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  1. BRAIN INJURY PEER SUPPORT LINE COMING MARCH 20TH2013 Connecting the world one call at a time

  2. 24/7 365 SUPPORT INTRODUCTION Answering incoming calls providing a listening ear that understands and does not judge.. Connecting people with team leaders who have available spots to be filled. Connecting people with the resources available in their community with no agenda

  3. Frequently asked questions? How can I reach someone at PEER Support Line? The PEER Support Line is open to take calls 24 hours a day/7 days a week. You can reach us by phone, text or online chat. Do I have to have a diagnosis of brain injury to call? No not at all. We welcome calls from anyone who has a need to talk. What does it cost? Calling the PEER Support Line won't cost you a cent. Our number is toll free. What can we talk about? Practically anything. All calls are considered confidential. So feel free to tell us what's on your mind. Do I have to have a problem? No, many call just to say hello, or they might wish to share their day's activities, dreams, or frustrations. Who answers the phone? We are unique because we are staffed entirely by volunteers who have a direct relationship with brain injury.

  4. Defining our mission Ever wish you had someone to talk to? Someone who is supportive, caring and non-judgmental? Someone who is understanding and empathetic to your feelings? The PEER Support Line is a non-crisis toll free line and is specifically for people who are coping with the consequences of living with a brain injury. We provide supportive listening, problem solving, resource sharing and peer support for individuals. We anticipate that callers may be in need of other services and/or assistance so referrals will also be made available to them. We are unique because we are staffed entirely by volunteers who have a direct relationship with brain injury.

  5. OBJECTIVES Share ideas for managing this project Get to know systems up to now Pushing forward more aggressively getting more team members involved Launch Date – Team Leaders filling slots, Brainstorm potential team leaders

  6. Team Update Overview Team Management Team sign up (look at section) Support Line Number and web name thoughts 855-4-PEER-11 855-473-3711

  7. SPONSORSHIP IDEAS PLAN FOR A SUCESSFUL FUTURE It is important that each teams individualism be promoted Each Team Could have a Team Sponsor -Develop $6,000 Team Sponsorship -That’s 500.00 teams would directly receive these sponsor -Teams would be or work under a non profit ideally -this would create money to pay a min of $10 and hour for peer team member As well as $10 an hour for team administration – crises person, team leader it would Be up to each team how they use the money I think there would be opportunities for some vocational grants too

  8. TEAM STRUCTURE In the beginning we may not be 100% staffed but we have people willing To help cover as much of the day as we can. So find others to help. When things are in place we will have 35 teams, 350 to 400 volunteers - Off months program development (ideas below) -getting donations to distribute to the team -public out reach letting people know about what we offer -creating web content -pretty much what ever we see the need to do -what makes this so exciting this is going to be 35 companies basically Working individually for a common vision each ones success is linked to the Success of the whole At what we are going to do, all inclusive, everyone is a equal partner, everyone Grows as much as they want and when they do everyone wins This is not medical help, or crisis intervention, but a ear for people and just Someone who knows what they are going through showing them where different Resources are available.

  9. REWARD SYSTEM System to reward team members Cruises Spa treatments Hotel rooms/gift resort packages Grocery Cards Gas Cards

  10. Other Ideas Decision Making (DECIDE HOW THIS WILL HAPPEN)As this services moves forward and develops, it will be developed by the teams, each team has a vote and will be represented by their team leaders at a monthly meeting A simple majority wins, any ties will be put on the burner till the next meeting unless the outcome of that decision will stop the services from providedRewarding our teams,We feel obtaining prizes for the volunteers is a very crucial part of the success and excitement of this service.  Not only will it help the callers but the volunteers as well.  The volunteers will gain new skills and training that will have a positive effect in their lives.

  11. Question?