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Chilanga Riding School for the Disabled

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Chilanga Riding School for the Disabled - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chilanga Riding School for the Disabled. Outline of Presentation. Overview. What we do. Get Involved. Benefits. Funders. Beneficiaries. Overview.

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Chilanga Riding School for the Disabled

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outline of presentation
Outline of Presentation
  • Overview
  • What we do
  • Get Involved
  • Benefits
  • Funders
  • Beneficiaries

Chilanga Riding School for the Disabled (CRSD) is a non-profit organisation (023-171-NPO), which offers horse riding as a proven means of therapy to improve the quality of life for mentally and physically disabled children from disadvantaged homes.

  • The long term benefitsof horse riding therapy for disabled people include:
    • Improved motor development
    • Enhanced concentration and reduced hyperactivity
    • Decreased mental rigidity
    • Language development
  • Mrs Sally Kluth(BHS, SANEF qualified), founder of the CRSD, is an accomplished rider. Since the beginning of her teaching career, Mrs Kluth has taught special needs riders. She is an active and upstanding member of the community.
  • The school operates as a social enterprise, raising funds to sustain its operations.
  • In addition to donations, volunteers to assist with the children are always welcome.
what we do
What we do
  • Horse riding therapy is given to hundreds of disabled children from schools in the Helderbergdistrict, with a focus on extending to the greater Cape Town region
  • Lessons are offered daily
  • Disabled children from disadvantaged homes are offered horse riding therapy for free
  • The horses and ponies used in the therapy lessons were rescued from neglect and cruelty
benefits of horse riding as disabled therapy
Benefits of Horse Riding as Disabled Therapy

Mental Rigidity

  • Problem: Physical inflexibility of cognitive structure  inability to form solutions  mental rigidity
  • Horse riding = pleasurable learning  willingness to try  increased assertiveness  improved ability to learn  improved self-esteem & confidence

Motor Development

  • Problem: poor motor development  appear clumsy and awkward stops natural childlike exploration and learning
  • A horse’s three-dimensional rhythmic movement activates their vestibular system (middle ear)  sends many more impulses to the brain  improves balance, co-ordination & learning  enjoyable way to do “brain gym”.

Language Development

  • Problem: slower language development  lack of expression  increased frustration  increased social insulation & aggression
  • Horse riding requires no fluent language  eliminates stress from the learning experience  assists learning at own pace  endorsed bySpeech therapists in USA

Concentration and Hyperactivity

  • Problem: inability to concentrate for periods of time  degeneration of learning
  • Horse riding is a tactile, all engrossing experience  Children are kept occupied for longer in a natural environment  improves concentration  increases ability to master tasks and achieve goals
sally kluth history
Sally Kluth: History
  • Mrs Sonia (Sally) Alice Kluth is the founder and owner CRSD.
  • Born in India in 1934 and from an early age realised the harsh realityof poverty.
  • As a consequence, the alleviation of suffering of people and animals became her life calling.
  • As a child in India she noticed the suffering endured by those with Polio and started giving them rides on her ponies. These activities continued in South Africa when her family relocated in 1946 to Somerset West.
  • The Chilanga Riding School for the Disabled (CRSD) was officially registered in 2002.
  • Sally has combined her love for horses and her passion for helping those less fortunate as the vast majority of the CRSD’s beneficiaries are from poor socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Sally interacts meaningfully with the disabled children and adults who attend riding lessons and has produced many success stories of children showing considerable health and emotional improvements while riding her rescued horses.
  • Throughout she has remained resolute in her campaigning for the plight of the “forgotten children”. Sally lives a selfless and modest lifestyle and has on many an occasion sold personal belongings to fund the ever increasing costs of running the CRSD.
  • Sally’s vision for the CRSD and her handful of caring helpers is to be able to continue to provide access to weekly riding therapy for the children in need.
our vision
Our Vision

Our vision…is to provide the disadvantaged and the physically disabled with regular access to horses and horse riding lessons, so that they may grow and their lives be enriched

current funders
Current Funders

Our greatest challenges include managing the day-to-day operational expenses so that we can (i) continue to provide access to those who would otherwise not be afforded the opportunity; and (ii) grow our operation such that we may reach more and more children with hope and positivity

We are eternally grateful to the following organisations for the donations and financial assistance:

  • The National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF)
    • The NLDTF is a major funder and provides funding towards groomsmens’ salaries, feeding and veterinary expenses.
  • PC Harvey Trust
  • Imibala
  • Renault
  • The Camaham Trust
  • Rotary Ann’s, Somerset West
  • Helderberg Trefoil Guild
  • ParelVallei High School
get involved
Get Involved

Chilanga Riding School for the Disabled welcomes any donation of funds, equipment, expertise or time.

Alternatively, you can become a “Friend of Chilanga” and stay informed, help build our network of contacts, promote our cause and help put us in touch with people you may know, who can assist us…

get involved funding
Get involved – Funding

Donate Funds

  • The Chilanga Riding School for the Disabled is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (023-171-NPO) managed by an independent management committee, which means that funds are properly managed and reported on. Your funds will go a long way to helping the school sustain its operations and grow its ability to help many more disadvantaged, disabled children in the future.
  • Donations are tax deductible (tax receipts will be issued on request)
  • Banking Details
  • Chilanga Riding School for the Disabled
  • Bank: Nedbank
  • Branch No: 106012 (Somerset West)
  • Account No: 205 602 8573
  • Account Type: Savings Account
  • Reference : Your name
get involved donations
Get Involved – Donations

Donate Equipment

  • Chilanga welcomes the donation of any equipment which will help with the facilitation of lessons
  • Examples include:
    • Hard hats/safety helmets
    • Any old but intact saddlery (bridles, saddles, halters, blankets)
    • Building materials (e.g. planks, poles, paint) to maintain paddocks, stables and buildings
    • Any material you feel would benefit the school
get involved volunteer
Get Involved – Volunteer
  • Volunteering time is a valuable gift!
  • Volunteers are required to assist with the horse riding lessons, specifically to lead ponies or hold and support children as they ride.
  • Volunteers do not need to be experienced horsemen/women: information and assistance will be given to anyone who wants to help. However volunteers should be willing to learn to lead and deal with horses.
get involved special project riding arena upgrade
Get Involved – Special Project: Riding Arena Upgrade
  • We are currently raising funds to maintain the upkeep of the arena where the horse-riding lessons take place.
  • Without this important maintenance, the soil becomes waterlogged, slippery and dangerous.
  • The arena upgrade project will ensure that lessons can continue into the winter months safely and the children’s therapy is uninterrupted through the Cape winter.
  • We are raising funds for the following:
    • Levelling and drainage of the area to ensure safety and minimise dangerous slipping after rainfalls
    • Roofing / Cover for the arena so that riding can continue even on rainy days, ensuring

that the children’s therapy continues throughout winter

get in touch
Get In Touch

Chilanga Riding School for the Disabled


Somerset West

Contact: Sally KluthTel: 021-852 1467Megan Campbell Cell: 074-182 1866


Web Address:


I Saw a Child

I saw a child who couldn’t walk

Sit on a horse, laugh and talk.

Then ride it through a field of daisies

And yet could not walk unaided.

I saw a child no legs below,

Sit on a horse, and make it go

Through woods of green

And places he had never been

To sit and stare, except from a chair.

I saw a child who could only crawl,

Mount a horse and sit up tall.

Put it through his paces

And laugh at the wonder in our faces.

I saw a child born into strife,

Take up and hold the reins of life

And that same child was heard to say,

Thank God for showing me the way.

By John Anthony Davies