turfan explore the beautiful unique city of turfan the place you want to call home
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Turfan Explore the beautiful & unique city of Turfan , the place you want to call home

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Turfan Explore the beautiful & unique city of Turfan , the place you want to call home - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Turfan Explore the beautiful & unique city of Turfan , the place you want to call home. By: Gavin Blake, Peyton Johnson, Elana Mabrito & Dana Marrero. Basic Information. Also known as: Turpan Irrigation system is underneath the ground to prevent evaporation due to the heat.

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turfan explore the beautiful unique city of turfan the place you want to call home

TurfanExplore the beautiful & unique city of Turfan, the place you want to call home

By: Gavin Blake, Peyton Johnson, Elana Mabrito & Dana Marrero

basic information
Basic Information

Also known as:Turpan

Irrigation system is underneath the ground to prevent evaporation due to the heat

  • Right on the silk road (larger northern arm)
    • Many job opportunities
  • Major outpost from China
  • It is home of an extensive irrigation network (Karez)
  • Area around it is a border zone to the nomadic tribes in the north and oasis settlers to the south
  • There are many inns & commodities for travelers and merchants

From 487 to 541 AD Turfan was ruled by a Turkish tribe

called Gaoche. But because of it’s importance and popularity as

a major trade center along the Silk Road the Han Dynasty and

Mongolians both wanted to take over the area. And in the early

9th century the Turks lost Turfan to the Tang who also used Turfan

as a major commercial center.

  • In North West China
  • East of Gobi Dessert
  • North West of Taklimakan Desert
getting there
Getting There

It’s best to get to it by traveling on the Silk Road by camel caravan because the Silk Road is an established route & the city is right on it. Also, off the route it is much harder journey because of the harsh and dangerous steppes, deserts, and oases of Central Asia.

famous for
Famous for…
  • Karez (underground canal system)
  • Irrigation ditches on the west side of the Turpan Depression in Grape Valley
  • Grapes & Hami Melon
  • Slave trade
  • The weather is very balanced out and is never too harsh (It is very ideal for growing the grapes that Turfan is known for)
  • Summer: Hot and Dry
  • Winter: Cold and Dry
  • Autumn: Comfortable Climate
  • Spring: Strong Winds
architecture famous landmarks
Architecture & Famous Landmarks


Emin Minaret

The architecture really varies in Turfan

because of all the different groups of

people that

controlled it. It was

passed on a lot and

so it was influenced

by many things. Just

some are Uygur,

Muslim, and Turkish.

  • 144 foot tower
  • Built in honor of a Duke’s father
  • Designed by Uygur architect
  • Built from sun-dried bricks
  • Has16 different elaborate flower


architecture famous landmarks1
Architecture & Famous Landmarks


  • Designed specially for hot climate
  • Row of wells on the Turfan Depression that collect run-off from mountains
  • Underlying canal collects some groundwater flowing underneath
  • Everything channels to the pool where water is distributed
  • Relies on gravity
  • Important to the success of the city
  • One of the greatest water projects in Ancient China
architecture famous landmarks2
Architecture & Famous Landmarks

Flaming Mountains

  • Located North of Turfan Basin
  • Formed from red sand & rock
  • Reaches 122o F , sometimes higher
  • 1640 ft high, 5.6 mi across
  • Cave art
    • Originally began in the GaochangKingdom Period (499-640)
    • Greatly influenced by the Tang Dynasty
    • Murals include distinctive lines & bright colors
    • Figures drawn have round heads, elongated ears, & segmented, puppet-like bodies

The Bezeklik thousand Buddha caves, east of Turfan, include 83 caves with over 50% of the caves covered in murals.

  • Buddhist Center of Religion on the Silk Road
  • XuanZang of Tang passed through Turfan on his journey to the west
  • Multiple Religions due to Silk Road influence
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