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Political Parties

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Political Parties - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Political Parties
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  1. Political Parties -Tiffany Tharp

  2. What is a political party? A political party is a group of citizens who agree on major issues facing the nation. These groups work to create public policies that reflect their values.

  3. Why a two party system? • A two party system allows one party to govern, and if that party messes up, the other party can run for office and do what they think is best. • A two party system balances out values. • Republicans vs. Democrats

  4. Roles of political parties 5 step process: • Nominate Candidates- who do you want to represent you? • Influence Policy- what are your policies? • Unite Government- connect with other members of your party to get higher • Create Balance- the more people elected to office in your party, the more stronger you will be, • Inform Citizens- get their votes!

  5. What! A third party? • Any other party than the two major parties is called a third party. • No third party has ever gained office. • Third parties act as “vote changers”. • When a third party runs, they usually take votes from one of the parties. This party in turn, may lose to the opposing party.

  6. Them Democrats:What do they believe? Democrats are concerned with equality, cooperation, and social progress. Their supporters are more likely to be concerned with civil rights issues, stronger government interaction, and social support to those in need. In favor of more control by the government? You are likely to be a democrat.

  7. What do the Republicans have to say? • Republicans want the government to spend less money and have less of a say in business and society. • They believe the government should protect traditional social values. • Strong military Find yourself conservative? You may be a republican.