services Low • Elements of Personal Well-Being • High: health, finances, community life, no stress • Community Ratings • Homes/yard well kept, great location • Services: • Mostly OK, need more access to health care, no more youth activities or family counseling • Demographics • Homeowners, small hh, more seniors, high education, fewer children, more voters, political activity, more conservative. • Issues: pro-agriculture, “mildly green”.

  15. What can you do with Well Being?

  16. What can you do with Well Being? • Measure personal well being in a community, among a specific target group, or across time: • Better grant apps: describe your target group in a grant application • Better program design: understand well being’s links to social and demographic characteristics of your target group • Demonstrate impact: Measure change in well being over time, in your target group, to show the impact of your services

  17. What can you do with Well Being? • Measure community well being in one or more communities • Identify need for community strengthening. • Demonstrate exactly which problems are at work, and how they can be solved • Build solid programs with strong logic models, backed by quantitative data • Measure changes in community well being over time and demonstrate community strengthening program success

  18. What can you do with Well Being? • Measure demand for social services in one or more communities • find out which service is needed most in a specific community • find out where your service is most needed. • quantitatively justify the need for your service(s) in a specific community • add data on current service availability to beef up your program decisions, your grant applications, or your progress reports

  19. Questions ?

  20. MAHALO ! Jim Dannemiller, SMS Ph: 808-440-0701 Fax: 808-537-2686