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Sudan By: Hailey Ellwanger PowerPoint Presentation
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Sudan By: Hailey Ellwanger

Sudan By: Hailey Ellwanger

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Sudan By: Hailey Ellwanger

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  1. Sudan By: Hailey Ellwanger

  2. Charts & Graphs

  3. Human & Physical Features Sudan has many interesting Human & Physical Features, including the life expectancy. The life expectancy in Sudan is 58.6 years old. Also the U.S life expectancy is 78.2 years old. The Birthrate in Sudan is 31.5, in contrast the U.S’s birth rate is 14. The infant mortality rate in Sudan is 64.9, but in the U.S it is 6.3. In conclusion, Sudan clearly has interesting facts, although not impressive Human & Physical Features.

  4. Flag The Sudan flag has a rich history, and likewise rich colors. The Sudanese flag design was a result of a nationally held flag competition. The flag has 3 stripes, they are red, black, and white. It also has a green triangle. The colors are pan-arab colors, meaning that they have been linked to certain Arab people. The colors, also stand for unity and independence. The red stands for independence, and sacrifices. The white stands for peace, light, and optimism. The black in arabic means Sudan. In conclusion, Sudan’s flag has a rich history.

  5. Government • Local name for Sudan is ‘Jumhuriyat as- Sudan’ • Independence day- Jan. 1, 1956 • Suffrage- 17 yrs. old • National symbol is the Secretary bird. • Current President is Omar al-Bashir

  6. Religion In Sudan for the most part, the general public practices islam, on the other hand not everybody does. 99% of people in Sudan practice Islam, I know what you’re thinking, What is that 1%? The 1% is Christianity, in the long run Islam has won the race for mass appeal. Islam, and Christianity have vast differences, including the fact that in islam women have to wear burkas, and in Christianity there is no dress code. In conclusion, Christianity and Islam are practiced in Sudan, but islam is more popular.

  7. Timeline No 4% Yes 96% Egypt Britain Sudan

  8. Animals,Plants, &Natural Resources There are many different animals,plants, and natural resources in Sudan, but i will be focusing on 3 of them. To begin with one of the animals in Sudan is the Lion. The males in the Lion species can weigh up to 250Kg. A plant in Sudan is Guar gum. Also, Guar gum is used in a lot of foods, including Ice cream. A natural resource in Sudan is Petroleum. Petroleum is also known as crude oil. In conclusion, Sudan’s natural environment provides many interesting animals, plants, and natural resources.

  9. Glossary Word #1: Anthem Synonym: national song Definition:A song, as of praise, devotion, or patriotism. Research connection: Sudan’s national anthem is "Nahnu Djundulla Djundulwatan" (We Are the Army of God and of Our Land) Word #2: Climate Synonym: Weather Definition: Weather conditions in a specific place. Research connection: Sudan’s Climate is tropical. Word #3: Constitution Synonym: Document of laws Definition: A series of laws written on paper. Research connection: Sudan is working on a new constitution. Word #4: Currency Synonym: Money Definition: The type of money a place uses. Research connection: Sudan’s currency is the Sudanese pound. Word #5: Exports Synonym: Goods Definition: Goods made by one place and sent to another. Research connection: One major export in Sudan is crude oil.

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