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Operational Working Group. Bob Joyce (chair), Ralph Ferraro, Joe Turk, Jim Purdom, George Huffman, Arnie Gruber, Vincenzo Levizzani, Deborah Smith, Jorge Sanchez-Sesma, Yang Hong, Rosario Alfaro, Tomoo Ushio, Thomas Heinemann. Review of 1 st IPWG Recommendations & Action Items

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Operational working group

Operational Working Group

BobJoyce (chair), Ralph Ferraro, Joe Turk, Jim Purdom, George Huffman, Arnie Gruber, Vincenzo Levizzani, Deborah Smith, Jorge Sanchez-Sesma, Yang Hong, Rosario Alfaro, Tomoo Ushio, Thomas Heinemann

  • Review of 1st IPWG Recommendations & Action Items

  • Any new business?

  • Discussion on Goodman’s L2 Standard Data Product Content

  • Discussion on Arkin’s High Resolution Precipitation Products

  • Discussion on Purdom’s four CGMS topics

1 st ipwg recommendations
1st IPWG Recommendations

  • Standard /Common Procedures

    • Export algorithms

    • IPWG Web Site

    • Non-traditional precipitation applications

  • Research

    • Case study data sets

    • Continued R&D and validation of research algorithms

    • Coordination of climate algorithms

  • Future Sensors

    • GEO lightning sensor recommendation to CGMS

  • Open Items

    • Reporting/communications

    • Better temporal GOES data

Standard common procedures
Standard/Common Procedures

  • Export algorithms

  • IPWG Web Site continuing

    • IPWG has been established with some portions still under development (Levizanni)

    • Algorithm inventory completed (Arkin)

    • Export algorithm on web site (Tapiador); 10+ users have accessed

    • Updated recommendations/actions:

      • Add more export algorithms to web page

        • HydroEstimator, CST

        • SSM/I – Ferraro, GPROF – Kummerow

        • Note that the purpose here is to offer algorithms as a learning tool for nations developing new, in house precipitation retrievals. Derived products can be obtained already in many cases. Also, each algorithm must be properly documented and have a “champion”

      • Recommend to CGMS that training must be part of the export algorithm process and the CGMS pursue this with agencies such as EUMETSAT, NOAA and WMO. Also, perhaps add PDF versions of references on web site?

      • Information on web page must be reviewed and updated. Information on algorithms should also include information such as limitations, “works best for…”, etc. (Action – Everyone)

      • Should add section on products. Also include links to these products and archives, as well as provide DIRECT LINKS to imagery and data. (VL/AG to develop template and distribute).

      • Add in links to case studies (URL’s, imagery, PPT, etc.). Again, education is the priority. Template to be developed and distributed by Deborah Smith.

  • Non-traditional precipitation applications Cancelled.


  • Case study data sets Open/Continuing

    • Considered not feasible in the short term

  • Continued R&D and validation of research algorithms Complete/Continuing

    • Several reports made on advanced techniques

      • progress in blended techniques far enough along to now include as IPWG algorithms. Suggest stratification of types of “blending” used

      • Some progress in solid precipitation and data assimilation

    • New actions

      • Continue to encourage and report on (at next IPWG) progress in new retrieval techniques (orographic, snowfall, etc.)

      • Add blended algorithms, etc. to IPWG validation effort

  • Coordination of climate algorithms Continuing

    • Report was not provided (oversight), but Huffman to deliver paragraph on GPCC 1DD to be included in workshop report that will be posted on web site

Future sensors
Future Sensors

  • GEO lightning sensor recommendation to CGMS

    • This has been moved to research group

Open items
Open Items

  • Reporting/communications Continuing

    • Mailing lists were set up (Hinsman)

    • 6 month reporting did not happen without nudging from co-chairs; some confusion on how this should work

    • Recommendations

      • Turk and Hinsman to update IPWG mailing lists

      • Clarify reporting procedures to optimize time and effort

  • Better temporal GOES data Open

    • Need to find out from Hinsman/Vila on this

Other items
Other Items

  • L2 Data Content

    • Spent quite a bit of time going over details within group and Goodman; several issues clarified and updated

    • Specific recommendations to be provided in workshop report (unless anyone wants to hear it now)

  • Evaluation of HRPP

    • The group applauds and encourages the four goals of this proposed effort, which will require continued validation projects as started already by the validation working group. The details of the implementation (science plan, funding sources, etc) were not well enough defined and the group did not further discuss these.

Other items con t
Other Items (con’t)

  • Purdom’s four CGMS items

    • A workshop in early August at the Univ of Maryland regarding a GPCP assessment for the IPCC. The report on GPCP assessment is being co-sponsored by the IPWG with the GPCP. It was recently revised by the GRP. We support this activity

    • Progress is being made on solid precipitation. Closer collaboration is needed within IPWG. We are in support of a near-term workshop in conjunction with GEWEX/GRP, GPM and JCSDA

    • Work needs to continue and intensify on precipitation over complex terrain

    • Current IPWG validation studies: Are the main hosts (Ebert, Janowiak, Kidd) willing/able to continue? New locations? Extra models/techniques added?