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Know how to make money online PowerPoint Presentation
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Know how to make money online

Know how to make money online

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Know how to make money online

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  1. Tim Schmidt & Charles Moscoe

  2. Tim Schmidt After being recruited and hired by tech consulting giant Accenture within days of starting his final year of college, Tim shocked the world mere months after graduation and moved to Miami Beach without a job or any semblance of a game plan. After finding a vague ad on an Internet job forum, he accepted the challenge of making sales calls for a start-up SEO agency that didn’t offer a salary or any long-term job security. From day one, he was the top earning sales consultant and evolved into a role as VP of Business Development. As an "information sponge", Tim learned the business quickly and began to realize he was helping other entrepreneurs make money from his ideas. Taking yet another chance, he shocked everyone once again and left the company to go on his own. Since 2003, Tim has successfully launched, operated, built, and sold online businesses of many shapes and sizes. He continues to “practice what he preaches” by owning and operating several e-commerce ventures and occasionally works with companies seeking an overhaul of their digital marketing strategy. Tim was never in “advanced classes.” He had an average ACT score and below average SAT score. He financed his move and first year in Miami on a credit card. In his early 20’s he was over $60,000 in debt in credit cards alone. Tim admittedly has “negative tech skills", but he has a desire to EARN.

  3. Charles Moscoe Charles is an accomplished entrepreneur who takes pride in the fact that he has never had a real job in his life. He attended York University's prestigious Schulich School of Business on a full scholarship only to drop out with 3 credits remaining because he saw no point in taking business advice from people who he was out earning with his little satellite TV business that later became the focus of an international incident. As a self-taught e-commerce expert who regularly consults high net-worth clients on website design, product branding and checkout technology, he is a world traveller who routinely works from the comfort of a padded beach chair. He does not own an alarm clock, or a tie, but has golf club memberships in 3 different countries and plays when he wants to on his own schedule with nobody to report to. Absent of a strong work ethic and with an affinity for fine rum and extra-curricular activity, Charles prides himself on his unparalled efficiency and effectiveness. Much of his training revolves around the "work smarter not harder" philosphy that he preaches in the Earners Group course. This is the same system of guided entrepreneurial spirit that has afforded Charles the flexibility and earning power to be able to live the life that his dreams. He credits a simple but proven system of online marketing as the key to his success. He reveals all of his secrets inside the Earners Group.


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