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CAMPUS DE POUILLÉ Angers - FRANCE. Campus de Pouillé - PRESENTATION. Campus de Pouillé is situated in Les Ponts-de-Cé (western France), only 5 kms away from Angers (200 000 inhabitants ), between town and country.

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Campus de pouill angers france


Angers - FRANCE

Campus de pouill angers france

Campus de Pouillé - PRESENTATION

  • Campus de Pouillé issituated in Les Ponts-de-Cé (western France), only 5 kms awayfrom Angers (200 000 inhabitants), betweentown and country.

  • The area is well-known for its wide range of crops (cereals, vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, mushrooms and vines) in the Loire Valley (part of the UNESCO Heritage).

  • Campus de Pouillé is part of Végépolys (international French high-tech cluster focused on horticulture) based in Angers and has a wide network of institutions and companies within the agricultural and horticultural field.

Campus de pouill angers france

Campus de Pouillé - PRESENTATION

  • Campus de Pouillé opened in 1934 and sincethenremains a wellknown institution for agricultural and horticultural education.

  • Campus de Pouillé aimsat developing students’ skills and personal knowledge through a variety of courses.

  • There are 4 departments within Campus de Pouillé :


  • As a member of the Salesian network, Campus de Pouillé offersteachingmethodsbased on the work of Don Bosco givingyoung people full attention and opportunities to developtheirskills.

Campus de pouill angers france

Campus de Pouillé -

  • Campus de Pouillé has a wide range of means (buildings, equipements, machineries and facilities) to providestudents an ideal place to learn and practice.

  • - greenhouses - parks

  • - orchards - practicing grounds and fields

  • - agricultural grounds

Campus de pouill angers france

Campus de Pouillé - PRESENTATION

  • Currently, around 620 learners attend courses at Campus de Pouillé

  • around 520 young people (agedfrom 14 to 18) takinghighschool courses

  • (90% of them are boarders and stay the wholeweek in the school)

  • around 100 students (agedfrom 18 to 21) attendinghighereducationdegrees

Campus de pouill angers france

Campus de Pouillé - HIGH SCHOOL

  • The highschool of Campus de Pouillé offers a wide range of courses for young people (agedfrom 14 to 18) interested in the followingfields :



Campus de pouill angers france

Campus de Pouillé – BAC STAV

  • One specific course among the highschooldegreesis the « Baccalauréat STAV ».

  • The “ BaccalauréatTechnologique STAV ” is a French secondary school leaving exam in Sciences and Technologies about Agronomy and Living Organisms.

  • When entering this course, students are asked to choose between 2 options:

  • - Agricultural Productions - Landscape Management and Improvement

Campus de pouill angers france

Campus de Pouillé – BAC STAV

  • Agricultural Productions option

  • - Animal productions

  • - Horticultural productions

  • Landscape Management and Improvement option

  • - Discovery and improvement of the naturalspaces (forests, rivers and ponds, wild and naturalresources)

Althoughthese 2 options are different, thereis a commonlearningbased on sustainabledevelopment and the discovery of the environment in general.

All through the year, studentsdiscover and learn how to protectnaturalresources and help improvetheirpreservation.

In this 2 year course, a 3 weekprojectisorganised in a French regionwhereyoung people are to study a specificterritory and itsprocess, itsnaturalspaces and itsurbanlandscapes.

Campus de pouill angers france

Campus de Pouillé – BAC S

  • Campus de Pouillé alsooffers General degreessuch as « Baccalauréat Scientifique ».

  • This course isbased on more scientifictopicssuch as Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

  • However, italso deals withenvironmentaltopics and includes a lot of teachingbased on sustainabledevelopment :

  • Environment

  • Landscape Management

  • Agronomy

  • Waters Management

Campus de pouill angers france

Campus de Pouillé – HIGHER EDUCATION

  • Campus de Pouillé alsooffershighereducation courses (for studentsagedfrom 18 to 21 and more) in the following areas :

  • Horticultural Productions

  • Plants and SeedsTechnologies

  • Landscaping

Campus de pouill angers france

Campus de Pouillé – HIGHER EDUCATION

  • Campus de Pouillé offers4 new highereducationdegrees in :

  • Business Management

  • Plant Innovation Management

  • Quality, Security, Environment

  • Supply Chain

Campus de pouill angers france

Campus de Pouillé - INTERNATIONAL

  • There are multi-skill projects in order for the students to gain more knowledge of the European Union. Campus de Pouillé isverydynamic and encourages all students to go abroad and discoverother cultures.


  • Highereducation– MANDATORY

  • Studentstakinghigherdegreesat Campus de Pouillé have to find and go in a foreign country for theirinternships.

  • (In the pastyears, students have found placements in Canada, US, England, Netherlands…)

  • High school– OPTIONAL

  • In highschool, goingabroadis not mandatory but westrongly encourage young people to find a placement in close foreign countries to get a first look atotherEuropean cultures.

Campus de pouill angers france

Campus de Pouillé - INTERNATIONAL


  • Eachyear, a 2 week-trips to differentEuropean countries are organised for several classes. It is a greatopportunity for young people to go out of France and getfamiliarwith travelling and discovering new cultures.

  • Examples of destination :

  • Poland -Morocco

  • Netherlands -Spain

  • England -Italy


  • Campus de Pouillé activelytakes part in severalprojects to help and support actions in countries in needlike Haïti and Burkina.

  • (Recently, the money that has been raised has helpedbuild a bakery and buyequipments in Haïti).

Campus de pouill angers france

Campus de Pouillé


  • Campus de Pouillé wishes to set up a partnership with 2/3 agricultural or horticultural secondary schools or colleges, welcoming students of the same age (16-18).

  • The school should be in a rural or suburban area regarding the educational programmes (environment/agricultural productions).


  • Themes like the environment, landscape development and improvement can be the basis of the partnership. Interaction between economy and the environment as well as landscape management are essential themes for students’ training.

  • The following themes could be tackled together with our European partners:

  • Renewableenergies

  • Water quality conservation

  • Drainage basins

  • Sensitive natural spaces management (endangered species…)

  • Common cultural heritage in the European Union