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How to Make Money Online PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online

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How to Make Money Online

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  1. How To Make Money Online

  2. Why you should try making money online these days? Salary is low. You need extra income Putting up a business here is at high risk. So investing for a huge capital is not advisable if you are a newbie. It is convenient and you can do it even at the comfort of your own home You don’t need to quit your office job because you can do this on your free time.

  3. How To Make Money Online? You make money online to advertise something on the web. Wherever possible. You can advertise by writing articles, putting up a blog or a website, creating a fb group page, tweeting, chatting, and even youtubing.

  4. Article Writing Article Writing. You earn when you advertise something using this technique. Here are the places on the web where you can write:

  5. Blogging Similar to article writing, but blogging is more of putting your own website thus making you free to advertise anything and as many products, services, business as you like to. and are advisable to join.

  6. Classified Ads Online classified ads work, here you don’t need too be an article writing or blog expert. Because the only thing you do here is to advertise what you offer. Put a title, tell something about it, and leave your contact number.

  7. Facebook Group Page Creating a group page in Facebook can give you lots of inquiries about what you offer. This works super when you have more than 500 friends added on the group page.

  8. Advertise-Promote-Sponsor Bottom line is, whatever you do online, wherever you are on the web. The only thing that can make you money using the internet is through advertising, promoting and sponsoring. So advertise whatever you think is effective. Later on I will give you a suggestion you will surely like.

  9. How Can You Get Paid? Receive your cashout using checks, western union, atm withdrawals and paypal

  10. Local Promotion Although there are a lot of websites that offer you to get paid to advertise their business online. You can perhaps start by choosing a local business to advertise on the web. This is more effective and attractive for USA, UK, Dubai. who search something on the web because they are familiar to it. Be it a business, product or a service.

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