poor conditions of pakistani hospitals n.
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Poor Conditions of Pakistani Hospitals

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Poor Conditions of Pakistani Hospitals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Poor Conditions of Pakistani Hospitals. Poor hospitals in Pakistan. Introduction. Poor and Rusted operating tools. Government Hospitals of Pakistan. Hospitals in Pakistan.

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Poor and Rusted operating tools

Government Hospitals of Pakistan

hospitals in pakistan
Hospitals in Pakistan

Health is every human being’s right and yet there is a denial of this right to millions of Pakistanis which are caught in the vicious circle of poverty, taxes and illness. There has been a growing dissatisfaction with the existing health services and demand for better health care in most of Pakistan’s government hospitals.

The victims of poor medical care have to rely on Government hospitals.

fake medicines are prepared in many parts of pakistan
Fake medicines are prepared in many abandoned factories in many parts of Pakistan. They fill wheat flour in empty capsules and colored chemical water in bottles, stamped with logos of noted multinational pharmaceuticals firms.

The death toll of patients not receiving proper treatment reached over 100.

Hospitals should thoroughly check the medicine quality and then distribute them in the patients.

Fake medicines are prepared in many parts of Pakistan.
comparison of hospitals
Comparison of Hospitals

Private Hospitals

Government Hospitals

These hospitals have a comfortable and hygienic


These hospitals have to depend on funds from the government and have poor services like ambulances, medicine storage, comfortable beds, advanced technology or experienced staff.

facts and opinions
Facts and Opinions

Patients have to share beds because of shortage of beds and they feel uncomfortable with less space. This effects their treatment.


Dengue Fever

has struck once again. Hundreds of people die every year because they do not get treated because of less doctors, operating tools and machines, beds, expensive treatment and medicines which have government taxes.

Many patients complain that they were catching infections due to the filthy condition of beds and lack of proper hospital hygiene.Patients say, “If they complain about the poor condition of the hospital they are threatened to be thrown out.”
foreign companies provide pakistani hospitals with advanced and new technology and train doctors
Many Pakistani politicians, celebrities and citizens aid these hospitals and donate money for the treatment of poor patients.

Hospitals like SKMH treat patients free of cost.

Foreign companies provide Pakistani hospitals with advanced and new technology and train doctors.
donating money to foundations for treatment of cancer heart or kidney patients
There are many organizations such as EDHI ORGANIZATION or SKMCH etc. which help cure patients from deadly diseases by collecting funds.

All human beings should get their rights, so everyone has a right to stay healthy.

We all should help these organizations to cure patients and provide medicines to them.

Donating money to foundations for treatment of cancer, heart or kidney patients.
Every person should be health insured. All doctors should provide the health care using this insurance. Children up to the age of 18 should be provided free health care. Only government licensed doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies should be allowed to work. Any fraud in this regard should be liable to major punishment. Medical colleges and hospitals should be established.
our main message

Our Main Message

Many hospitals in Pakistan have poor infrastructure and are in bad conditions. The environment is unhygienic and bad for patients. The doctors and nurses are not experienced . They should be well trained. The equipments and tools used for operating are not advanced and are of poor quality. THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD PROVIDE GOOD INFRASTRUCTURE FOR THESE HOSPITALS AND SHOULD AID OR DONATE THEM.


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