native american tribes who were they n.
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Native American Tribes: Who Were They? PowerPoint Presentation
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Native American Tribes: Who Were They?

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Native American Tribes: Who Were They? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Native American Tribes: Who Were They?
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  1. Native American Tribes:Who Were They? Did the arrival of the Europeans affect the Native American way of life? After you have explored the life styles of the major tribes, you decide if their lives changed.

  2. What do you want to learn? To begin the research you need to determine what was important in the life of a native American of yesteryear! You will need to find out where your tribe lived, how they survived, How did they get their food and how did the land help them with resources. Your research will be easier if you use an outline and list your information under the appropriate area.

  3. Shelter-What was the type of shelter? Describe and tell why it was suitable for your tribe. • Clothing-Describe what kind of clothing was worn by the men and women of your tribe. Why do you think that your tribe chose this type of protection?

  4. Language-What was the name of their language? Did they communicate in any other way? • Government-How did they get their laws? Who was the leader of the tribe and what was his/her job? What did men do in the tribe? What did women do in their tribe? • Habitat -Where did the tribe live? Where were they located in what is now the U.S.? Describe the area.

  5. Physical Location of Tribes Where in present-day America did your tribe live? Draw a map of the United States and show the location or locations of the region where they lived.

  6. Habitat What was the land like in the region where your tribe lived? Was it a desert? Mountainous? Coastal? Prairie? Illustrate and describe the area.

  7. Map of United States Draw a map of North America. Show where the present USA is located and show where your tribe lived. Include a key that identifies these areas.

  8. Shelter Describe what type of dwelling your tribe members lived in. Research how the shelter would have been made. Draw of picture of your tribe’s home or homes.

  9. Food and Agriculture • How did your tribe get it’s food? • Were they hunters? • Were they gatherers? • Were they fishermen? • Were they farmers?

  10. Clothing Describe what type of clothing your tribe wore. Did the clothing have any special significance? Did the men and women wear different types? Did the leader of the tribe wear any special garments?

  11. Government How did your tribe get it’s laws? What was the name of the leader or leaders of your tribe? Did religion play any special significance in the law-making process?

  12. Native American Studies In your research, organize your information in Chapters: • Name of tribe and basic Information • Habitat-where your tribe lived (include maps and descriptions) • Shelter • Food and Agriculture-How did they get their food? • Government • Important Information-Include information that may not fit in the other chapters. Bibliography