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HF UPGRADE PROJECT. Y. Onel PM Sept 3, 2012. Recent Highlights and News-I.

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Hf upgrade project

Y. Onel PM

Sept 3, 2012

Recent highlights and news i
Recent Highlights and News-I

  • The PMT deliveries are now completed. Testing is going well. We had a meeting with Hamamatsu regarding our reject tubes. We have shipped back about 25 PMT’s ( low gain, high dark current and black cover problems) to be tested by them. We have shipped about 1000 PMT’s to CERN. 2nd900 PMT sorting is now completed and George et al will load the info in the HCAL DB. The PMT and Base Boards System tests with a QIE system has started at CERN-904.

  • We have approved the Base Board Production. (Reports from IOWA and CERN Tests are available)

  • Worked on the New HV system and formed a committee to evaluate the RFP responses.. Received a detailed report from German and Alexi.Both power supplies (CAEN and Bulgarian) were tested and evaluated at CERN E-pool using professional equipment and high expertise level of pool technicians.

  • The HV RFP and decision committee members are: Germain, Alexi, Ianos, S.Los, M.Miller, D.Winn from HF and Magnus and S. Lusin from CMS Coordination. The charge to this committee is written and we had our committee meeting on Friday August 3rd. The information provided by the HF Upgrade group was well received. There were some questions regarding Dynode 9-10 powering “Synchronization “ in the base board –S.Los has responded to this question. The decision is taken by this committee and we received the final recommendations by the PRR Committee.

  • We have decided on the shield length- 54 mm (looks good !! the presentation by Ianos during HF meeting on May 14th ) and got confirmation by Pawel. Mike Fountain has started with the production.

Recent highlights and news ii
Recent Highlights and News-II

There is an agreement for a new cable purchases– Thanks Chris Tully, Jeremy Mans and Pawel De Barbaro for this. There is also a strong support from Austin and Magnus on this. Special thanks to Joel helping on this.

HF new front end integration was presented by Ianos to the HCAL as well as to the CMS TC. The HF Electronics Packaging as well as the agreement within HCAL that we should pursue the Winchester Cables presented by Terry Shaw.

Terry Shaw and Ianos have finalized the specs and they will be getting the quotes soon.

Developing our “Project Org Chart” adding Brazilian Universities and ITU, Istanbul. Alberto Santoro and Gilvan-Augusto Alves are named as Co-L2’s for Brazil in our org chart. E.Gulmez BU-Istanbul is L2 for Turkey.

Old pmt vs new pmt

Old PMTs(idleseveral years) exhibit systematic gain loss vs Integrated Luminosity, rate of loss slowing down.

New PMTs (burned in) (24 installed in Feb-2012) show no signs of gain changes so far (3mo, ~6fb-1)

HCAL Operations report CMS Week June 2012

Pavel Bunin, JINR, Sudan Paramesvaran,


Milestones 2012
Milestones 2012


  • PMT Testing 50% Complete 1/1/2012

  • Production Readiness Review 1/12/2012

  • New YETS 2012 ROBOX manufactured, tested and installed in CMS 2/17/2012

  • New cable purchase decision 2 or 4 channel 7/1/2012

  • Start of CMS 2012 Shutdown 2/11/2013

  • Equip ROBOX test stands at SX5 1/26/2013

  • Gather Miscellaneous Hardware/Equipment for in-situ HF Testing in Garages 1/26/2013

  • Install Miscellaneous Hardware/Equipment for in-situ HF Testing in Garages 2/22/2013

  • HF Plus Moved into Garages 3/7/2013 TO BE CHECKED


  • New HV system purchase decision 8/15/2012

  • HF PMT characterization and testing 100% done 10/1/2012

  • HF PMT's are shipped to CERN 10/15/2012

  • HF PMT Boards QC testing 100% at Iowa 11/1/2012

  • Start of the HF ROBOXes shipping to CERN 11/1/2012

  • HF PMT's are shipped to CERN 10/15/2012

Pcb production
PCB production

  • SL

  • SL, IS, AM

  • SL

  • SL

  • MM, JC, DS, ZJ, GF, JK

  • ZJ

  • SL

  • SL

3/1/12 --- 4/15/12

4/15/12 ---5/15/12


6/15/12– 12/1/12

6/30/12 - 7/15/12

7/31/12 (Int. Milestone)

10/1/12 (Int. Milestone)

12/7/12 (Int. Milestone)

12x Jumper base board production/checking

jumper board testing

PCB production

Board assembly/testing

Testing and QC at Iowa

First shipment of PCB's to CERN

50% board production done

All done, tested and delivered to CERN

Pmt s

Delivery dates at CERN

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5

Set 6

Set 7

Set 8

  • 05/15/12

  • 06/01/12

  • 06/15/12

  • 07/01/12

  • 08/01/12

  • 08/14/12

  • 09/01/12

  • 09/14/12

Test stand setup
Test stand setup

  • IS, AM

  • IS, MF, PD, TK

  • AM, IS, AP

  • IS, MF, PD, TK

  • AM, HB, EB

  • AM, IS, AP, GA, YG

  • AM, IS, AP, GA, YG

  • AM, IS, AP, GA, YG, SD, YOz, FO, SS, SC, NB

  • Adding two students Marcos and Thiago from Brazil.

Test new box ( set-up new ROB)

Produce and assemble test equip

Establish Testing Procedures

Produce Test stand equipment

AM Tests new Box

New ROBOX at 904- operating

Move New ROBOX to SX5

Test Stands at SX5—operating

4/23/12 - 5/15/12

3/31/12 - 6/30/12

4/23/12 - 7/31/12


5/15 - 6/7/12

7/31/12 - 8/31/12



Rob mechanics
ROB mechanics

Finalize Shield dimensions

All materials ordered

Start shipment to CERN

CERN P5 Setup

HF+ mechanics pre-assembly

ROB Completion Dates

25% completion

50% completion

75% completion

100% completion

Production contingency

  • ZJ, ET, GF, JC, JK, DS

  • Olga, TK, PD, (+2 crews x2)

  • Olga, TK, PD, (+2 crews x2)

  • 04/01/12 - 05/14/12

  • 09/15/12

  • 11/14/12 - 12/01/12?

  • 12/1/12 - 03/01/13

  • 05/01/12 - 06/31/12

  • 07/01/12 - 08/31/12

  • 09/01/12 - 10/31/12

  • 11/01/12 - 12/21/12

  • 12/22/12 - 02/28/13

Assembly and testing
Assembly and Testing

Base board population learning/training

Populate and test baseboards

HF+ Q1 (27)

HF+ Q2 (54)

HF+ Q3 (81)

HF+ Q4 (108)

HF- Q1 (135)

HF- Q2 (162)

HF- Q3 (189)

HF- Q4 (216)

  • AM, IS, DK, MK, OK

  • AM, IS, FO, EA, MK, OK, EE, OO, BU, MY, SD, YOz, HO, KD

  • 07/31/12 - 08/21/12

  • 08/22/12 - 09/07/12

  • 09/07/12 - 09/22/12

  • 09/22/12 - 10/07/12

  • 10/07/12 - 10/22/12

  • 10/22/12 - 11/07/12

  • 11/07/12 - 11/22/12

  • 11/22/12 - 12/07/12

  • 12/07/12 - 12/22/12

Activities on hf hf hf
Activities on HF (HF+ HF-)

HF +

HF+ ROB’s out


Reassemble + testing


HF+ Up

HF -

HF- ROB’s out


Reassemble + testing


HF- Up

  • 2/11/13 - 02/25/13

  • 2/26/13 – 4/12/13

  • 4/13/13 – 2/1/14

  • 3/1/14 – 5/1/14

  • 9/10/14 - 9/21/14

  • 2/26/13 – 3/27/13

  • 3/28/13 – 5/31/13

  • 6/01/13 – 3/1/14

  • 3/1/14 – 5/1/14

  • 9/18/14 – 9/30/14

~4 months contingency

Other milestones
Other milestones

  • LS1 CMS Open 2/11/13 -11/24/14

  • CMS Ready for Beam 11/24/14

  • HF PMT replacement 2/27/13 – 3/25/14

  • HF out of Garage 7/23/14 - 7/23/14

  • HF Down after MMT 8/20/14 – 9/02/14

  • HF +Z Up 9/10/14 9/21/14

  • HF –Z Up 9/18/14 – 9/30/14

Tc schedule ls1
TC Schedule LS1

Date Task

2/11/13 Install HFs tracking system 

2/11/13 Remove HF strain sensor fibers 

2/18/13 Open HF+ T2 BSC PLT

2/19/13 Prepare+lowerHF+on 3 risers

2/20/13 lower HF+ to ground level

2/20/13 Open HF- T2, BSC +prepare for lowering

2/21/13 lower HF- to ground level

2/21/13 lower HF on 2 risers

2/25/13 Move HF+ in garage

2/27/13 Move HF- in garage

2/27/13 Replace HF pmts

3/12/14 Insert HF/CT2-Z BP

8/20/14 Lower HF-Z

9/11/14 Bring HF-Z to normal position + install T1-Z

11/5/14 CMS ready for beam

Hf upgrade project funding fy 2013
HF Upgrade Project Funding FY 2013

  • We will provide an excel file describing of our request for the LS1 operations and the details of new HV system cost estimate.

  • PO Change order 21K ( for PMT Shipping and and dark-boxes, cables, an additional ROBOX machining and material)-Done-Thanks

  • Need new HV budgeted in the project files

  • Need new cables budgeted in the project files

  • Need a minimum of 200 additional PMT’s to meet DOE “Spare” 15% guidelines LS1 2013-14

Components of new design
Components of new design

Upgrade HF ROBOX

Base board + adapter board

New signal connectorsand/or connector support

Plate2 (G-10)


PMT + socket


(Grade XX Garolite)


Kapton insulator

Summary of components
Summary of components

Depends on cabling decision and final cabling connector specs.

Expecttoplace order by Oct1

* Production will be in batches spread out over the year. Expect >3/4 done by fall. Finished by end of year, but have few months contingency in early 2013.

Winchester cabling solution
Winchester cabling solution

Consists of 3 parts:

  • Cable for inside PMT Boxes,

  • 5m cables to FEE,

  • Adapters to connect to existing FEE

Assessment of winchester cables mechanical properties
Assessment of Winchester cables mechanical properties

Four complete sets of cables were provided in advance of the October 2011 testbeam period.

  • Diameter of cable ~2cm.

  • Minimum bend radius of ~10cm easily attained.

  • Cables are robust, and very pliable.

    Suggested improvements:

    • Cable is stiff at the shrink tubing used to terminate the outer sheath. This could present some difficulties if too long as tightest bends are required near the ends of the cables.

    • Would prefer longer and knurled connector nuts so that they could be turned by hand without need of a screw driver.

      • Over tightening of jack screws on the existing D-sub connectors has been a persistent problem.

    • Cable connectors should be identically keyed so that cables can be easily swapped. Very important for rapid trouble shooting and fast cable replacement if necessary.

    • Would like grips on cable connectors to ease connecting/disconnecting.

    • Would like protection of the contacts to prevent damage during handling and installation.

  • Modifications discussed with Winchester in July. Essentially excepted.

Hf card concept
HF Card concept

Dual QIE board unit 2x24 channels =48 / unit

6U crates with 1.2” module spacing.

Cable integration
Cable integration

  • Cable volume will substantially increase

  • Detailed evaluation was performed to confirm that the proposed solution was feasible given the space constraints within the HF shielding and support structures

  • (also for 4-anode readout).

Upper level cable storage shelves

Cable exit port in shielding

Critical choke point

Lower level cable storage under floor

Cable storage areas remain accessible when HF’s are in garages.

- keeps HF cabling off critical path of UXC activities.

Cable at front of racks

Critical choke point

Schedule scenarios
Schedule Scenarios

  • Purchase of the cables is subject to the spending profile

  • Scenarios:

    1) Purchase all cables within the next 3 months and be ready for installation during LS1. Later on, FE Electronics replaced.

    2) Purchase cables for single quadrant within next 3 months, Delay purchase of remaining cables into 2013, but in time to install at end of LS1.

    • Requires investment in infrastructure for testing/burn on the surface.

    • Pushes cabling and commissioning to end of LS1.

  • Put cable purchase off for X years, and install cables at time of FE electronics upgrade.

    • Uncertain when this could happen.

    • Big job, risky for a short shutdown.

Current status
Current status

  • Meeting with Winchester July 25

  • - Make quote good through Oct.2012.

  • - Two quotes, one for total cable purchase, another for all pigtails, and 50 long+adapter cables.

  • - Essentially accepted list of modifications.

  • - Delivery time of 3+ months.

  • - 75 ohm board mount connectors are in production (will be for 10 years). Simulation to be performed by Winchester.

Readout boxes on hf
Readout boxes on HF

There are 36 readout boxes on each HF for a total of 72 boxes.

Boxes are located at a radius of ~1.3m from the beam axis.

Each box houses 24 PMT’s and serves ~ a 10 degree slice of the detector.

(total number of PMT’s on HF is 1728)

All of these boxes are to be dismounted, reworked on surface, tested, and remounted.

Rob work flow
ROB work flow

Remove boxes from both HF’s


  • Work starts as soon as HF’s are in garages and boxes accessible.

  • Refurbishment will happen in SX5, HCAL alcove

  • Boxes will be processed in groups of “quadrants”, 9 boxes that make up 90 degrees in phi on HF.

  • Boxes will be remounted and commissioned by quadrants (Smallest unit due to shared HV).

  • Burn in and commissioning happens whenever services are available.

    • Off critical path. Have flexibility here

RP screening





Remount on HF’s


Testing/burn-in, commissioning


Cable work
Cable work

Reception of cables

Installation / modification of cable storage

Inspection, testing

(continuity, & mapping)

Including other CMS subsystems

Cleaning and consolidation of existing cables and services

  • Cabling will be performed in units of quadrants.

  • Ideally cable prep, and installation work is pipelined with ROB work to maximize testing, burn-in, and commissioning in the UXC.


Remove existing FE cables

Bundle, installation prep.

Re build rack cable supports

Estimate 1 week to cable a quadrant, two weeks for first one. ( 9 weeks total).

Cable installation

ROB install

Testing, Commissioning

Work area
Work area

Cable routing and storage

At upper level racks

Scaffolding for access to boxes and cables

Readout box removal/install,

Cabling inside outer shielding (ROB area)

Cabling at racks

Protection from activated areas may be needed

Cable routing and storage under floors

Removal of collars, CASTOR table.

Sourcing: will require ~1 week/HF where access to garages would limited


  • HF work to be done during LS1:

  • PMT Replacement

  • Cable upgrade for new FEE (part of LS2)

  • HV PSU Installation

  • 2

Robox work flow
ROBOX Work Flow

  • LS1 Start: Feb, 11, 2013 LS1 End: Nov 24, 2014

  • PMT Replacement: 27 Feb 2013 - 25 Mar 2014

  • HV PSU Replacement (USC): April 2013

  • Bring HF+ to its nominal position: 10 Sep 2014 - 22 Sep 2014

  • Bring HF- to its nominal position: 18 Sep 2014 - 30 Sep 2014

Hv installation
HV Installation

  • We plan to finish HV power supplies installation by May 1st, 2013 latest.Thisis based on the estimate that mid May could be the earliest to power the first HF quadrant.

  • Also based on availability of CAEN PSUs.

  • Alexi M. and + helper will finish the installation

  • German M. will commission the new system with existing PVSS.

  • ~1 week to do installation.

  • ~1 week for commissioning.

  • This planning assumes that the HF HV patch panel and interlock interfaces have been produced, tested, and ready for installation (as well as CAEN system).

Ls1 cabling
LS1 Cabling

  • We planned to benefit from LS1 to do as much as possible to prepare HF

  • for the future upgrade (multi-anode readout). During LS1 we target for the

  • following objectives:

  • Consolidation and clean up of cables and services. (~8 weeks)

  • Includes removal of existing front end signal cables

  • Includes the time spent on cables and services from other subsystems.

  • Modification, preparation of HF structures for cable

  • storage (~2 weeks)

  • Prepare racks as much as possible for future electronics. (~1 week)

  • Could be absorbed in consolidation step above (~8 weeks)

  • Install new cables (~1 week/quadrant + 1 week for first one = 9 weeks

Base boards
Base Boards

  • • 80% of Sockets are assembled and tested

  • • 20% of Adapter boards are assembled

  • • Base boards should arrive from assembly house by Sep. 10

  • 1. 80% of PMT sockets are assembled and tested

  • 2. 20% of Adapter boards are assembled

  • 3. Base boards have to be delivered from assembly house by Sep. 10

  • Further production plans

    As soon as we have Base boards from assembly house stop Socket assembly and switch to final assembly/testing of Base/Adapter board sandwiches (by that time we should have enough sockets for installation quantity of the boards – 216)

  • • 216 sets for installation should be ready by Dec.01

  • S.Los recommends purchasing the second set of board-to-board connectors for the future multi-channel Adapter board, before they become obsolete (~$3K)

New info from turkish manpower
New Info From Turkish Manpower


HF preparation and installation

  • FerhatOzok (presently at CERN, until the end of 2012)

  • OzlemOzcelik(presently at CERN, until the end of 2012)

  • CemsinanDeliduman(presently at CERN, until September 2012)

  • OnurFikriOzturpan (July & August)

  • Other related work (online software, DPG analysis, calibration, etc.)

  • FuatIlkehanVardarli(presently at CERN, until the end of 2012)

  • HuseyinBahtiyar (September, November, December)

  • Mete Yucel(from July until the end of 2012)

  • EsraBarlas (from July until the end of 2012)

  • For the 2013, ITU will apply to fund for 5 people regarding HF system tests.

Cu bu

  • For 2013 The CU group asked from their funding agency for support at CERN for four PhD students (experienced) for 6 months each and one new PhD student for 10 months.

    They will be spending 50% of their time on LS1 work.

  • The 7 young faculty members (KenanSogut, NumanBakirci, SertacOzturk, HuseyinTopakli, SalimCerci, DenizSunarCeci, BayramTali)

  • They submitted a new project proposal to their funding agency in which they are asking for 45 months of support both for 2013 and 2014. with 50% on the average time spent on LS1 activities.

  • For 2013 the BU asked one more additional graduate student support during the LS1.