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動名詞 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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動名詞. By Dr. Tracy Shih. admit +Ving 承認做了 advise +Ving 勸告 acknowlege +Ving 承認 anticipate +Ving 期待 appreciate +Ving 樂意做 approve +one ’ s+Ving 同意某人做 avoid +Ving 避免做 cannot help +Ving 禁不住 cannot resist 忍不住 cannot stand +Ving 不能再. co mplete +Ving 完成 consider +Ving 考慮做

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Presentation Transcript


By Dr. Tracy Shih

admit +Ving 承認做了

advise +Ving 勸告

acknowlege +Ving承認

anticipate +Ving 期待

appreciate +Ving 樂意做

approve +one’s+Ving


avoid +Ving避免做

cannot help +Ving 禁不住

cannot resist忍不住

cannot stand +Ving 不能再

complete +Ving 完成

consider +Ving 考慮做

contemplate +Ving 打算

defer +Ving 推遲

delay +Ving 延期

deny +Ving 否認做了

discuss +Ving 討論

detest +Ving 憎惡

dislike +Ving 不喜歡

ensure +Ving 保證

enjoy +Ving 喜歡

escape +Ving 逃避

evade +Ving 躲避

excuse +Ving 原諒某人的

fancy +Ving喜歡

favor +Ving 喜愛

finish +Ving 完成

imagine+Ving 想像

include+Ving 包含

keep +Ving 保持

mention 提及

mind +Ving 介意

miss +Ving 錯過

postpone +Ving 延緩做

practice +Ving 練習

quit +Ving 停止做

recall +Ving 想起

recollect +Ving 想起

recommend +Ving 推薦

require + Ving 需要做

resent +Ving 憎恨

resist +Ving 堅持

risk +Ving 冒險

stop +Ving 停止

suggest +Ving 建議

tolerate +Ving 忍受

understand +Ving 了解

be accused of 被控告

be accustomed to 習慣

be addition to 此外

be afraid of 害怕

apologize (to someone) for 致歉

believe in 相信

blame (someone) for 責怪

be capable of 有 …能力做

be committed to 致力於

complain about 抱怨

dream of 夢想

forgive (someone) for 原諒某人…事

be excited about 對…感到高興

be guilty of 對…感到愧疚

instead of 除…之外

be interested in 對…有興趣

look forward to 期待

be opposed of 與…相反

prevent (someone) from 避免某人做…事

be scared of 對…感到恐懼

stop (someone) from 阻止某人做…事

succeed in 在…方面成功

take advantage of 獲利於

be terrified of 被…嚇到

thank (someone) for 感謝某人…事

think of 想起

be tired of 對…厭煩

be worried about 對…擔憂

be excited

be worried } aboutdoing it


dream } about/ ofdoing it



keep (someone)

prevent (someone) } fromdoing it

prohibit (someone)

stop (someone)


be interested } in doing it




blame (someone)

forgive (someone)

have an excuse } for doing it

have a reason

be responsible

thank (someone)

be accused

be capable

for the purpose

be guilty }of doing it


take advantage

take care

be tired

insist on doing it

be accustomed

in addition

be committed

be devoted } to doing it

look forward


be opposed

be used to

be abbreviated from/to..縮寫成

Be accustomed to

Be acquainted with

Be addicted to

be amazed at/by/to V對…感到驚奇

be angered at/by因..而發怒

be annoyed with sb. for


Be associated with與聯合

Be astonished at sth對感到驚訝

Be attached to附加於

Be attacked with

Be authorized by

be based on

Be blessed with

Be bored with

Be called to sth/to V

Be charged with

Be composed of

Be conceived in

Be concerned about/or/in

Be concerned at/over

Be confronted by/with

Be confused with

Be connected to/with

be connected with

Be coordinated with

Be covered with

Be crowded with

Be cursed with

Be cut off

Be dammed

Be deceived in

Be dedicated to

Be delighted at/by/to V

Be delivered of

Be disappointed in sb(sth)/ with sth

Be disgusted with/at/by

Be dismayed to V

Be displeased at sth/with sb for Ving

Be dissatisfied at/with

Be distracted by/with

Be divorced from

Be educated from

Be engaged to

Be equipped with

Be elated at

Be employed in

Be engaged to

Be entitled to

Be excited by

Be exhausted from

Be exposed to

Be faced with

Be fed up

Be filled with

Be freed from/of

Be frightened of/by

Be gone from

Be honored with

Be interested in

Be immunized from

Be inclined for/ to V

Be infected with

Be inflated with

Be invested with

Be involved in

Be known for

Be limited to

Be located in

Be irritated against sb.

Be lectured for Ving

Be locked in/out

Be made of

Be married to

Be meant by

Be misled into Ving

Be mixed up in sth/ with sb

Be moved to/with

Be obliged to sb.

Be occupied (in) Ving

Be opposed to

Be pleased with

Be prepared for

Be protected from

Be provided with

Be puzzled by

be puzzled how to V

Be qualified to V/ for Ving

Be reduced to

Be related to

Be relieved to V/ of

Be remembered for

Be restricted in/to/within

Be rooted in

Be satisfied with

Be scared of/by

Be seized of

Be set up with

Be shocked at/by

Be sold

Be surrounded by/with

Be suspected of

Be tired of/from

Be touched by

Be trained for

Be used to Ving

Be wanted by

Be worried about

Be written on