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How To Make Money Online

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How To Make Money Online

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  2. How YOU WILL Make Money Online 2

  3. Introduction Ever wanted to make money online? Not sure what to do? Confused? Familar questions we hear all the time. There are soloutions. However you need to be prepared to put the hours in now to live the life you dream of. Muhamed Ali did'nt win the world title in his firs fight. Richard Branson didnt make his millions with his first deal. Christian Bale didnt become BATMAN in his first film! I could go on. In this book we talk about how YOU can make money online today, tomorrow and moving forward, but remember, take action and work hard to enjoy it later down the line. 3

  4. Table of Contents 1. The Secret to Wealth Online 2. Some Of The Most Popular Ways To Make Money Online 3. Everyone Wins With Private Label Rights 4. Who Is The Amazonian King? 5. Can You Really Make Money With A Home Business 6. Niche And Grow Rich 7. How To Make Money From Your Blog 8. How Not To Make Money Online (Or Anywhere Else) 9. How To Choose The Right Home Based Business And Make Money Online 10. How to Evaluate Home Based Business Opportunities 11. Reading Email Can Help You Make Money Online 12. Tired from trying to make money online, easy strategies here 13. The 15 Online Businesses that you can start today for big profits. 14. The Simple System For Finding A Killer Product And Identifying A Hot Niche! 15. How to Create your own ebook and profit from it...WITHOUT EVER WRITING A SINGLE WORD! 16. How To Make Extra Money Online 17. An Online Millionaire Plan: Basics of Earning Millions Online Through Internet Marketing 18. Work From Home - Become A Business Executive For Under 200 Dollars 19. Work At Home Jobs And Opportunities - How To Make A Legitimate Income From Home 4

  5. 1. The Secret to Wealth Online FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE Success is highly dependent on the individual behind the business. Granted there is enough information available on the internet to make your head explode, but being able to identify the correct business opportunity can lead you to a massive wealth building nest egg. Last summer I decided that if I wanted to change my financial situation, I had to first change what I was doing. Many people dream of making an extra income online, but very few actually do it simply because it takes time and effort. I am living proof that anyone can do this if you have a strong desire to succeed. To make a long story short, I did some research online and found a company called, "Mazu Publishing." The company has been reviewing home based business opportunities for 10 years and provided some very good information on home based businesses. I've taken the information from various companies and applied it online which lead to a massive explosion of my income. Initially, during my research online, I found many companies with the same shallow promises claiming to make me a millionaire in a few months time or even a year. I am a firm believer that online businesses work, but it's just wrong to make false claims unless you have a large sum of money to invest and can double your money every month, you will not be a millionaire in 1 year. Each of these companies had their own unique costs and different business opportunities. I decided to go with the most reputable company that was affordable at the time and one that fit my needs. Many people ask how do you know exactly what type business opportunity to get involved with if there are so many choices? The first thing I look for in any company is how long they have been around for. New companies come and go everyday, but a company that has been around for a few years provides some credibility. 5

  6. The second most import aspect when looking for the right opportunity is being able to identify a product or service that people need. In some cases it's a task that you can perform online such as trading or perhaps an investment that offers a 10% return on your money per month. My recommendation is to choose the opportunity that best suits your needs. If you feel up to networking and talking with other people, then perhaps a company with a great product to show other people is what you are looking for. If you do not wish to talk to anyone or sell anything, then perhaps you are looking for a passive opportunity where all the work is done for you. When you find an internet business that looks good, make sure to find out how long the company has been around for. Find a business that is suitable for you and not for someone else. What you feel is a great business, may not be for the next person. One thing successful people have in common and that they are confident and decisive. If you feel the opportunity is right and you know you can make it work, than your chances are it will succeed. FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE 6

  7. 2. Some Of The Most Popular Ways To Make Money Online FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE The internet was one considered nothing but a place to gather information. Today it has exploded into a place where thousands of people make money instead of working for someone else. You can read about stories online of how people went from having nothing but are now very rich. They didn't even have their own computer so they went to a public place to use one until they could afford their own. It is possible to make a good living working online, but you have to be willing to put in the effort. Don't fall for those scams that tell you that without any investment or work you will be rolling in the cash. One of the most prosperous money making opportunities on the internet is to provide marketing services for other businesses. It will only take you a small investment to pay for your own marketing of your business in order to get people looking for your skills to notice what you have to offer. You can also engage in some affiliate marketing to help your profits grow faster. It will take some time and a small investment to pay for the domain name, developing the website, and some advertising. That is all you have to do and then it can take care of itself while you continue to help others with their marketing. You can use your own affiliate program as an example to show potential customers what you can offer them. Millions of dollars change hands every day in the world of online trading, and you may find you really enjoy this type of home business. FOREX operates 24/7 so you can always be a part of the trading any time of the day. If you have items that you no longer use you may want to sell them on the online auction sites. You can make a good business from buying goods on sale and then reselling them for a profit. It is important to discover which type of online business is going to offer you the most benefit. You need to take a look at your strengths, what you enjoy doing, how much 7

  8. money you want to invest, and what chances you have of being able to offer something that consumers are looking for. Having your own online business takes commitment and a desire to succeed. Everyone wants to have a job they love but most people don't. Chances are you have knowledge of how to perform specific duties or valuable information you can share with other people. Turn this into a very profitable business. One of the hottest items on the internet right now is e-books with information consumers can instantly download. While you want to enjoy what you are doing with your online business, it has to be profitable. There aren't too many of us out there who can work and not make any money but still take care of our responsibilities. Try to have more than one resource for income coming your way. This way you can have income coming to you from different directions. You want the sources of income to remain in place for a long time to come so think how you can continue to expand and grow your business. Avoid the type of online business that will become a passing trend. Make sure you understand the basics of the type of business you plan to operate. Take advantage of the learning opportunities online as well as the various marketing tools that are offered. Paying attention to the different marketing strategies that are available will help you to have your best chances of a profitable business. FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE 8

  9. 3. Everyone Wins With Private Label Rights FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE Would you believe a person if they told you that it was possible to take another person's work, change it anyway you please and call the edited material yours? What if that person also told you that besides being able to do so, you could actually profit from that work and not be liable for any copyright infringement? If you haven't heard of private label rights, then most likely you'd think they were pulling your leg. But all the above are true if you are able secure these rights. But what are private label rights? To understand why private label rights are so special, you need to know about resale and master resale first. Resale rights are simply permission from the owner of a work (a book, for example) to allow you to take the said material and distribute it for your own profit. Master resale rights take it a step further and allow you to sell the resale rights to the work. The reason why it is called master resale rights is because it covers a large set of permissible actions to the person who acquires those rights. Experts would tell you that to get the most of your purchasing of master resale rights, the following list of actions should allow you to: 1. give the material away unaltered 2. combine the material with others 9

  10. 3. give the material away as a bonus item 4. use the material a content for websites 5. divide the product into separate articles 6. put the rights for the material or the material itself up for auction 7. provide the material as content for paid membership sites 8. sell resale rights for the material 9. change or alter the material Buying the whole set of these rights is great but it can cost you. But there is a way to get almost all of these actions and not have to pay as much for master resale rights IF you acquire just the right to change or alter the material, which is exactly what private label rights are. With these set of rights, you are given permission to change another person's work. By altering the material, you have made the work your own which then allows you to profit from the material any way you intend to. Let's say you were able to acquire private label rights for a particular ebook. What can you do? For starters, you can break up the book into separate chapters and then sell these as articles. On the other hand, if you were able to acquire private label rights for a set of articles, you could combine them and package it as a book, which you then can sell. You can change the material's content by adding or removing details. You can also add pictures or illustrations as well as other media like sound or video clips. 10

  11. All of these actions are possible but the best part about private label rights is that you are not obligated to mention the original author (or pay them any royalties) for the changes you have done to his or her material. You can claim the material as yours by putting your name as the author of the material. With these changes, the ways on capitalizing on them are many. You can come up with a whole new set of products from a single material source. Take an ebook for example. On one hand, you've broken up the book to sell them as articles. On the other, you've enhanced the book's content with media to package it as your own work and putting it up for sale on the market. Acquiring private label rights is a great way to create a brand for your business. As you may already know, one of the keys to a successful business is to distinguish yourself from the rest. With private label rights, you can change the material and make it uniquely yours. If your target market likes your material, your market can perceive you as an expert in your line of business, which is something you can really capitalize on as you sell your products or services. However, it is not only the person who acquires private label rights who stands to benefit from it. It may be difficult to understand at first, but selling private label rights benefits even the original creator. With the increasing demand for original material to be sold with private label rights, a writer can make good money from his or her work. The incentive is that he or she can command a higher price for the work given the rights that go with the material. Furthermore, selling the right to change the material any way the buyer wants is actually giving new life to the material. By giving the buyer the freedom to change the content in a number of creative ways, the material's usability sand relevance is extended. By compensating the original content creator well; by allowing freedom and flexibility for the purchaser; and by giving the end user a wealth of very useful information, private label rights are by far one of the best things out there in the world of online marketing. 11

  12. FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE 12

  13. 4. Who Is The Amazonian King? FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE The "Amazonian King" is Marty White, a man with a mission to bring greater respect to Amazon's affiliate program. Within the internet marketing community, Amazon has been widely overlooked as a significant source of income. However, the Amazonian King has proved conventional wisdom to be wrong, as White made almost $100,000 his first year out as an Amazon associate. The Amazonian King reveals White's experience, advice, tips and secrets, providing step- by-step instructions on how to capitalize on one of the biggest affiliate marketing programs on the planet. Because this source of online money making is so highly overlooked, the field is wide open. Big ticket items on Amazon abound that are waiting for promotion, completely underrepresented. But probably not for long if Amazonian King has anything to do with it, as the product is a solid blueprint that, with diligence, can pay off very nicely. With Amazonian King there is no guesswork in how to make the most of the Amazon Associate Program. In fact, White has already been able to reproduce his success to some degree with virtual newbies he coached. Among many other benefits offered by the Amazonian King are the following: -- How to pick the best products -- How to use PPC advertising -- Keyword assistance, copy writing -- How to track your business 13

  14. -- And much more! One of the more astonishing claims Marty White makes is that the Amazonian King can teach you to make money "EVEN IF YOU ARE SELLING A PRODUCT ON AMAZON AT A LOSS." For those who wish to earn money through Amazon, Amazonian King is a wise buy, because it can also spare the expense of mistakes that are costly not only in money but also in time. Regarding his product Amazonian King, Martin White says, "You can learn the secrets that can get you to the same place as me without having to go through all of the experimentation and cost that I had to incur in order to learn the most important lessons." White also says, "I will guide you through the minefield of making money with Amazon and reveal to you step-by-step EXACTLY the methods, tips and tricks that I use." But White admonishes that the program may not be around forever, because he may wish to close it out so that those who got in early stand face less competition and stand a better chance of succeeding. In his concern for the success of those who purchase Amazonian King, White has provided an email FAQ section for following up. Amazonian King also comes with an eight-week 100% money-back guarantee. The bottom line is that the Amazonian King made over a million dollars for Amazon last year. Of course, White got a percentage of that, but how many people do you know who sold over $1,000,000 of products through Amazon? Granted, White is no slouch when it comes to business - he's got an MBA from Berkeley. But the "Amazonian King" also reminds the reader that, because he has another occupation, he didn't even spend as much time on the Amazon associate program as he could have - which means that others could do even better than he has! FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE 14

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  16. 5. Can You Really Make Money With A Home Business FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE Would you like to earn an income by starting your own business from home? Many people decide that they like the thought of working from home for a lot of different reasons. These reasons can include wanting to spend more time at home with their families, needing an extra source of income, or just simply disliking their current job. A work from home business is a great chance to earn money and be your own boss. There are many opportunities available to internet marketers. When you start setting up your home-based business it is a good idea to develop a business plan and research your options thoroughly. By making informed decisions and sticking to your business plan, you can help create a good, steady stream of income for yourself. Running a home-based business requires a lot of effort and hard work on your part and whilst you will not become wealthy over night, your earning potential will be directly related to how much time and effort you put in. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to make it as an internet marketer. When you are building your business plan, you must include both short and long term goals. Make a decision as to how you are going to reach these goals and then put your plan into action. Affiliate programs can make excellent home-based business programs, but there are 16

  17. also many other internet marketing opportunities that will create steady income as long as you are willing to put the work in. Some of these opportunities may require you to make an initial investment whilst others can be found for free. You must check out each and every internet marketing opportunity very carefully to ensure that you fully understand the terms and conditions before you take the plunge. As an internet marketer, you will have to distinguish yourself from the competition if you want to succeed. You must get to know your target audience and know your competition even better. You shouldn't let self-doubt stop you from accomplishing your goals. Every successful internet marketer gives their home business the greatest effort possible. Determination and hard work will ensure that your home based business is a success and will give you a steady long term stream of income. Starting a home-based business is one of the most exciting and challenging endeavors you will ever undertake. Having a solid business plan and the will to succeed will set you apart from the competition. Make sure that you are very choosy over the products and services that you provide. You need to be certain that your services are going to be required over the long term and make customer service your top priority. A loyal customer base is the key to the success or failure of your work from home business. Running a work from home business is an excellent way to earn your independence and financial freedom. A sound business plan, a strong work ethic and the desire to succeed are all it takes to make your home based business a winner. FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE 17

  18. 6. Niche And Grow Rich FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE Unless you've been living under an Internet rock, you've probably heard the buzz about Niche Marketing. Right now it's the hottest marketing topic online. Is it a new concept? Well on the Internet maybe, but if like me, you've been involved in direct response marketing in the 'Bricks and Mortar' world then it isn't - that's the way we've done things since time immemorial. So what's this Niche Marketing thing all about? If you have ever taken Marketing 101 then you'll have heard of the old marketing adage : "Find a need and fill it" -that's what "Niche Marketing" is all about. Finding a "focused" group of people, with a specialized interest, eager to buy (The Niche) and promoting a suitable product or service to all those interested in buying it (Marketing). Let me give you a few examples of these Niches : Recipes Golf Fishing Health and Fitness Travel Collectibles Dating Dog Training Satellite TV Beauty Tips Astrology Cats Bartending Alternative Health Hand-poured Candles Gourmet Foods Gambling Mortgages Credit Cards Music Jewellery ...... the list just goes on and on and these are just the main headings, there are niches within each of these niches ... Think of a subject and there's likely a niche market for it... But the name of the game is to find a "tightly focused" niche. The reason for this that if you target a general market the competition is fierce and it's hard, if not impossible, for 18

  19. the little guy to get a foothold. When you narrow down the size of the market you eradicate most of the heavy hitters with bottomless advertising budgets, because these guys aren't interested in making a few thousand bucks a year from these tiny specialized markets, they're after millions from mass markets... ... And let's face it if you're a little guy you simply can't be everything to everybody, so you must pick a specific focus (Niche) for your business. For example don't target "Fishing", instead target "Fishing Baits" or "Fishing Lures" both of which have a much more specific focus... ...Get the idea? Once you narrow down the size of the market you have an automatic advantage over larger companies. Here's why : * You can quickly become an expert in your niche (if you're not already) * It's easier to keep current with a narrowly focused market niche * You can respond faster to changes in the market * You can build close relationships with key customers that will be hard to compete with This is something I learned from experience - if you're interested you can read my story here : http://www.nichemarketknowhow.com/articles/andre-anthony-value-of-niche- marketing.htm. By now you're probably wondering about the mechanics of this niche marketing stuff. In a nutshell here's how it works : * Find and research profitable niche markets 19

  20. * Locate or develop suitable products/services to market * Set up a web site to market the products/services * Establish a marketing system that works for you * Repeat the process over and over again with a different niche each time. Imagine having a niche site producing one sale a day at say $20. That's $7300 a year - how many sites could you set up and run 10, 20 ....? But before you get too excited, I have a word of caution for you: Niche marketing is not a magic bullet. It isn't a matter of putting up a web site and then sitting back and waiting for the money to roll in - "build it and they will come" may have worked for Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, but it doesn't work that way on the Internet - if you do that you'll be waiting a long time. If you want a successful niche business, you have to work at it just like any other business - if you're prepared to put in the effort though the rewards can be significant. FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE 20

  21. 7. How To Make Money From Your Blog FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE Blogging has become a very popular activity online and many people blog about topics that they are interested in. Did you know that you can actually make money from your blog? This article explains a three stage process to make money from your blog. Identify an interest and find a keyword Do you have an interest that you feel passionately about? Download the Good Keywords tool and identify a few high traffic keywords to use in your blog that relates to your current interest. The tool uses search results from Overture and tells you how many searches result from a particular keyword each month. So the higher the number of searches, the more popular the keyword. Sprinkle these keywords in your titles and in the content of your blog posts. This would enable you to get more blog visitors via the search engines to your blog. Remember more eyeballs means more profits for you. Find a method to Monetize your blog Contextual advertising today in the form of google represents one of the best ways to make money from your blog. Google can decipher from your title tag what your post is about and places advertisements there and each time someone clicks on an advisement on your blog, you get paid. Affiliate programs also represent another great way to make extra money from your blog. By referring your visitors to the webstore through your own affiliate link, you can make money from each other their purchases online and what's best you get paid by a third party provider to eliminate the risk of fraud on the part of the vendor. Publicise your blog 21

  22. Once you have the first two steps up and running, you might want to generate more buzz to your blog. Some methods include submitting your blog to blog directories and also to submit your rss feeds from your blog to rss feed aggregators and directories. Another powerful way to boost the power of your rss feed is to use rss programs like Feedburner which allows you to track how people are reading your rss feed. This method will boost your website traffic which would in turn increase the amount of money that you can make from your blog. In conclusion, writing about a hobby via a blog can be both pleasurable and help you make money online as well. Take some action today with your web blog and you could potentially be on your way to making serious money online. Globalprosperity.info 2007 All Rights Reserved FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE 22

  23. 8. How Not To Make Money Online (Or Anywhere Else) FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE Here are a few tips on how _not_ to make money, and underneath each one, the smart thing to do instead. 1. Follow The Herd. By the time you hear about it, it'll probably have peaked. The time to grab a niche is looking around you, seeing what people are looking for, and giving it to them, fast. Not recommended: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), Internet Marketing, eBooks, Paid-To-Surf and High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP). These will all make money for the guys running the show, not you. Do your own research. Internet forums are full of the past, not the future. You can learn your trade, but not the latest wheeze. You think if someone's got a really sweet idea they'll blab it in a forum? Only if they're vain or stupid. Or they've already made their bit, the idea is washed out, so they make one last profit by getting the newbies excited about it. By the time you hear about it the herd will have spammed the hell out of it. 2. Not Following The Herd. Sometimes the herd is heading over a cliff. Sometimes it's heading to green pastures. You can't start a revolution on your own; it's too much hard work. So find something there's already a demand for, and set up a stall offering it cheaper, faster or better. Or all three! Tip: Exhaust internet research before starting your new career. It's likely someone has 23

  24. already done what you're thinking of, at least in part. Maybe you can walk the trail they blazed, rather than hacking your own? 3. Do Something You Dislike. You can't put your heart in a job you dislike. You'll find you can't summon the energy. The ol' inspiration doesn't flow. Why? McJobs turn your brain to hamburger. Your subconscious (your heart) will not supply the energy to do something it's against, even if the head says 'go!'. Solution: Take the time to find something you truly enjoy: your vocation. 4. Do Something Which Doesn't Pay Well. Just getting by means you'll go broke someday: one bit of bad luck, then bam! Plenty of jobs out there which pay _just_ enough to survive on. That's how capitalists get rich; _they_ make the profits, _you_ do the legwork. And that's as it should be. You want the big bucks? Be a super salesman, or an entrepreneur; they take all the risks, so it's only right they get the gravy. Like all employees I disliked and feared my boss; he had real power over me. Then when I became my own boss, I understood him perfectly. He didn't care about my little problems. He didn't owe me anything beyond my wages and a civil word. He was largely oblivious to my mutinous grumbling. All he wanted was for me to come in on time, do the work, and clear off at the end of the day. He set the business up, so he deserved the lion's share. He had to worry about keeping the whole place going. If you were a boss, and it was your money, just how generous would you be to your employees? Oh yeah, suuuure! And I bet you're a big tipper too! Solution: If you want to work for someone else, and be happy, find a job that pays well. Easy! 24

  25. 5. Do Something You're Not Good At. It's easy to be mediocre at a wide range of jobs. To be a master takes years, sometimes a lifetime. Solution: You _know_ you've got a knack for _something_. If it's something you like, which can pay well, _and which you're good at_, consider doing _it_ rather than fuming in your cubicle. At the very least you'll enjoy the ride! If you're not sure, find a fat list of job titles somewhere and skim through it: who knew that jobs like chicken-sexer or house-sitter existed? FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE 25

  26. 9. How To Choose The Right Home Based Business And Make Money Online FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE Have you been searching and hoping to find the perfect home based business where you can work form home and really make money on the Internet, all in the comfort of your own home? Have you sat down and Googled terms like: work at home, work from home, best home business, how to make money online, how to start working from home, make money online, make money on the Internet, and many other similar terms? Are you confused and disillusioned about the seemingly endless number of choices of home based business on the Internet? Do you suspect that many of them are scam, programs that may just grab your money and disappear? I totally understand how you feel. It's actually good that you are skeptical. You should be! There certainly are many Internet based, work from home programs out there that do take your time, your money and your dreams, leave you with nothing to show for it ,and dash your hopes of finding a real home based Internet business that really works, one where you can really make a lot of money working online without taking advantage of people? My advice to you is to research diligently prior to joining a home business program like EDC Gold, EDC Diamond, Passport To Wealth, Road Map To Riches, Big Ticket To Wealth, Reverse Funnel System, Wealth Funnel System, The Wealthy Marketer and the many other work from home, Internet based businesses similar to these. After walking in your footsteps and doing tons and tons of research on Internet based businesses I personally chose the EDC Gold & EDC Diamond & The Wealth Funnel System 26

  27. Home Business. Two critical points lead me to this important decision. FIRST, to really be successful for the long term in an Internet based business, the program must provide you an Education of HOW TO MARKET ONLINE. This is so important! SECOND, it is extremely important that you have an EXCELLENT MENTOR to guide you and help you succeed for the long term. I am sure you have heard the expression: "Feed a man a fish, and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime!" That's exactly what EDC Gold & EDC Diamond & The Wealth Funnel System does, it teaches YOU how to very affordably and very effectively market your business online and we teach, train and guide you every step of the way. In fact, the amount of online and personal training is almost unheard of in this industry! The Wealth Funnel System by Derrick Harper provides you with mentoring and Internet Marketing Training Course and Classes which use EDC Gold & EDC Diamond to get people started and teach them how to market online. Then, after you begin making money online and are successful with EDC Gold, we show you other products and services you can market to grow your Streams Of Income even further! Currently we have 8 separate products that The Wealth Funnel System teaches it's team members how to market on the Internet with our PROVEN Internet Marketing Training Video Classes and Course. What I have found in all of my research is The Wealth Funnel System created by Derrick Harper is the ONLY home business system that is designed to remove YOU from the equation and Ensure Your Success. People can fail but our SYSTEM WORKS. PLUS "The Wealth Funnel System is the ONLY Home Based Business with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Make a minimum of $5,000 per month within 90 days or we'll give you 100% of your money back." This is the ONLY online work from home Internet business I have found with a money back guarantee! We couldn't offer this guarantee if The Wealth Funnel System did not work! The Wealth Funnel System is the only home based business that was designed from the ground up on the principles and teachings of the most successful entrepreneurs of our 27

  28. time. Such as: Timothy Ferriss "The Four Hour Work Week", Robert Kiyosaki "Rich Dad Poor Dad", Robert G Allen "Creating Wealth" * "Nothing Down", Joe Vitale "The Attractor Factor", Robert Spiegel "The Best Home-Based Businesses". It's the real deal! So, before you pull the trigger and choose a home based Internet business at least take the time to call me, Doyle Shuler, and I'll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have and hopefully point you in the right direction. Maybe The Wealth Funnel System or EDC Gold & EDC Diamond are a good match for your goals for working at home with a home based business. Maybe it's not a good match. We know tons of things you can do to make money online and work from home. So give me a ring and I can hopefully help point you in the right direction. You will find my phone number on the second page of my website: www.wealthfunnelpro.com Looking forward to hearing from you and helping you become successful working online at home with your own home based business. Wishing you the best in success, FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE 28

  29. 10. How to Evaluate Home Based Business Opportunities FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE With the economy in flux, and whispers of recession turning into frank discussions of how long the downturn is expected to last, it's no wonder that more people than ever before are taking a second look at home based businesses. For some, the ability to make money online is a way to make ends meet as the costs of everything from fuel to food spiral upward. For others, being able to work from home is the best of both worlds: they can earn a decent income while being able to greet the kids when they get home from school. Virtually everyone appreciates a home based business' flexible hours and lack of a commute, as well as the rewarding feeling that comes from creating your own financial security. As appealing as a home based business is, it's often difficult to evaluate programs. After all, there are hundreds - if not thousands - of opportunities available. Here are five tips to help you separate the best from the rest. 1. Find reputable online reviews. There are websites that specialize in guiding would-be home based business owners toward legitimate opportunities. The best sites offer valuable information so that you can make money at home, as well as essential website marketing tools. 2. Free vs. paid. There are both paid and free home based business opportunities. If you have money to invest in your business, paid opportunities can often reap greater financial rewards. That's not to say, however, that you can't make money at home from a free home based business. You simply need to understand the potential risks and rewards associated with each type. 3. Passive vs. active. When evaluating opportunities, it's important to know how much time you have to devote to your business. Some require actively selling products or 29

  30. services, while others rely on utilizing marketing tools to harness the power of the Internet and create a passive income stream. Many people find that the most lucrative home based businesses fall somewhere in the middle, enabling them to work minimal hours while maximizing income. 4. Diverse revenue streams. Although the ability to make money online has been around for several years now, the path to success is constantly evolving. Those in the know recommend diversifying your home base business revenue streams. In other words, you should launch several different types of online businesses to ensure that if one source of revenue slows, another can make up the difference. Like the old saying, "Don't put your eggs all in one basket," diversification is key. 5. Start small and plan to grow. If you're new to home based businesses, it's going to take a bit of time to learn the ropes. The challenges are by no means insurmountable, but you'll still need to get your systems in place, develop a game plan, and become proficient in your new venture. Most experts recommend that you begin with one opportunity, master that, and then add another. The ramp-up period varies from person to person, but most people are able to launch one home based business per month, and then add about one per month. Once you find the right opportunities and the right fit, becoming a successful home based business entrepreneur isn't difficult. In fact, it's probably one of the most rewarding efforts you'll ever undertake. FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE 30

  31. 11. Reading Email Can Help You Make Money Online FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE Today emails are the most popular way to connect, tap into new business markets and entice customers to buy products. But did you know that if you're ready to read email you can start to make money online? How it works Paid to read campaigns are a great way to make money online - that's if you know how it works. Usually any site that launches a new paid to read campaign will also need to hunt for advertisers who pay the site to send their emails to members. That is the reason when you register for a paid to read campaign you are asked to select topics that interest you. This is nothing but targeted forms of advertising - companies are basically selling whatever interests customers. This is a great way to make money online for the person reading the email. The site that owns the campaign pays the reader for every email read - usually around 1 cent for an email opened for 15 to 45 seconds. What's the catch? Just like any make money online or get rich quick scheme this one too has its drawbacks. The reader is expected to read a minimum number of emails before being qualified for the payment. One thing to avoid if you wish to make money online quickly - is going for a campaign that requires a high number of emails to be read before payment. Also avoid the campaigns which offer a very high payment rate for each email. Most likely these also have a huge number of emails to be read before qualifying for payment. This is because the owner typically cannot afford such high payments and that's why makes the entry criteria very strict. If you want to ensure success and guaranteed payments in your make money online venture - it is best to join a campaign that has a minimum payout of less than 10 dollars. 31

  32. Before you start out Paid to read email campaigns are great ways to make money online and have served as a lucrative source of additional income for many people. However before you register for such a campaign you need to create a dedicated email ID just for receiving these emails - the reason being that from the very next day you're going to be bombarded with emails. The trick to ensuring quick ways to make money online is by signing up for more than one paid to read campaign. This in turn will also get you other paid to read campaigns from advertisers. Thus you can sign up for these as well as start to make money online even faster! While paid to read campaigns may sound too good to be true, fact is they do serve great use to make money online. The best thing is that they are easy, quick and do not demand too much effort. FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE 32

  33. 12. Tired from trying to make money online, easy strategies here FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE Ok, you want to make huge income from internet then just start your adsense empire, it's a very amazing program started by a world's major search engine, where advertiser advertise through google , google place ads on your site then after every click you get paid for showing relevant ads on your websites. Now confused that how to start your online business, or adsense empire, don't worry we have the solution, we have reviewed this site, many members of this site have give us their opinion about their membership experience & you know what we found? They are well satisfied from their package and online tools to work at home, they are giving 425 pre built adsense ready sites or adsense websites to make money from home, With many free ebooks they are providing free for their members. Just go to google and search for "adsenselover" & you will find them. They are the best for work at home opportunity provider. They are No 1 online jobs provider and make money at home opportunity work provider. For most people, achieving success in Home Based Business means a lot more than just earning more money. It also means more time freedom, more relationship freedom and a better lifestyle. It means paying off the bills, getting out of debt and having more peace of mind. It also means having money flow into your bank account every single month, whether you work or not. So, in order to achieve great success working from home, you must first understand the difference between, Leveraged Income, Linear Income & Passive Residual Income. Let's take a look: Income Type #1 or Leveraged Income, is a little better than Linear Income, but still not that great, because your income is based on the efforts of those who earn linear income. This is where you can get paid from the work of others, like being a small business owner or a manager, however, leveraged income does not offer real security, 33

  34. because linear income employees, can quit, find a higher paying job or start their own competing business. Income Type #2 or Linear Income, is income generated by working at a job. When you work, you get paid. When you do not work, you do not get paid. This is how most people live their lives and why those who only work for Linear Income, can never stop working. Income Type #3 or Passive Residual Income is the income that allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary success in a Home Based Business, because every distributor has the same exact opportunity to gain. This means that anyone, regardless of where they live, how old they are, or what their experience is, can earn as much or as little as they like, based on their own commitment and effort. Think about it. Corporate icons are toppling daily, massive job terminations and pension defaults are commonplace and globalism is in full swing. There has truly never been a better time to be self-employed or a worse time to be faithfully employed. Airlines are experiencing turbulence financially. GM & Ford are moving toward bankruptcy and jobs are targeted for rightsizing, downsizing, and outsourcing. If you take a new job today, in four years the statistics say that you'll be jobless again. So much for job security in the 21st Century! Indeed there has been a sea of change, and the Silent Revolution, whereby a new Home Based Business is started every 11 seconds, in the U.S. alone, is in full swing. Success for a work at home business will be realized when you have the work at home business up and running while analyzing for things that actually don't work and should be removed. This move will refine the workload according to things that matter. You can also opt to divert answering customer emails that you may receive to outsourcing firms who will handle it for you. Eventually, you can move on to another project or travel the world for that matter because of the success of your work at home business. 34

  35. FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE 35

  36. 13. The 15 Online Businesses that you can start today for big profits. FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE Here you can find 15 businesses that you can start fast. These businesses are profitable and they are in high demand. You could expect to receive good profits from most of them. The drawback is that there is too much competition for the majority of these businesses. Anyway, I will briefly describe them here and show you how you can also claim a piece of the profits from the online business world. 1.Sell information. People are starving for information nowadays. Information could be anything that communicates a message. Art is a kind of information, images, files, software, games, books and e-books are information too. You can create your own products or have other people do it for you. Either way, you will have to invest some time and money. If you want to have the products created for you, then you can outsource the projects to others even to people in other countries. This is a good technique that a lot of companies are using today. Selling information is very profitable because the costs of reproducing the products you sell are next to nothing. Once you create the first product you can create as many copies as you need virtually at no cost. The time required to distribute the products to your clients is next to zero too. Finally the shipping costs often disappear on the Online business world. This is definitely a profitable business. 2.Become an affiliate. If you don’t want to create anything you can sell what others create. Your only duty will 36

  37. be to advertise. Advertising is not easy, specially in such a competitive arena that is affiliate marketing. On the other hand, if you have the patience and discipline to learn how the super affiliates make it, then it can be really worthy the time spent on this venture. Some top affiliates make tens of thousands per month from this business alone. There are just so many companies out there that want you to promote their products. This is one of the reasons why some new affiliates get lost. How can you know which companies are trustworthy and which ones are not? Simple. Stay with the companies that pay you high commissions like 50% to 75% per sale and which conversion ratios are fairly high. For example, if a company pays you 65% commission to sell their product and for every 100 people that see the product 2 - 3 purchase it, then you may consider promoting the product. Also expect to receive at least $20 per sale. I wouldn’t advertise a product if I can not get at least $20 for every sale. Do the math. Let’s say that you get paid $25 per sale. Your advertising costs are $5 per 100 people. If on average 2 out of 100 purchase the product, then you will get a huge return on investment. Of course these are hypothetical figures. The real world is a little bit different. To find these products may not be that easy. But that’s the basic idea of how starting an affiliate business works. 3.Sell advertising space. This is another good idea. The main thing you will need is a website with a lot of real good quality traffic. You can get truck loads of cheap traffic from autosurf programs and other sources. You can trick some advertisers but most of them won’t stay with you after their test spend. That’s why it is better to do it right from the beginning. This business can be profitable but you definitely need reasonable quantities of quality traffic everyday. You can do this by giving away good quality content both on your website as well as other places. 37

  38. For example you can write articles and publish them on article banks or e-zines. You can write a short e-book and offer it for free to your visitors on the home page. You can write programs reviews. You can set up a forum on your website and let you visitors interact with each other. Anything that could provide a service or that can enhance the experience of your visitors can be a good source of traffic. The good thing about it is that most of those visitors will come back to your site from time to time and these techniques are free. If your website offers good content to your clients, you won’t need to pay to get visitors. They will come to you for free. 4.Trade. Trading is very risky, that’s why it can be very profitable too. It is like they say: “no risk, no reward.” You should never trade or invest the money that you cannot afford to lose, but if you have some spare capital, this can be another source of income. Most online brokers today will allow you to open an account with them with very little initial investment. You can open an account with as little as $300 to $1,000. Also there are many markets that you can trade in. You can trade currencies at Forex. You can trade stock shares at the different exchanges through the online brokers. You can trade commodities at the Futures market. You can trade options and many other derivatives. The are many choices for those who want to trade for a living. Just a cautious note here. Trading is not as easy as many people want you to believe it is. It takes time to master any market including the financial markets. It is better to trade on paper for a while before you compromise your real capital. Some people become rich trading, but 90% of the traders fail. 5.High Yield Investment Programs. There are many opportunities on the Internet to invest in programs which promise high 38

  39. rates of return in a short period of time. Most of them claim to be private investor clubs and they say that they get most of their profits from financial trading and investing. Some of these companies seem legitimate but many are pure scams. Discretion is recommended to anyone who chooses to invest on these programs. Some offers are so unbelievable that they are simply that: unbelievable. Remember that “if something sounds too good to be true it probably is.” When you visit the forums you can read how many people lose money on these programs while others claim that they paid for their vacations or something else with the money they got from one of these programs. Many high yield investment programs are short lived. They disappear quickly ripping off many investors. Others tend to be more stable. Typically I have seen that those companies which offer more reasonable returns like 1% - 2% profits daily tend to be more reliable and last longer. Anyway, the reward on this investment can be big, so the risk is also big. Discretion is recommended. Avoid anything that sounds like a game, pyramid or gambling. 6.Online Auctions. Online auctions can be a good source of revenues. You can sell virtually anything on these auctions. Who doesn’t know about e-Bay? Almost everyone on the civilized world knows about it. E-Bay is not the only one though. Stormpay is a good player too and there are many others. The idea is to get good quality products at the lowest possible prices. You can achieve this by getting to know the best wholesalers for the products you are trying to sell. If you can buy bellow wholesale price and then sell the items individually you may realize a nice monthly profit by doing that. Some people’s main source of income are online auctions and they make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Another way to make money with online auctions is to be a dropshipper, which I explain bellow. 39

  40. 7.Be a dropshipper. When you are a dropshipper you don’t need to buy the products that you are selling. This eliminates some of your risks. You just make the presentation for the products whether on online auctions websites or your own websites and wait for somebody to purchase the products. Once they send you the payment you transfer the order to the distributor who package and send the product to the buyer. Then you get paid a portion of the sale price. Some individuals prefer this because they don’t have to deal with the merchandise nor the clients and still they get handsome profits from this business. 8.Multi-Level Marketing. When you join a multi-level marketing company you can sell other people products like with affiliate marketing and recruit others to do the same. You then get paid for every sale that your sales team generate. You can do all of this over the Internet without having to meet people personally. The beauty of this business is the residual income that it can generate for you. If you train your sales people well and they do the same with their sales team your profits multiply over time. This may sound like a pyramid but it is not. Genuine multi-level companies won’t charge you to join their program. They are interested in your advertising efforts not in your money. Pyramids charge you to join, usually a large amount and the only way for you to make more money is to pull more people into the scheme. With multi-level marketing you can make money even if you do not invest anything on the company. You make money by selling their products as well as training other people to sell the products. The people that you train do not have to pay anything to join the company either. They are just sales people not investors. 40

  41. 9.Start a consultancy business. If you have knowledge and expertise about a particular topic, you can start a consultancy business online and help others. You can offer your knowledge and advice for a fee. You can do this directly from your own website or your website can be used as an advertising tool. Then you refer your visitors to other media you can use to run your consultancy business like your telephone or any meetings that you organize and they can attend. 10.Exchange e-currencies. There are different e-currencies on the Internet today. Sometimes somebody needs to exchange one kind of e-currency for another. For example, they may have e-gold and they may need e-bullion. So, when they want to exchange money they go to online money exchangers and exchange the money. The transactions occur mostly through the exchangers websites, sometimes manually and sometimes automatic. This is a lucrative business. If you become an exchanger you get paid a small fee for the transaction. It could be for example 3% of the exchange amount. So, if someone has $1,000 in e-gold and they want e-bullion, then you charge three percent of the e-gold you are receiving ($30) plus the amount that e-gold charges you to receive the funds. That’s your profit $30. Then you send them the e-bullion. How it is usually done is that once they send you the e-gold you subtract the fee from the e-bullion that you send them. So, they receive less in e-bullion than what they send you in e-gold. This may not look as much money to you. But if you have several hundreds of transactions per day, you can make serious money this way. The drawback is that you need funds to do the exchanges. You may also need to find out what are the rules and 41

  42. regulations about this business in your local jurisdiction. But I certainly believe that this can be another good source of revenues on the Internet. 11.Autosurf for profits. Autosurf programs has spread all over the Internet lately. The idea is as follows. You pay a company some money to receive website visitors. The company send you visitors and give you the opportunity to surf other members websites as well. If you surf other members websites you can get paid a percentage of the amount you paid on a predetermined time frame, let’s say weekly. For example, you pay the company $100. The company promises to pay you back 15% weekly if you surf 15 websites per day. Then you click on a link every day and the websites rotate on your browser for a set amount of time (e.g.: 15 seconds). Then you close your browser and go do something else. At the end of that week you will have $115 on your account. The more you invest the more you make. Many autosurf programs are scams. They do not provide a legitimate service to their users. Others are very effective. I specially like the ones that require the users to manually surf the websites. This way I make sure that a real visitor is visiting my pages and not a machine. 12.Start an affiliates network company. If you start an affiliate network company you will be the intermediary between the merchants and the affiliates. You can also offer the merchants a payment processing system and allow them to use that tool to collect payments from their clients. Your main focus on this business is not to create products nor to advertise products. You mostly act like a bank. The merchant join your company to sell products using your services and to get affiliates. The affiliates join to be able to sell the products on the program and receive commissions. The merchants offer the commissions they are willing to pay and take care of their customers. 42

  43. You collect the payments from the merchants’ clients and send payments to the merchants and affiliates on a predetermined time frame. You charge a fee for your services. That’s basically it. That’s the basic idea of how this business works. Of course, it is not that easy in real life. You will face competition, but the good thing about it is that you don’t have to create the products and you don’t have to advertise them either. You act like the bank and intermediary between affiliates and merchants. 14.Become an e-books wholesaler. You can also purchase e-books in wholesale quantities and sell them all over the Internet. A package of e-books may cost you a few dollars and you can sell them over and over again. Some people write e-books and offer master resale rights on those books. This means that not only you can resell the books but also let your clients sell them to their clients and on and on. The reason some authors do this is because they want to get maximum exposure for other products that they are selling or for the affiliate links that they included within those e-books. Then you can get a package of those e-books and software with master resell rights and sell it to other people. This way you do not have to create your own products. You make a small investment once and profit many times. 15.Sell hosting and memberships. This business can provide residual income for you. When you sell hosting you are basically selling a space on a server to webmasters. This provides a good source of revenues because many webmasters stay subscribed with the same hosting company for many months or years. They pay a monthly fee and as long as they stay subscribed you keep receiving profits. 43

  44. The same happens with membership sites like dating websites. You don’t need many subscribers to be profitable. This business is different to others for the reasons that I will explain bellow. If you write an e-book and try to sell it to others, you will sell that e-book once to one customer. That customer may never purchase anything else from you again. If you sell a membership to somebody that person will give you money on a recurring basis. You will sell the same product to the same person several times. This provide a source of residual income in which your money grows exponentially over time. Let’s say that you have 1,000 subscribers and they pay you on average $5 each per month for your subscription. If you don’t sell further subscriptions you will still receive on average $5,000 per month. On the other hand, if you market single sale products you need to keep selling the same amount of products every month to new clients if you want to keep receiving the same amount of monthly profits. That’s why residual income is so important. A web hosting or paid subscriptions business offer a great opportunity to receive monthly residual income. EasyWebRiches 2006 FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE 44

  45. 14. The Simple System For Finding A Killer Product And Identifying A Hot Niche! FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE Creating your own products is not difficult. However, it does take a little time to get it done, create a sales letter for it, work on the site, test it out, etc. Since you may be short on time (and money), one method you can use is to start by looking for existing products that you could acquire resell rights to or become an affiliate of. You can go to www.clickbank.com and browse through their Marketplace for a product you can affiliate with. I like clickbank because they automatically (and instantly) transfer your commissions into your account. You don't have to depend on the product owner's schedule to receive timely commissions. And, you can become an affiliate of all of their products at no charge. You could also go to www.google.com (or even Yahoo) and search for sites selling recipes, recipe books, cookbooks, etc. and look for sites you could affiliate with. It would be to your advantage to work with sites/products that offer a generous commission (at least 50%.) Tip: As you look through these sites, pay attention to how professional the sites look, how convincing the sales letter is, and also how soon after the sale they send out commissions. If you personally feel good about the site, see some great testimonials, and feel that you would want to do business with that company, you've probably found a good business to affiliate with. (Let me also point out here that if you do have some experience with creating your own products, feel free to do so. It doesn't have to contain 100 pages. It can be only a few 45

  46. pages, as long as you provide solid, valuable information.) Finding Your Niche When trying to figure out which niche to go after, the questions you want to ask yourself are... What do I love to do the most? What am I most passionate about in life? What subjects do I have strong emotional feeling towards? What am I naturally good at or have an instinct for? (Provided it's something you enjoy doing!) If I were to wake up in the morning and choose to do one thing, what would that be? What would express my creative intention and bring out the best in me while doing it? How can I benefit myself and others if I were to express my creative intention? To some, the answers may come very easily. And for some of us, it may require a little bit of soul-searching and self-discovery to get there. If you're having a hard time finding the answers, just get your mind going in that general direction by pondering on the above questions, especially before you go to bed at night (and until you fall asleep.) The power of focus is such that it will get your mind working in the background (while you're sleeping) to bring the answers to you. For now, you can simply start by asking... "What are my favorite hobbies, interests, activities, etc." Or... 46

  47. "What are some things I don't know yet but have a burning desire to learn more about?" Start a list and add all your favorites to it. FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE 47

  48. 15. How to Create your own ebook and profit from it...WITHOUT EVER WRITING A SINGLE WORD! FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE Many people are making serious money online through eBooks. However, many who have tried to do so as well have failed because writing a quality ebook is very hard to do. The good news is, you can now have your own ebook, sell it, and make great profit without having to write a single word yourself! I assure you will make profits in a week! It has worked for me, and it has worked for many other people as well! Here are some tips that will help you get started: 1.First, find a niche. Finding a niche is the hardest thing you'll have to do, and it's not difficult at all! To find a great topic to write about, spend some time on Google. Search for things like "major concerns of Americans" (or the country where your target audience is located), or "Popular topics". Also try checking out Amazon's best-selling books, and get some ideas. Your niche can be about anything you want: from chicken soup recipes, to bike riding in Ontario... just make sure there is an audience ready to spend money on that information. 2.Find a ghost writer. This is the special part. It's hard to write a quality ebook, so why not have someone else write it for you? First thing to do before you start looking is a budget. Once you have one, it's time to find your freelancer. The best place to get a freelancer to do the job for you is at Elance. There you can look for writers available for hire, or post an offer and wait for someone to accept it. Other places to search for writers include forums like v7n and Digitalpoint. 48

  49. 3.Sell your ebook. After you had your book written, it's time to sell it and make a profit! Start by getting a domain name and a webhost, and setting up your landing page. Remember to make it catchy! When you're done, try marketing your ebook though paid advertisements, forums, etc. and wait for your first sales. If you do it correctly, you should start gaining profit in a week! Now that I've given you enough information to get started, why not take it further and learn more about the topic? Find out more information on how to more about creating your own ebook and profiting from it without writing a single word yourself, and start making money online instantly! Check out the ressource box for more information. FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE 49

  50. 16. How To Make Extra Money Online FREE Make Unlimited Autopilot Cash HERE FREE A New Idea for Making Money Online Every Day HERE Get A Free Money Making Sales Funnel HERE You might have seen so many websites that offer you chances and opportunities to make money online at your own home or at work. It may seem very convenient and very easy to do. It's like a miracle enterprise that promises to give money and make you rich instantly. However, you should choose what kind of online business you want to do carefully. First you have to think of the advantages of owning an online business. In difference to real world shops your online business will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You don't need employees to run your online business, therefore, no need for extra office space. And lastly, you can work from your own home easily and you'll have more time for yourself. There is a wide variety of online businesses that you can do. Choose one that interests you. If you have no interests in fishing starting a fishing website is obviously something you should avoid. Here are some ways to make an extra buck on the internet. It is very imporant to be aware that you won't make money overnight! You need to start small and once profits start coming in re-invest. Affiliate programs This is one of the most popular ways to make money online. All you need is a theme- based website and targeted internet traffic. Many companies are willing to pay you if you promote their products in whatever way you can. - Of course spamming is a big NO, NO. - To do this, you first need a theme-based website with a specific topic. Think of something that interests you, like your hobby or your previous work, write an article 50

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