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Peter B radley

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Poverty. Sheffield Executive Board. Peter B radley. briefing. overwhelmed by detailed policy papers – read some 40 sheffield tackling poverty and social justice board – just begun met only some of the key community leaders listened to people who are currently experiencing poverty.

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Peter B radley

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Presentation Transcript


Sheffield Executive Board

Peter Bradley



overwhelmed by detailed policy papers – read some 40

sheffield tackling poverty and social justice board – just begun

met only some of the key community leaders

listened to people who are currently experiencing poverty

a tentative beginning



a relative concept—understood in relation to typical living standards

people rarely self-identify as poor

when people lack the resources to obtain the diet, participate in activities and have the living conditions and amenities which are customary...or widely encouraged and approved in the wider society to which these people belong

Child Poverty Action Group, 2012



household income below 60% of the median

UK household income

before and after housing costs

typical government definition, 2012



the complete lack of adequate statutory support systems, resulting in the need for people to approach charities, faith groups, communities and voluntary groups for ... some form of daily support

Refugee Action, 2009



29 neighbourhoods among 20% most deprived in 28% of Sheffield’s total population

State of Sheffield Report, 2012

but there is also an opportunity...

through using the skills of the whole city


Changing pressures

increased food costs

increased fuel costs

reduced provision as a result of welfare reform

c £180M reduction in housing benefit

reduced opportunities for low skilled employment

risk of increased exposure to non-decent housing

in private sector

removal of central government support for social fund

cooker, fridge, furniture


Poverty premium

increased fuel costs—as direct debit discount not available

increased insurance

poor access to suitable fresh food

£1300 pa


opportunities for us to develop

  • 1 financial inclusion
  • ambition and achievement
  • third sector provision

1 financial inclusion

payday loans

logbook loans

informal lending (= loan sharks)

take money out of local economy

trap people in debt


1 financial inclusion

credit unions need strengthening


do not reach the very poorest


1 financial inclusion

need for

low-cost factoring for SMEs

provision of very small loans

community microfinance

presents an opportunity


1 financial inclusion

opportunity for SEB

a new city-wide social enterprise like the London Rebuilding Society

a mutual using financial leadership and investment from Sheffield’s rich 20%


1 financial inclusion

  • a new city-wide mutual
  • shared buying to address fuel poverty
  • loans for small scale home improvement
  • small scale business support and finance
  • mutual aid fund offering micro-loans to community organizations

1 financial inclusion

local “currency”—Sheffield pound


South America


a voucher scheme to direct very small scale investment and build confidence in poorest communities


2ambition and achievement

Why do people consistently report that “education was not for me”?


2ambition and achievement

in the absence of work

a street culture quickly established


2ambition and achievement

in the absence of work

a street culture quickly established

proper disciplines of work never established

contribution of work

to self-esteem, purpose, not valued

It’s time to do something for me!


2 ambition and achievement

Why the consistent failure?

Why are we satisfied with men and women in the city leaving eduction

without a compelling vision for their own lives?

Are there opportunities for intervention

with adults under 30?


3 third sector challenges

signficant reduction in state funding

funding moving to private trusts and CSR...

causing fragmentation of provision


3 third sector opportunities

fragmentation has led to lack of agreed monitoring and a loss of shared understanding of what

reinforces importance of Fairness Commission on developing a shared understanding of city-wide problems and data

new requirement for central collection of data and impact from third sector


3 third sector opportunities

new welfare model...

reinforces importance of a shared understanding of city-wide problems and data

need for central data collection of data from third sector


3 third sector opportunities

new welfare model requires on-line application for universal credit...

opportunity for sector to develop new provision for advice and supporting on-line applications


3 third sector opportunities

food banks

eleven currently operating in the city

opportunity for sector to develop

coherent provision in depth

working to ensure no good food wasted



fox talbot,




significant pressure on private housing stock

opportunity for sector to develop

need to monitor and bring about compliance with decent housing standards


a shared understanding of whatfairness means

to tackle the street culture

to help people raise aspirations

to enable effective working across sectors

a new sheffield mutual

to maximise financial inclusion

to develop the third sector

to reduce energy poverty

a city currency

to develop local pride and culture of inclusion

to develop realistic aspiration and empowerment

to support local shops and businesses


SEB partnership

wonderful london, 1926



Child Poverty Action Group,

Refugee Action,

Brixton Pound,

Kelly and Her Sisters, ITV1, 9 April 2012