Native american tribes
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Native American tribes. Aislin C offey. Seminole Food. M en hunted but ,women farmed and watched the children. They were nomadic . Seminole Shelter.

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Native american tribes
Native American tribes

Aislin Coffey

Seminole food
Seminole Food

  • Men hunted but ,women farmed and watched the children. They werenomadic.

Seminole shelter
Seminole Shelter

  • Seminole lived in houses called Chickees. They were made out of wood and plaster ,the roof was made of palmetto fiber . Palmetto is a typeof tree in the southeast .

Seminole clothing

  • Seminole men wore breechcloths or other clothes such as skirts which were woven out of palmetto leafs ,and women wore palmetto skirts. Shirts were not necessary in this tribe because of the hot climate. Young children ran around naked.

Seminole environment
Seminole environment

  • It was not durable nor very easy for Seminole. But it was easy enough they had everything within one or two miles such as turtles , fox , and palm leafs. They lived in the southeast region in Florida.

Kwakiutl food
Kwakiutl food

  • Kwakiutl ate anything you could ever imagine . Like berry's ,salmon ,tuna ,whales ,nuts ,and other meats . All they had too do is take a few steps out side and there is berry's or nuts . There was food every where .

Kwakiutl shelter
Kwakiutl shelter

  • There were many family’s so Kwakiutl made ginormous houses that held 6 or 7 big family’s in one house . In front of the houses totem poles greeted the people that went into the houses .They

  • live in the north west coast .

Kwakiutl environment
Kwakiutl environment

  • They had the perfect climate out of all the tribes . They live in the Pacific northwest. They had nothing to worry about except for………………

  • The settlers!

Kwakutl clothing

  • Kwakiutl wore fancy clothing made out of animal skin and used a lot of time to make it . They burned designs into the fur.

Inuit shelter
Inuit Shelter

  • Inuit lived in igloos in the winter and in the month and a half they lived in skin tents . But remember igloo only means house .

Inuit clothing
Inuit clothing

  • Inuit wore seal skins ,fox fur, and occasionally polar bear hide. They had big fluffy clothing such as hats and gloves .

Inuit food
Inuit food

  • Inuit ate caribou ,fox , seal ,fish and whale . They also drank blood for their neutrinos . They did not farm they hunted. They used canoes to hunt whales by harpooning them with long spears tied to the boats.

Inuit environment
Inuit environment

  • Inuit had a hard time living in the artic circle . They followed their food which means they are nomadic they moved around every 2 or 3 month’s .

Hopi clothing
Hopi clothing

  • Hopi wore clothes made out of the cotton they grew. It was hot there but even when they were fully clothed they were pretty cool because cotton is a light weight fabric.

Hopi food
Hopi food

  • Hopi grew crops such as corn ,squash, and beans. They also ate pumpkin . They were people who farmed a lot . They are not nomadic like the Inuit .

Hopi shelter
Hopi shelter

  • Hopi lived in big pueblos made of dirt ,sticks, and straw . They lived in big fancy houses because they were not* nomadic *

  • *on the slide before.*

Nez perce clothing
Nez Perce clothing

  • They used breech clothes just like the Pawnee*. The women wore animal skin shirts and skirts .

  • * Pic. on Seminole slide

Hopi environment
Hopi environment

  • They had a fairly good life ,but it was hot were they live. They survived ok and someone would die every 3 and a half months ,maybe longer. They lived in the southwest region .

Nez perce food
Nez Perce food

  • They ate fruits ,veggies, and fish .The type of fish they ate is mostly salmon.

Nez perce shelter
Nez Perce shelter

  • Nez Perce lived in lean-to’s which are kind of like tepees. They are very nomadic.

Nez perce enviorment

  • It was easy but not as easy as the Kwakiutl .Nez Perce lived in the great basin.

Pawnee clothes
Pawnee clothes

  • Women wore skirts and blouses ,while men wore breech clothes. They had pretty clothing .

Pawnee shelter
Pawnee shelter

  • The Pawnee lived in dirt mounds or tipis (tepees).They were made of animal skin and sticks.

Pawnee food

  • Pawnee ate mostly the eggplant and corn that they farmed. Yummy! I love corn to!

Pawnee environment
Pawnee environment

  • They lived in the Midwest region. It was warm in the summers , and cold winters. It was an okay place to live in.

Thanks to
Thanks to :

  • Mr. Cone (my awesome teacher) Annaand Andrea(my friends who helped me along the way)

  • (Mr. Cone and my friends)

Grading slide
Grading Slide

  • Information

  • lacking (1-2) adequate (3-4) exceeding (5)

  • Kwakiutl: 5

  • Inuit: 5

  • Nez Perce: 4 Why was the region easy to live in?

  • Pawnee: 3 What other kinds of things did they eat? (bison) What were their clothes made of?

  • Hopi: 5

  • Seminole: 5

  • Information section total: 27 /30 x 2 = __54__ ( social studies content grade) 90 A

  • -each Native American culture should have an environment, food, shelter, and clothing slide

  • Organization (sentence structure, information grouped together within cultures) : 15 /20

  • - Hopi and Nez Perce mixed up.

  • Style (descriptive language, attention to audience) : 10 /10

  • Conventions (spelling, grammar, punctuation errors) : 10 /10

  • Writing content grade: 89 B /100 (total of combined sections)