Mid latitude climates
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Mid-latitude Climates. Marine West Coast Climate. UK Air Masses. Air mass types m = maritime, wet c = continental, dry P = polar, cold T = tropical, warm A mP cP mT cT. UK Weather.

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Uk air masses
UK Air Masses

Air mass types

m = maritime, wet

c = continental, dry

P = polar, cold

T = tropical, warm






Uk weather
UK Weather

Westerly Unsettled weather with variable wind directions as depressions cross the country. Mild and stormy in winter, generally cool and cloudy in summer (mP, mPw, mT).

NW Cool, changeable conditions. Strong winds and showers affect windward coasts especially, but the southern part of Britain may have dry, bright weather (mP, mA).

Northerly Cold weather at all seasons, often associated with polar lows. Snow and sleet showers in winter, especially in the north and east (mA).

Easterly Cold in the winter half-year, sometimes very severe weather in the south and east with snow or sleet. Warm in summer with dry weather in the west.' Occasionally thundery (cA, cP).

Southerly Warm and thundery in summer. In winter it may be associated with a low in the Atlantic giving mild, damp weather especially in the south-west or with a high over central Europe, in which case it is cold and dry (mT or cT, summer; mT or cP, winter).

Cyclonic Rainy, unsettled conditions often accompanied by gales and thunderstorms. This type may refer either to the rapid passage of depressions across the country or to the persistence of a deep depres­sion (mP, mPw, mT).

Anticyclonic Warm and dry in summer, occasional thunderstorms (mT, cT). Cold and frosty in winter with fog, especially in autumn (cP).

Air masses in n america
Air masses in N. America England and Wales

North american rainfall
North American rainfall England and Wales

Westerlies bring damp air, uplift by Rockies.

Warm damp air from Atlantic. Hurricanes.

Sub-tropical high, descending, dry air.

Wind from east.

Mid latitude cyclones

Mid-latitude Cyclones England and Wales

Warm front
Warm Front England and Wales


Cold front
Cold Front England and Wales

Cold air

Warm air

Note difference in wind direction and how cold air advances under the warm sector

Polar front
Polar front England and Wales

Mid latitude frontal zone
Mid-latitude frontal zone England and Wales

Cyclogenesis England and Wales

cold air

polar front

warm front

cold front

warm air

Early stage

occluded front

Open stage

Occluded stage

Dissolving stage

Mid latitude cyclones1

Mid-latitude Cyclones England and Wales

Formation revisited

Polar front1
Polar front England and Wales

Mid latitude climates1

Mid-latitude Climates England and Wales

Mediterranean climate
Mediterranean Climate England and Wales

Humid subtropical
Humid Subtropical England and Wales

Humid continental
Humid Continental England and Wales

High latitude climates

High-latitude Climates England and Wales

Sub arctic climate
Sub-arctic Climate England and Wales

Tundra climate
Tundra Climate England and Wales

Polar climate
Polar Climate England and Wales