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Snow Days

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Snow Days.

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Snow Days

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Snow Days We have included some pictures of a snowy day we had in February. This year we have missed 25 days of snow!! Because of that, we will not have spring break. Also, we were supposed to get out of school on May 16th and now it will be the first week of June. Mrs. Ferguson’s class is shown first (the ones who write to Mrs. Corraos’ students, followed by Ms. Elam’s class)

    2. Hannah F., Abigail E., and Sierra

    3. Derek, Elijah, and Caleb

    4. Hannah G., Abigail S., Mckayla H., and Oceonna

    5. Makayla Y., Maggie, and Gabriella

    6. Elzy and Isaiah

    7. Joseph and Brent

    8. Hunter M. (Aaron) standing in front of the new addition being built onto our school. It will contain a new gym and several offices. Our old gym is being turned into a new cafeteria. Our cafeteria is being turned into classrooms. Our school is very old!

    9. Ms. Elam’s Class In fourth and fifth grade our students switch classes. Therefore, each class spends a half day with Mrs. Ferguson (who teaches language arts) and a half day with Ms. Elam (who teaches math and science). Students switch to other teachers for 30 minutes of social studies a day.

    10. Karalyne, Kasey, and Brooklyn

    11. Kendal and Marshall

    12. Top: Will Bottom: Joe and David

    13. Jasmin and Whitlee

    14. Morgan, Rileigh, and Clara Beth

    15. Megan, Charity, and Lena

    16. Landyn, Brandon, and Braxton

    17. We hope you enjoyed our pictures! Think of us when you are enjoying your warm spring break!