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What are Hyphens. Hyphens. What do we know about HYPHENS!!!!. What the heck is HYPHEN!!!.

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What are Hyphens


What do we know about


what the heck is hyphen
What the heck is HYPHEN!!!
  • The hyphen is a punctuation mark used to join words and to separate syllables of a single word. It is often confused with dashes which are longer and have different uses, and with the minus sign which is also longer. The use of hyphens is called hyphenation, though you could see them in numbers like TWO-SIDED
how do you know when to use them
How do you know when to use them!!
  • Compound verbs are either hyphenated or appear as one word.
  • Examples:To air-condition the house will be costly.
    • We were notified that management will downsize the organization next year.
    • DOWNSIZE is used after the noun so don’t hyphenate.
more examples
More Examples
  • When adverbs not ending in -ly are used as compound words in front of a noun, hyphenate them. When the combination of words is used after the noun, do not hyphenate. Like if you were to look for Dude man in the dictionary and it was not in their then you need to hyphenate it.
more examples1
More examples
  • The dude who accepted his award was well known.Well known follows the noun it describes, so no hyphen are used.
  • A long-anticipated decision was finally made.He got a much-needed haircut for the army.His haircut was much needed for the army.
hyphens used in sur names
Hyphens used in Sur names

The hyphen is also becoming more common when it comes to surnames. Of course, hyphens have been used in conjunctive surnames for generations. However, today, it is becoming even more widespread as women who marry strive to maintain their maiden names as part of their surnames. 

Example: Sarah Jones-Walker

how to hyphenate s
How to hyphenate #’s
  • Numbers are used a lot but you do not need to hyphenate a number like 21, the bad way is 2-1. It looks like math or something. What you need to do is hyphenate numbers that are in words like nineteen
  • You need to do this through 21 through 99
examples of hyphenated s
Examples of hyphenated #’s
  • Example: The Ipad was on sale for twenty-one dollars and ninety-nine cents.
  • Another example: I was so smart because I counted from twenty-one to ninety-nine.
  • Now we will be talking about how not to use HYPHENS!!
wrong way
  • What you already know about hyphens will probably stick to you now. There are wrong ways to use a hyphens though the easiest one too remember is not to put spaces.
  • Example: This is the right way to use the hyphen.
  • Thirty-Five
  • The wrong way would be Thirty - Five
what you didn t know
What you didn’t know
  • You can use hyphens with spaces. This is called a “suspended hyphen”.
  • Example: I would like to read the books that are by eighteenth- and nineteenth-century authors.
  • A space is placed after the first word and between the conjunctive. As you see, there is not space between the final words that is with the suspended hyphen. Once again, this is the only time you can leave a space between the hyphen and words that are being conjoined.
don t hyphenate these
Don’t hyphenate these
  • Do not hyphenate words prefixed by non, un, in, dis, co, anti, hyper, pre, re, post, out, bi, counter, de, semi, mis, mega, micro, inter, over, and underand on and on.
  •       Examples:  nonaffiliated, nonemergency, uninfected, inpatient, disorder, disbar, coworker, antismoking, antimanagement, hyperactive, prejudge, reoccur, readjust, resubmit, outmoded, bimonthly, biannual, counterculture, decompress, semifinal, semiannual, misinformed, misprint, megabyte, microcircuit, interconnected, interoffice, override, underestimated. DON’T NEED HYPHENS!!!!!!!
with exceptions
With exceptions
  • EXCEPTIONS:  Use can use the un if it is capitalized, as in Un-American and non-English, you can use the hyphen. Though you can use these were occasional exceptions exist where the prefix and the second element have not "grown together,"
  • such as de-emphasize,  pre-owned,  co-op on Black-ops. But Black-ops is optional.