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Games and Problem-solving

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Games and Problem-solving - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Games and Problem-solving. Games and Problem-solving. Grammar Games and Activities 1. “Group opinions”: Tag questions; expression of number/amount “What do you remember?”: remember + gerund; talking about the past using past simple and used to “The longest day”: past tenses

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grammar games and activities 1

Grammar Games and Activities 1

“Group opinions”: Tag questions; expression of number/amount

“What do you remember?”: remember + gerund; talking about the past using past simple and used to

“The longest day”: past tenses

“What sort of person are you?”: adverbs of frequency and present simple; reported speech

“Strange but true”: modals; asking questions

grammar games and activities 11

Grammar Games and Activities 1

“What a question!”: 2nd conditional; agreeing and disagreeing

*2nd conditional– We are thinking about a particular condition in the future, and the result of this condition. But there is not a real possibility that this condition will happen. For example, you do not have a lottery ticket. Is it possible to win? No! No lottery ticket, no win! But maybe you will buy a lottery ticket in the future. So you can think about winning in the future, like a dream. It's not very real, but it's still possible.

“Finish the sentence”: wish; infinitives; should; superlatives; present perfect

grammar games and activities 12

Grammar Games and Activities 1

“Explain yourself!”: Giving excuses and reasons; past simple and continuous

“Urban Myths”: General grammar revision


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