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Electric Beds for the Disabled - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In order to remove the unnecessary strain from the carers and for the easy transfer of someone with limited mobility, hoists a mobility equipment is used.\nBroad classification of hoists is as follows:\n Mobile hoists: These are self contained hoists and do not require any track installation. These are flexible to use for shorter distances.\n Ceiling hoists: These hoists run along permanent fixed tracks. Hoists to be used on this track can be fixed or can be detached to be used on another track. These can be operated by the user independently.\n Portable overhead hoists: This is particularly suitable for situations where a hoist is required in a particular place for a short amount of time: when a disabled person is travelling, for example, or perhaps for use by health professionals working in the community.\n These mobility hoists are effective and strong but can be easily dismantled when they\'re not being used so you don\'t need to worry about storing them fully assembled.\nHowever it is quite expensive to buy these, you can use the disabled hoist hire service if you require a hoist for a few days. This facility is provided by many of the mobility equipment hire and rental companies. Every accessible accommodation will be provided with ceiling hoists facility for comfort to the disabled people and their carers. It helps the carers avoid bending, straining and lifting as these hoists are strong and easy to use. So, if you are facing any difficulty when away from home, why not use disabled hoist hire facility to have a careful and safe movement from one place to the other.\n

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Electric Beds are suitable for people who have undergone an operation, or to anyone

recovering from an accident, for these people electric bed hire would be a Cost

effective option rather than buying an electric bed because it is required for a short

period of time. For those with disability buying an electric bed would be a better


Disabled people can experience problem in getting in and out of the bed, sitting up

and in turning over. As a result they are not comfortable in the bed. Good sleep and

comfort are not only important for the well being of a person but also it motivates

them to have an independent life despite of their disability.

Electric bed allows for easier adjustment and therefore it is preferred over manual

beds for people who are not mobile. In these beds, all bed functions are electrically

controlled and give high level of comfort to the disabled people. We can also lock the

functions of the bed to prevent unauthorised movements of the bed and thus caring

for the safety of the people. These beds with special features are available to the

older and the disabled people. Every accessible accommodation will be equipped

with these beds to let the disabled people have a stress free and comfortable stay.

There are different types of bed available to help the disabled, which one to choose

depends on the need of the individual. For example, pressure reducing mattresses,

height adjustable beds, pillow lifts, lifting poles etc. Electric bed hire and rental is

provided by mobility equipment companies in the UK and abroad which can be found


So, if you are a disabled or immobile due to temporary injury, don’t suffer in pain, just

have a comfortable life by using these adjustable beds.