in dignity and rights n.
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In Dignity and Rights PowerPoint Presentation
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In Dignity and Rights

In Dignity and Rights

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In Dignity and Rights

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  1. In Dignity and Rights

  2. Human rights: Because we are human  Rights Governments are bound to protect them. • But more: Ball is in Society’s hands. • Eg.: Crime incidences against women. We say law is not implemented properly, Yes True, but the real solution lies in society. • The mentality of men to use women as mere objects has to go! • The change in way of thinking will only happen through sensitization & awareness !

  3. Slavery, non franchise to Women, Whites are superior, Women are 2nd class citizens • Laugh? Once existed as reality • People organized, campaigned, Protested and fought against these to eliminate these discriminations. • People have worked for thousands of years, days and hours to make these happen. • We are progressing, but there is a front on which progress has just started some decades back and there is long way to go.

  4. In many parts they are insulted, isolated, excluded, bullied, threatened and even executed. • Tradition , Culture? • ‘socially created’ or Innate? made to internalize and they create phobia. • Moral, Immoral? Or Humane and Inhumane? • As a HUMANE quality, we should love, have affection, care and have empathy towards fellow people, that is what is moral.

  5. Like, Women’s rights, dignity and freedom can not be upheld without the support and cooperation of men, Like elimination of Discrimination against Blacks could not have been possible without the support of Whites, Likewise, The rights, dignity and freedom to live happily, of ‘that’ minority group can not be uphold without the support of others.

  6. Yes, I am talking about, LGBT- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people. In many ways they are invisible, isolated and vulnerable. And un till we all acknowledge it and accept it, there are less signs of progress on this front.

  7. Western phenomenon? • We know, that it is a sensitive issue to uphold the rights and dignity and even to discuss about it , and the road ahead is very difficult • Yet it can not be delayed. • Authorities charged with the protection of people, are generally indifferent and more often join the abuse against gay people. • This is what concerned us, we need to acknowledge the diversity and appreciate it because that is what is reality and Humane and Moral and thus some of us decided to work on making IITD diversity friendly.

  8. Sexuality & Gender Diversities Support Group - IIT Delhi

  9. Sexual Minorities • Are you a boy attracted towards boys ? • Or a girl attracted towards girls ? • Or a girl/boy attracted towards both ?

  10. Health & psychological organizations like World health organization, American health organization, etc does not categorize homosexual orientation as a disease.

  11. Indradhanu is committed to serving the needs of LGBT people by creating a “positive space” for them to discover and come to terms with themselves in a safe, comforting and confidential environment. • To tell them that they are not vulnerable and isolated. There are thousands and thousands of people working for them. • To make LGBTQ members feel welcome and included in every aspect of the IIT Delhi community. • To promote equality and to eliminate heterosexism, homophobia, gender identity oppression and end discrimination in all its forms.

  12. To provide a safe and accessible space to those individuals who have faced discrimination, harassment, or intimidation because of their sexual orientations or gender identities/expressions. So: • Someone bullying you ? • Or someone sexually harassing you ? but you can’t approach to authorities because of the fear of losing your identity to others ?

  13. Have identity crisis? Have difficulty in accepting what you are? or just doubt if you are going through a phase or just curious to know more so as to enable yourself to support in fight against homophobia. • Be on the right side of History. • Cooperate and support in eliminating Homophobia, Come, Talk , Discuss FREELY.

  14. Connect with us Facebook page – Search on FB: Indradhanu IITD Google group: Anonymous and confidential. Poster coming soon. By Kapil and Anand