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Shih tzu
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Shih tzu

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  1. Shih tzu By: Emerson, Ireland and Lilian

  2. Are they lap dogs? Yes, they love it when people stroke their fur.

  3. Are they easy to train? Yes, they are very obedient.

  4. Are they energetic? They can sometimes be energetic but they like to play indoors more than outdoors.

  5. What is the oldest age a shih tzu can live up to? A shih tzu can live up to 15 easily, but it depends on how well the owner takes care of the dog and how often they go to the vet.

  6. How often should you give your shih tzu a bath? You should give your shih tzu a bath about once a week.

  7. What breed are shih tzus related mostly to? The shih tzu is actually related to the wolf.

  8. Are shih tzus good with kids? Yes. They will do fine around families with kids.

  9. How much food should a shih tzu eat a day? A shih tzu should eat 28.4 grams for each pound he or she weighs.

  10. How long should you walk them? You should walk them for 10 – 15 minutes.

  11. Fun Facts 1.Shih Tzus don’t have fur, they have hair like humans 2.They are popular with the Ming Dynasty 3.The Shih Tzu is sometimes called the “Chrysanthemum Dog” because of the hair growing outward from its face 4.Many people think that Shih Tzus are Chinese but they are actually Tibetan 5.“Shih Tzu” means lion dog in tibetan 6. The Shih Tzu was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1969 7.DNA has shown that the Shih Tzu originated from the most ancient dog breeds 8.Acording to the American Kennel Club the Shih Tzu is in the toy section because of their small size.